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  1. The Eminence LAB 12 falls within specification for any of the previously mentioned models. My measurements were taken @ main listening position using a 15" loaded 21" wide inverted THTLP.
  2. Mutual coupling is another benefit that arrives with horn loading (excluding tapped horns), multiple horns will play lower where their opposition does not. You don't need corners for this.
  3. The room and placement will dictate frequency response unless the room is a warehouse or outdoors.
  4. Flat and in room response are very different things. My THTLP is -3 dB @ 18 Hz in 16'x 24'room. Table Tuba -3 dB @ 22 Hz same
  5. Best suited to THT, both THTLP types & Tuba 60. 15-18" wide versions or double 12" Tuba 60.
  6. If you want 4 huge subs the slim THTLP uses minimal floor space. 2x Tuba 60's would be total overkill anyways though you could do singles as well.
  7. Works in any slimmer THT design as well.
  8. To make the most out of those ? 2 x double 12" Tuba 60's.
  9. The point is most homeowner gear is not able to high pass the loudspeaker where it needs to be to maximize power handling.
  10. A good pro sound engineer should know how not to stress out the design. Most pro sound equipment needs specific high pass, low pass filters that determine the amount of voltage it can take. A determined dummy at home could blow something out with a 100 watt amp i suppose.
  11. Both the Chorus and Chorus II can easily handle 200 watts.
  12. Similar power handling and x-max to the K-48. What the Chorus & Chorus II need is a good stout subwoofer or two, that will get the party started.
  13. Can't tell from the picture, if it has a paper gasket you can just double it up.
  14. The stock AA crossover is fine. Those Kappa 15 C should have spacer installed under the gasket, if you look at the stock K-33 or the Crites replacement drivers they have double thick paper gaskets witch the Kappa 15 C does not. Router a spacer (1/4" or a bit thicker is fine if you have it laying around) as wide as the gasket.
  15. Sound waves at those frequencies are very long, if that was over the entire front baffle it would make a difference. Rattle in the grille is possible but i have used a similar type on different cabinets and had no issues.
  16. A grille will change the sound characteristics on that passive near 0 %, as long as the cone does not hit it looks like a winner. Post a link to the purchase ?
  17. For sound quality and budget the Marshall Woburn is a great buy.
  18. What a deal ! Hurry before they are gone. <link>
  19. Scott may have some for sale, or at least he did. @SWL
  20. Klipsch still makes the jubilee, the drivers should still be available.
  21. Without cabinet volume or port specifics if ported we can't help recommend anything. La Scalas will benefit greatly using a horn loaded sub to fill in the bottom end.
  22. Anybody that has done any measurements knows the little bit of height those things add alone add will change the outcome of frequency response more than anything else, the rest is just babble such as reduces internal reflections, give me a break. If the cabinet vibrates its a cabinet issue, if the floor vibrates its the sound waves from the speaker itself causing this. if the surface is uneven see my first post or just add some carpet or similar material underneath, save some headache and money.
  23. Good job on the Cornwall spinoff bracing Claude, that is the weak point but it seems like many others disregard that spot and brace everything else instead.
  24. Before you spend a wad of cash on that stuff use a tripod of softer rubber feet on the bottom of the cabinet. Even on a badly uneven floor a tripod sits flat unlike a square.
  25. Any way you go keep in mind most if not all cast frame woofers will not fit in the cabinet without modification, just a bit too wide.
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