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  1. jason str

    RV Brake issue

    Its air in the system. None of the above mentioned will cause a spongy petal. Try a power bleeder if you have the option. If the master cylinder was not properly bench bled before installation it may be the problem as well.
  2. jason str

    50-60Hz hum in my system

    Have a 50-60Hz hum/buzz in your system ? Its likely a ground loop issue and luckily there are ways to combat the issue. Feel free to make this a sticky as the issue is common and not just related to subwoofers.
  3. jason str

    La Scala resonance problem

    Never had any rattling cabinet problems with the sets i had, just some bass bin resonance issues at higher volume levels. Since i installed braces on the newer set of La Scala's the problem is gone.
  4. jason str

    Heresy III's on stands?

    Yes i have Jim. If you are used to full range performance anything not full range sounds like its missing something, because it is.
  5. jason str

    Heresy III's on stands?

    If using a proper subwoofer go for it. With no sub it will detract from the already anemic bass response.
  6. jason str

    La scala cable replacement

    Clean all the terminals and contacts if needed, leave the stock wire alone unless it is corroded.
  7. jason str

    Veneer application ?

    If you like the look above but want something different paint the cabinet a solid color and nail it with paint balls or even do a splatter in different colors.
  8. jason str

    Painting grill covers

    Use a quality Purdy mini roller such as the microfiber type. Before painting the grille roll the roller over some clean cardboard to remove excess paint off the roller to prevent drips and clogging the grille perforations. Roll gently.
  9. jason str

    Found: Bocce Ball Set

    Never said its not fun, just better on a Bocce court. I started out playing on grass myself long ago.
  10. jason str

    Found: Bocce Ball Set

    Try bowling in the yard and see how it works, same concept.
  11. jason str

    Found: Bocce Ball Set

    Playing on a court takes more skill, its flat and the balls go where they are supposed to, on grass you have dips, roots, hills and such proper shots are more luck than skill based.
  12. jason str

    Found: Bocce Ball Set

    Yard Bocce is fun until you get spoiled using the proper court.
  13. jason str

    Veneer application ?

    Rounded corners are very hard to get right, even with proper technique, vacuum press and experience its difficult. I would avoid the thought or send it out for veneering.
  14. jason str

    Subwoofer comparison help needed....

    6 Ft , you want big sound it takes a large cabinet. No free rides in audio. 36" x 36 x 15 would be the other option, same horn configured (folded) differently.
  15. jason str

    Subwoofer comparison help needed....

    A 18" x 15" THTLP slim is likely a smaller footprint than the current sub unless height is an issue.
  16. Klipsch still makes the pro media 2.1, call Klipsch to see if its a good fit for the older system.
  17. jason str

    Subwoofer comparison help needed....

    Switching over to direct radiating mains will be a downgrade any way you slice it. Add a proper horn loaded sub to the Belles and they will come alive, add another if needed in the future when funds are available.
  18. jason str

    New caps and break in

    Pick up a set of Bob's 3636 autotransformers and adjust to taste.
  19. Grilles are cheap, drivers not so much.
  20. jason str

    Anyone selling an integrated amp?

    This is the best option, find some used equipment if money is tight. 4 Ohm rated.
  21. jason str

    Integrated amp for Chorus II

    Much depends on how big the room is, the distance from them you listen and of course how loud you like it. Don't be afraid to go big if you like it loud.
  22. jason str

    K-77 diaphragms

    The crossovers themselves don't need to be replaced, just the capacitors as they do go out of specification over time. Minimal cost to reap rewards of quality lasting sound for a couple of decades.
  23. jason str

    Heresy I Questions

    Altec Lansing used similar connectors. I don't understand why people use all these fancy doodads.
  24. jason str


    Sad news, i was hoping it was not true.
  25. jason str


    Hope that's not the case.