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  1. About time they ported the Heresy. Sounds like Claude's super Heresy design got around enough for somebody from Klipsch to notice.
  2. All the KG series loudspeakers were 2 ways with the exception of the subwoofer.
  3. Thank's for the information. That's the problem with non OEM parts, you never know what you're getting until its tested.
  4. If it ends up being the tweeter there are aftermarket ones available.
  5. Ouch, bad damage. At least it did not go through the windshield.
  6. Both are 2 way loudspeakers, try them out and see how they sound together. I assume you need them for home theater use ? If for stereo its better to just use one set at a time.
  7. You don't. You may be able to keep it from spreading with some black silicone or similar material.
  8. Probably some type of PVC/Nitrile foam. Will probably keep peeling off if you don't put some type of coating over it. Does nothing for sound so likely finish material related.
  9. Depends on what type of music you listen to. There is nothing musical below 30 Hz or so, that would be a great place to aim for most types of music but that does not mean frequencies below 30 Hz cannot add another layer to the music.
  10. Probably trying to shake a package loose that was hanging off the back of the truck.
  11. I have 2 Vizio televisions, both are subpar compared to our 2 Samsung's. Are any televisions made in America anymore ?
  12. Both excel equally at package destruction.
  13. Toe in to a triangular listening position and something on the glass (left speaker)to keep the sound waves from reflecting off will go a long way.
  14. Golden Corral this year, hope they are serving turkey.
  15. 20-30 feet sounds about normal with the few devices i have used, even less with walls between the signal. Klipsch rarely visits the forum, you may receive better information if you contact them directly.
  16. Subs work best when they’re placed either close together for mutual coupling, or spread very wide to cover large areas. The basic rule is to have them either less than a quarter-wavelength apart or more than two wavelengths apart for their passband, which for 40 to 100 Hz means less than 2.8 feet or more than 56 feet. Visit the BFM forum if you wish to learn more.
  17. Unfortunately propping subs under mains is a no no but the proper subs for the application would be Tuba 30 or Tuba 45, both are the same horns but folded differently. These will need to be high passed @ 35 Hz unless you run 4 cabinets witch you can lower it to 30 Hz. If you need to dig a bit lower and don't mind hauling a bigger cabinet get the plans for the Tuba 60.
  18. The KG-4 is one of the more laid back sounding Klipsch models so you would probably want to hear other models before committing to purchase if you think the KG-4's were bright sounding. Forte II would be a good starting point if an upgrade is what you were looking for.
  19. Never had any carburetor issues, i mastered the Holley carbs and others over the years. Chevrolet's transmission bolt pattern is different from Buick, Olds & Pontiac. I had 3 different Oldsmobile's from 3 different years with factory 455's. 1 came with a 2bbl from 1971, that one stayed stock. The other ones were factory 455's 4bbl from 1971 & 1973, those were built up after owning a bit to different levels. Had a few 60's Mopars as well 383 & 440, lots of time racing at Great Lakes Dragaway with those as well. Same place my father raced back in the 60's with his friends. Mopars responded much better to modifications for the most part though i do remember a few broken flexplates.
  20. I have done quite a bit of work with BB both 1/2" and 3/4 Or 12mm & 18mm really, i don't see an issue with it as its all connected from rear panel to the doghouse. For the horn mouth braces should continue through the driver chamber to eliminate any chance of panel resonating. Good luck.
  21. The Oldsmobile 455 was never a good start for a high performance build, maybe if you were looking for 500 horsepower or so but there are better choices such as Pontiac or Chevrolet. I built a few Olds 455's, it made a better low to midrange RPM torque engine to move the lead sleds of the time but under high RPM's they would come apart and parts were costly compared to others. If you did want the Olds powertrain i recommend replacing the heavy cast iron pistons with aluminum first to lighten the rotating assembly and use a camshaft that peaks under 5000 RPM or spend big bucks on a complete bulletproof rotating assembly.
  22. My guess is Chevy S 10 4WD body swap as it would be easiest but who knows, you could swap just about anything if determined.
  23. Pretty sure that DATS just measures drivers/speakers. Edit. Looks like that tester measures capacitors, inductors and resistors as well. Interesting.
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