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  1. 24 minutes ago, Dave A said:

    This was kind of my point when I mentioned the crossovers were different and the wattage ratings are too. Roy has mentioned that all pro speakers have greater headroom than homeowner types.


    The point is most homeowner gear is not able to high pass the loudspeaker where it needs to be to maximize power handling.



  2. 9 minutes ago, Dave A said:

    Wonder why Klipsch has the two Chorus and the 301 rated different?


    A good pro sound engineer should know how not to stress out the design.


    Most pro sound equipment needs specific high pass, low pass filters that determine the amount of voltage it can take.


    A determined dummy at home could blow something out with a 100 watt amp i suppose.

  3. 4 hours ago, raeggis said:

    Has anyone tested the Faital Pro 15 PR 400 C  4 ohm Speaker on the Klipsch Chorus,  Chorus II ? 

    I think its a win win here. With higher spl,  and lower mowing mass weight. Fs is lower. Se data specs. https://www.parts-express.com/faitalpro-15pr400-15-neodymium-professional-woofer-4-ohm--294-1270

    Should be bolt on without major changes. 

    Maybe other speaker elements that are a better replacement than what most people use? 

    This is just a thought I have😎


    Similar power handling and x-max to the K-48.


    What the Chorus & Chorus II need is a good stout subwoofer or two, that will get the party started.



  4. The stock AA crossover is fine.


    Those Kappa 15 C should have spacer installed under the gasket, if you look at the stock K-33 or the Crites replacement drivers they have double thick paper gaskets witch the Kappa 15 C does not. Router a spacer (1/4" or a bit thicker is fine if you have it laying around) as wide as the gasket.

  5. Anybody that has done any measurements knows the little bit of height those things add alone add will change the outcome of frequency response more than anything else, the rest is just babble such as reduces internal reflections, give me a break.


    If the cabinet vibrates its a cabinet issue, if the floor vibrates its the sound waves from the speaker itself causing this. if the surface is uneven see my first post or just add some carpet or similar material underneath, save some headache and money.



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  6. 19 hours ago, Robbie010 said:

    Thanks all for the feedback on this thread, its great to see so many opinions and get advice from those in the know. 

    I have now committed to using original Klipsch K-55V mid drivers, as one came up on eBay at a reasonable price, so I just need a second K-55V to go with it and ill have a pair!!  😃

    That just leaves the woofers. I would love to go with original K33 drivers if they turn up at a reasonable price but have a feeling that may be a long shot. 

    As for the amplifiers, I have Transcendent SE OTL 300B’s, which are rated at only 1.5watts but don’t seem to struggle driving my old Wharfedale speakers that are around 95db sensitivity, so I was hoping that the La Scala, all be it a clone, would work well......


    Any way you go keep in mind most if not all cast frame woofers will not fit in the cabinet without modification, just a bit too wide.







  7. 3 minutes ago, PrestonTom said:

    I think you guys have thoroughly confused the OP at this point. 


    I suggest that whoever is interested go to Parts Express (they sell the Kappa) and also the Simply Speakers site (they sell the K-33) and look at the efficiency or sensitivity ratings for those two woofers. You will find the numbers (in dB) are roughly the same. 


    The short answer is .... yes, if you think that a 1.5 watt amplifier is sufficient for the K-33 then it should also be adequate (in terms of supplying voltage) for the Kappa also.


    The finer grain answer would include comments about whether a 1.5 watt amplifier is sufficient given your listening habits, room size, distance from the speaker etc


    Good luck,




  8. 17 minutes ago, Randyh said:

    Well ,  your usage of tube amps will  preclude the Kappa 15C , it is rated at 450 watts , about 4 times more than a K33 -there is no substitute for the K33 and the older the K33 , the better it will be compatible with the Tube gear - this will also mean that your cost will be much lower  as there are tons of old woofers out there and all you need is a good 15 inch musical woofer with the lesser power rating to be very  efficient  -


    Uh, no. Wattage rating is a thermal rating only and has nothing to do with what kind of gear one can use.

  9. 44 minutes ago, codewritinfool said:

    I had that whole setup inside and though a friend of mine thought it sounded great, I thought it sounded awful.  WAY too harsh.  I suggested that we roll everything outside, we did, and wow did that make a HUGE difference.  Very few if any reflections outside.


    You can tame that squawker down 1-2 dB with a crossover modification to make them more tolerable.


    If its just reflections off the wall or floor a rug or similar material will make a big difference as well.



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