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  1. Empty tops for La Scala

    These were sold long ago, sorry for not updating.
  2. Empty tops for La Scala

    For sale is my empty top section for a pair of La Scala, components not included. Ready for veneer and trim or finish of choice. Built from 3/4" Auraco ply. $75 for the set.
  3. Tuba Home Theatre Low Profile...

    I had to look it up.
  4. The Subwoofer is dead as we know it

    One big difference is the folds in a folded horn will filter out unwanted distortions, one thing that DR types are unable to do.
  5. The Subwoofer is dead as we know it

    There is a 36" x 36" snail shell version as well, same horn only folded differently.
  6. WTB: Chorus II's

    >here< No affiliation.
  7. Vasubandu's Tower of Subwoofer Build

    You are going about things the wrong way, if the goal is to build a good sub use the proper tool for the job and test there so you don't end up building it multiple times the wrong way.
  8. Vasubandu's Tower of Subwoofer Build

    Many need to learn the hard way or just not learn at all. Just my perspective.
  9. Last i heard was around $150 for a pair.
  10. DIY Bass cab - KP 480 style

    I don't use steep slope filters like that with my La Scala & THTLP system, i just mentioned it to another forum member for his setup as he uses different mains with a lower crossover point.
  11. I have done much building, testing and listening with many types of subs, the difference between horn loaded and DR types is not a subtle one. You can run a horn loaded sub with any type of mains but with horn loaded mains its best to use a horn loaded sub.
  12. Tuba Home Theatre Low Profile...

    Glad you are up and running, don't bust up all the wife's tchotchkes.
  13. Crites Website Down?

    I have his bosses wife's number somewhere, let me look for it.
  14. DIY Bass cab - KP 480 style

    Simply raise the crossover point using whatever device you are using, use REW or whatever software to confirm you have the right settings. My La Scala's are high passed @ 200 Hz & THTLP low passed @ 45 Hz, crossover is near 95 Hz just for reference. For the riser just use scrap wood, books or whatever you have handy to mock up for testing, sit wherever you normally sit and get the squawker high enough so its facing your ear by simply squating a bit to be sure you can see the driver at the back of the lens, now you will have basic measurements measure for the new risers.
  15. Tuba Home Theatre Low Profile...

    Go to page 18 of the manual and follow the steps, if everything is hooked up right, software & driver installed you will be at this point.
  16. DIY Bass cab - KP 480 style

    The crossover or the risers ?
  17. Tuba Home Theatre Low Profile...

    I don't think so but i kept it on until i had everything setup.
  18. Tuba Home Theatre Low Profile...

    Start on page 9 of the manual and familiarize yourself a bit. You will need to synchronize with the processor and click the connect button when it pops up. Be sure to select the proper input.
  19. DIY Bass cab - KP 480 style

    Simply no reason for it. What i would suggest is building a set of angled risers and raising the crossover point.
  20. DIY Bass cab - KP 480 style

    If these are to be used with the LS II and Tubas the answer is no.
  21. WTB KD-15

    That would be most appreciated, just PM me if it works out.
  22. WTB KD-15

    Take some before and after measurements if you can, every bit of posted information can be helpful.
  23. WTB KD-15

    My hole is on the surround, looking for a scrap of old surround material if anybody has some to spare. Coffee filters work well so you don't have to waste a buck next time.
  24. WTB KD-15

    Just for a passive drone cone that price is very steep, guess they are in no hurry to sell stuff. I was thinking about buying a set myself but for that price i will just make the repair to the old passive on my Chorus II.
  25. Tuba Home Theatre Low Profile...

    I have only used Windows 10 sparingly so cannot be of much help there. Have you downloaded REW ? If the icon is up and driver is downloaded it should work.