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  1. Scott may have some for sale, or at least he did. @SWL
  2. Klipsch still makes the jubilee, the drivers should still be available.
  3. Without cabinet volume or port specifics if ported we can't help recommend anything. La Scalas will benefit greatly using a horn loaded sub to fill in the bottom end.
  4. Anybody that has done any measurements knows the little bit of height those things add alone add will change the outcome of frequency response more than anything else, the rest is just babble such as reduces internal reflections, give me a break. If the cabinet vibrates its a cabinet issue, if the floor vibrates its the sound waves from the speaker itself causing this. if the surface is uneven see my first post or just add some carpet or similar material underneath, save some headache and money.
  5. Good job on the Cornwall spinoff bracing Claude, that is the weak point but it seems like many others disregard that spot and brace everything else instead.
  6. Before you spend a wad of cash on that stuff use a tripod of softer rubber feet on the bottom of the cabinet. Even on a badly uneven floor a tripod sits flat unlike a square.
  7. Any way you go keep in mind most if not all cast frame woofers will not fit in the cabinet without modification, just a bit too wide.
  8. Ok then why not a 1.5 watt amp of any type ? Just trying to get my head wrapped around your thought process.
  9. I was referring to the Kappa 15 C and why you think it cannot be used with tube gear.
  10. But its fine running a K-33 as you say right ? Explain why you think this.
  11. Uh, no. Wattage rating is a thermal rating only and has nothing to do with what kind of gear one can use.
  12. You can tame that squawker down 1-2 dB with a crossover modification to make them more tolerable. If its just reflections off the wall or floor a rug or similar material will make a big difference as well.
  13. Looks like fun, hope everybody stayed warm.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  15. Never owned a Chevrolet personally.
  16. jason str

    Tug of War

    The odds may favor the supercharged 2 stroke diesel in this instance.
  17. jason str

    Tug of War

    This may be more of a challenge. https://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/trucks/a30000525/thor24-big-rig-sells-for-12-million/
  18. No worries, just making an observation of what's going on. Same thing happened with the horn loaded subs. Hope the redesign is a hit, still needs a sub either way if you wish to hear all the recorded content.
  19. Or that cubic inches (displacement) determine if its a big block or not.
  20. Must have been long ago. The worlds record is held by a Volvo with over 3 million miles, for a passenger car anyways. I can't recall the most miles i have seen on a car but those limos that came in for service were not all that old, just driven 24/7. The drivers said the only time it was not running is when it came in for maintenance.
  21. jason str

    Tug of War

    Last i heard was 1,2 or 3 motor options.
  22. Its a free country. I was a master line technician for GM vehicles for years, many limos ran 3 shifts.
  23. It was not uncommon for Cadillac limousines (350 powered) to come in for service with a million + miles with no major repairs.
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