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  1. Exactly, you have never dropped anything (so you say) therefore have no experience in the matter. You probably never built anything either to know the difference. Unfortunately can't help anybody not willing to learn.
  2. Yes, longer lasting. Drop your MDF cabinet on the corner by accident and let me know how it holds up. If you don't dust or move them its possible to have light wear but people move things around and those that do know what holds up over time and what does not.
  3. MDF is more consistent, yes. Plywood is much more durable and much more resistant to moisture damage as well making for a lasting cabinet. The lightweight and moisture resistant MDF is a poor product choice as well and defeats the cost savings to boot.
  4. Cost and ease of construction is the only advantage, veneer is less prep on MDF as well.
  5. MDF sucks but its cheap, the proper plywood ( voidless) is stronger and longer lasting. Bracing is key. I don't believe ultra thick MDF is the answer to anything but a backache. And for pro gear, see how long MDF lasts on the road.
  6. Matte Polyurethane always gives the best natural look otherwise satin, semi Gloss and gloss makes for unnatural shine the glossier you go. Glossier finish normally holds up better in the long run but matte hides best. Wax is another natural look option. Oil is easiest and brings out the grain in most woods but does not offer the greatest protection. Always test in an inconspicuous area of the project or scrap to make sure you like the color and finish and you don't regret doing it in the first place.
  7. jason str

    East Indian Rosewood

    Its not like you get a choice of grain when you special order speakers either. If you are that worried about it the only choice is to go to a local lumberyard and hope they have something in stock to choose from.
  8. jason str

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    2 4bbl carb 409 was an option for 62,63 & 64.
  9. jason str

    East Indian Rosewood

    Exactly what is in the previous link. Grains vary tree to tree and sheet to sheet.
  10. jason str

    East Indian Rosewood

  11. jason str

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    My father had a 64 Impala SS, Black with hubcaps, 400 horse, 456 gear 409. Always spoke of racing with his buddies and pissed about the Hemi's passing him in the last 50 feet of the 1/4 mile. The dual quad was faster but only if you tinkered with it constantly to keep it in tune.
  12. jason str

    New car time - help

    Have a look at the Dodge Durango and Honda Pilot when shopping around.
  13. jason str

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Got me thinking and had to look it up, looks like in 63 the powerglide was available with the 340 horse 409. In 64 the 409 option was a mandatory 4 speed.
  14. jason str

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    No Never saw one myself, standard was the column shift 3 speed.
  15. Maybe if you have some really cheap speakers you may not hear much difference, otherwise i call bullshit on this all amplifiers sound the same nonsense.
  16. jason str

    refinishing heresy's

    If you have regular plywood cabinets with no veneer you can probably get by using a light stripper, test on the bottom and don't leave it on too long.
  17. jason str

    refinishing heresy's

    Block sanding.
  18. jason str

    table tuba subwoofer - DFW - SOLD

    Does not mean its a 30 Hz horn. Fb is 22 Hz, same as the THT.
  19. jason str

    The World's Largest Horn

    Not the largest horn in the world.
  20. jason str

    refinishing heresy's

    Don't use stripper on veneer.
  21. Some power them with as little as a few watts, me personally would need 25 or more.
  22. jason str

    table tuba subwoofer - DFW - SOLD

    Note for the buyer. The Table Tuba is a 22 Hz horn, not 30.
  23. jason str

    Doublestacking Corner Horns

    General stacking of speakers takes the magic out of the music. Stacking speakers meant to be placed in a vertical array is a different story altogether.
  24. jason str

    Check these Cornwall IIs Out.

    Not a factory grille...