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  1. Remove one of the sets of speakers and the EQ.
  2. Hopefully friends and family will spring for a pine box.
  3. Many more years to enjoy the lovely formaldehyde stench emitting from them as well, enjoy. You Get that crappy receiver yet to enjoy or are you worried it may sound sweeter than that Mac ?
  4. https://nadelectronics.com/product/c-316bee-v2-stereo-integrated-amplifier/
  5. I gave 2 lousy sounding receivers in my previous post, choose your weapon. The Sherwood was hooked up to Altec Valencia's for some testing. That Sony to Forte.
  6. I prefer liquor & weed but whatever floats your boat. I will pass on the burning hole.
  7. Exactly what i was going for, Sony grain and lifelessness and the NAD leans toward the warm side for an example of different sounding units.
  8. I was thinking of comparing the two actually but whatever works.
  9. If you need something to compare pick up a base Sherwood or Sony for comparison. I have never heard the MA6600 but hope its been serviced by a qualified technician to assure its up to standards.
  10. If you really want a minimum $$ test pick up any new Sony receiver and compare an updated Marantz 22 series,HK 430 or if you need something new try the NAD C316 integrated and throw some power to them.
  11. From a previous post of yours it looks as though you already own one.
  12. A bad amp/preamp combo can be just as brutal on the ears.
  13. If using the same subs you can just use the second best place you find for the second sub placement.
  14. Sub crawl gives a good general spot for subwoofer placement for best performance. >link<
  15. 80 or 90 would be best based on the little woofers. If you have not done the sub crawl you are shortchanging yourself.
  16. Sub crawl should be the first thing you do. Google crossover slope if you are interested in learning more but in layman's terms it means how quickly the loudspeaker rolls off.
  17. Did you do a sub crawl when you placed the subwoofer ? Does the DSP offer crossover slope options ?
  18. Klipsch would have folded long ago if everything sounded the same, luckily many of us can hear well enough to decipher what sounds great to us and what does not. The bonus of having a tin ear = huge cost savings for you. The rest of us = pay dearly.
  19. Preouts won't work ? Never heard a decent soundbar, are you space limited or just asking ?
  20. Different subwoofers have different characteristics, you will have to recalibrate whatever DSP the receiver is using to properly tune in the new sub.
  21. Again, you quoted ODS123 with my name on the quote. On this page above.
  22. After you spend years listening to something and then change something in the chain you bet i can tell the difference, so could anybody else without a tin ear.
  23. I have 3 different model Sony ES CD players and all sound different, so even different models from the same manufacturer sound different. Same goes for every other piece of audio equipment i have owned, all had a signature sound of their own.
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