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  1. Reading up on that Parasound the other day. Like it.
  2. Looking at the Rotel and Parasound, haven't heard either.
  3. The NAD has issues and zero phono currently. My experience with repairs on gear is done with. Going for something new. I saw the new NAD looks ok.
  4. 2-3 min W integrated phono preferred. No XLR currently.
  5. My efforts to replace this tired NAD 1600 has become more difficult than it should be. Any good suggestions? New and 2 channel only please.
  6. Congratulations. Hope they didn't work you too hard.
  7. I like the La Scala, sold a set during hard times and broke my back getting a new pair. Terrible sellers remorse. It is and can be something so much better by finishing that horn loading down to frequencies only picked up by feel. It's not a bass thing it's something that's missing you have grown accustomed to.
  8. Going for that Realistic or Pro sound look with the exposed horn I guess. Somebody will buy them.
  9. Wish I could help. I'm up to my neck in audio road blocks as well.
  10. The upper section sounds very similar to Altec Lansing of old, spent my childhood listening to them. Better in some ways, lesser in others. And for that kind of cash the baffle should come in an assortment of colors.🤔
  11. One of my first 45s
  12. Tuned in and on, the Cornwall sounds better to me. Now back to the show.
  13. Does that baffle come in different colors ?
  14. I like the pretty blue, that will go nice with some shag carpeting and never go out of style.
  15. Klipsch does not make t/s perameters available to the public. Just a guessing game without those specifications. Use the information Klipsch gave you.
  16. Check for air leaks, get a 25 hz frequency on repeat or burn something. Get the woofer come moving a bit and use a small 3/16 or so hose one side to your ear and the other fish for leaks around the components and cabinet. This makes finding sound degrading leaks easy.
  17. You could hook them up, any stereo shop can hook up an amp. Not gonna work right horn mouth shoved into a panel.
  18. I had the long version THT going on in my thoughts I guess.
  19. Having to quadruple submit reply and wait forever. Reloading the page works and saves my reply but seems off somehow.
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