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  1. K Blair Where do you find the Plextor SCSI DVD drives? I don't think they make them.
  2. best performance for the money are the ibm deskstar 75gxp 45gig for 150
  3. hytek

    10,000 RPM

    the fastest drives out there now are the seagate cheetah 15K. that is 15000rpms!!!! scsi is an expensive interface, these drives require the ultra160 scsi which sell for at least 215 a card. as for 10k ide drives, NO. not now anyway. fastest drives are scsi. if you want cheap speed, go for ide raid using ibm deskstar 75gxp and a promise ultra100 raid controller.
  4. I got it free with my videocard. Check out www.asus.com. my card is the V7700 Deluxe. It is one of the best GTS cards available. best of luck ------------------ Hytek hytek369@hotmail.com
  5. I am planning to buy a new 27" TV. It is the Panasonic Tau Series. Everyplace I go either has an expensive price with cheap or free shipping, or they sell the TV cheap and have ridiculous shipping rates. Anyone know a good web site to buy the TV? Thanx hytek ------------------ Hytek hytek369@hotmail.com
  6. Power DVD is not a good DVD software. Try Asus2000. You will get better picture quality and framerates.
  7. ogAkira is right. Pinnacle is an excellent choice. Some even include a SCSI adapter so you can connect a SCSI hard drive right to it. That way you won't lose any frames, most IDE drives can't keep up with streaming video. I have a Asus 7700 Deluxe. It is pretty decent for a video card. But a video capture board is the best, especially ones with an onboard MPEG coder. ------------------ Hytek hytek369@hotmail.com
  8. hytek


    I just want to remind you guys that cooling the hard drives and the PCI slots are very important too. This is especially true if you have a hot video card or SCSI card. Take a look at Globalwin's CAF-12. This is an awesome PCI slot cooler. I plan to order a couple, email me if you are interested. ------------------ Hytek hytek369@hotmail.com
  9. hytek

    Win 98 and ram

    Most users get by with 64MB. 128 is recommended for the average user. 192 is good for a power user. Multimedia users need significantly more so, I would recommend upgrading to Win2000. I have 256MB running on a ME/2000 dual-boot. I must say most apps run faster on the 2000. ------------------ Hytek hytek369@hotmail.com
  10. Anyone have any suggestions on speaker stand for the ProMedias? I just need a pair of stands for the rear speakers. ------------------ Hytek hytek369@hotmail.com
  11. What brand of Geforce2 card did you get? ------------------ Hytek hytek369@hotmail.com
  12. hytek

    The Best Case

    Addtronics, SuperMicro, and Antec make great ones. If you have a little extra cash, check out pcpowerandcooling.com. ------------------ Hytek hytek369@hotmail.com
  13. Best Motherboard: Asus A7V Best Processor: Athlon Thunderbird (socket A) Best Hard drives: IBM and Seagate Best Soundcard: Soundblaster Live! 5.1 Platinum but the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz is a great alternative at half the price. Best Videocard: Get the Nvidia Geforce 2 series, if you are on a budget get the Radeon 32MB ($50 rebate right now) Check out buy.com, compuplus.com ------------------ Hytek hytek369@hotmail.com
  14. CD audio is 2 channels at 16bit, so it is stereo sound. Surround sound is really hardware or software "enhanced" sound using different timing to imitate surround sound effects. It is meant to "trick" the ears using psycho-acoustic technology. Dolby Digital and DTS both use this. Surround sound can be emulated by hardware or software DSP. Some new sound cards can do this. I bought the new Turtle Beach Santa Cruz with built-in DSP, and it makes a huge different in sound reproduction. Surround sound is definitely in effect. ------------------ Hytek hytek369@hotmail.com
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