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  1. Not sure why this was aimed with me in the quote ?
  2. After you spend years listening to something and then change something in the chain you bet i can tell the difference, so could anybody else without a tin ear.
  3. I have 3 different model Sony ES CD players and all sound different, so even different models from the same manufacturer sound different. Same goes for every other piece of audio equipment i have owned, all had a signature sound of their own.
  4. Built properly there should be no difference in sound from one cabinet material to another.
  5. jason str

    Roomba and Cornwall IIIs

    Can you just wrap a felt strip around this thing to protect stuff or are there sensors on the body that need to be unobstructed ?
  6. I know what i am talking about and so does the lumberyard, maybe you should read your link a bit better as well. " The actual weight of plywood varies by product and manufacturer which can make it challenging to predict the weight perfectly. "
  7. I was looking from my supplier not from one general one from the internet. 5 Lb difference 1/2" 4 x 8' stock just over 10 Lb in 1" thickness. MDF being heavier.
  8. The weight difference between MDF & Baltic Birch is minimal.
  9. jason str

    KnuKoncept speaker wire

    I have a set of 8 gauge jumper cables, they work great.
  10. Because the sides went from 3/4" ply to 1" MDF helping that bass bin resonance at higher volumes. 1" of hardwood ply or 1" 13 ply BB would repair that issue just as well. My set is braced.
  11. Most of the ply used was furniture grade 5 & 7 ply Birch, Douglas fir was used if i recall along with veneered lumber core.
  12. My money is on he probably relied on his experiences in cabinet construction and took pride in using the best materials for the job.
  13. jason str

    Nonsense and Drivel

  14. Yes, not the place for audio discussion. Nonsense and drivel would be a perfect thread topic in the forum. Who will start ?
  15. jason str

    Quartets internal damping....

    Never looked in the top section, line the sides first and if you end up with leftover look for glue or staples from removal.
  16. For the record my responses were never to bash any brands in general, just responding to the nonsense and drivel in the thread.
  17. About a 3 foot drop will fatigue MDF into a crumbled mess. LOL
  18. MDF does flex, larger cabinets must be braced.
  19. 1" hardwood plywood is expensive. 1" MDF is cheap
  20. jason str

    Quartets internal damping....

    The foam goes on the sides of the cabinet.
  21. jason str

    Best Way To Drive Sub

    You should be more worried about DSP to reduce the peaks ultimately making for a better sounding unit.