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  1. You won't notice any difference in sound between the Crites replacements and K-33.
  2. Best not to do that, if there is a short it can easily damage the amplifier.
  3. Disconnect the woofer and touch ends to a 9 volt battery and see if the cone moves.
  4. There was a CTA bus turnaround right across the street, it was always noisy. The Supra was a good car, similar to my 82 280 ZX in performance and fuel economy.
  5. I received a loud stereo ticket right in front of my old apartment in Chicago, cop was a total dick. I had a 1979 Toyota Supra at the time with just the factory stereo dashboard speaker playing. Ticket was not a cheap one either.
  6. SVS Overall Dimensions: 22.5" (H) x 20.5" (W) x 29.9" (D) (with grille) --------------------------- 13,376.2 Cu In. Dayton • Dimensions (plastic feet included): 19-3/4" H x 19-1/4" W x 19-3/4" D. ------------- 7,508.7 Cu In Just for the record.
  7. Nobody said it was a match. Feel free to buy what you want.
  8. Look at the size difference between the Dayton & SVS cabinets.
  9. Good sales pitch. Time alignment makes a noticeable difference. Horns suffer in this regard.
  10. Spend the savings on a minidsp 2x4 HD if you are lacking subwoofer integration.
  11. Multiples will allow better performance. More than 10 times the price for an air pusher = better options.
  12. If i was to spend any where near the amount you spent i would recommend something horn loaded.
  13. If you want bang for the buck and great warranty daisy chain some of these together.
  14. The inside of the cabinet is a harsh environment for an amplifier but i agree, value plummets not having the OE amplifier. Nobody wants them, parts value really.
  15. Crushed Walnut shell is less abrasive than sand. Same procedure.
  16. Yes and yes. New units can be purchased inexpensively as well.
  17. Tape up sensitive areas and walnut shell blast it clean.
  18. I bet those sound as good as they look.
  19. The room dictates response. Tapped will generally play a bit lower at the expense of frequencies over 60 Hz or around. Tapped horns will have higher distortion numbers in general from the exposed driver Going fully horn loaded will benefit from having multiple units unlike any other design.
  20. The LAB 12 works well in slimmer THT designs and other pro sound cabinets.
  21. If you are going to build a straight horn just unfold one of the better designs, no need to try and reinvent the wheel. More work with questionable results will likely lead to headaches.
  22. Horn length is only part of the equation.
  23. Fc is the resonant frequency of a sealed cabinet.
  24. Horns are just direct radiators below fc.
  25. Some efficient loudspeakers and big sub will nearly drown out any complaining grumpy neighbors lowering blood pressure thus increasing longevity. Worth every penny.
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