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  1. Neither the frame or x-max has anything to do with weather a driver is suited for sealed or ported. EBP (dividing Fs x Qes) is used to determine this. An EBP ( Efficiency Bandwidth Product ) around 100 usually indicates a speaker is best suited for a ported enclosure. An EBP closer to 50 normally indicates a speaker is best suited for a sealed enclosure. A speaker with an EBP 50-100 might work well in both types of enclosures. This is a basic rule of thumb anyways.
  2. Piezo tweets don't age well, if they are original just replace them. Motorola KSN1016A ?
  3. Bad investment. Find a good used set if that's the way you want to go.
  4. Hacker Pschorr is my favorite, with a lemon slice.
  5. I like to hear everything that is recorded personally. If you never heard it you won't miss anything.
  6. Many very wealthy people are frugal beyond belief.
  7. If cone travel was so minimal in the design Klipsch would not bother using a thicker gasket, its there for a reason.
  8. I'm partial to wheat beer myself but variety is good as well.
  9. Simple enough to measure if it clears or not. Surround to gasket surface.
  10. The Octoberfest is very good if you haven't tried it yet.
  11. The short straight horn of the Altec Lansing is better in some ways and not in others. Deep bass ? Really needs a sub but the mids are cleaner. Only 18 gauge wire ? Looks like you will need to alter a set of jumper cables to re-wire those cabinets from what I've been hearing around here.
  12. 2 passives in the side of a new version of the Chorus instead of the one on the back and you might have something.
  13. No need for sand in the risers, just make them solid. Rubber feet are fine. If you are not running a subwoofer you should consider doing so, raising them that much will deteriorate bass response.
  14. Every cabinet is off just enough to make each brace different unfortunately, you will need to fine tune each brace as you install. Yes, hope somebody with some experience will give some details.
  15. Offset bracing is a great idea, just as effective as an offset woofer on the motorboard however i felt the same way about looking at the offset bracing as being sad to look at and chose a center position for my La Scala's and am not unhappy with the results. The coloration is no longer bothersome as it was. Here is a good >link< and lots more on the subject if you take a little time to Google My set for reference.
  16. jason str

    K-33 basket

    Get it before its gone. <Link> No affiliation.
  17. I would not worry about the so called splitter witch is really a reflector, as short wavelengths bounce off the reflector they lose their cohesiveness as a wavefront emerging at various angles of phase canceling each other out . Same thing is happening when short wavelengths hit the sidewalls off the rear throat. These bends act as a series inductor killing high frequency response, its just part of the design.
  18. I'm just the same with thighs, marinate with hot sauce and 70 min indirect off the coals on the side of the Weber. Potato chip skin chicken thighs. Salt & pepper the skin (or whatever you want really) Fill 1/3 of the grill or so with charcoal and cook indirect. Chicken skin up for 70-75 min, no need to flip or check. Fill your belly.
  19. A long screwdriver or even a steel rod with a golf ball on the ear side(drill a hole in the ball and shoe goo the ball on the end of the rod) works just as well as a stethoscope, the only difference will be you will hear the sounds with one ear instead of two. Just put ear protection in the other ear to filter out background noise. Good you have things squared away now and good luck with the project.
  20. Thank's Jim, not always a good trait in a time crunch but if the OP chooses the textured roller it does hide ugliness pretty well.
  21. Bondo the dings, dents & corners if need be. Sand Quality primer. Sand smooth, prep is everything Duratex. Sand the Duratex between coats if you are not happy with the finish.
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