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  1. You don't really need fancy equipment for proper measurement. A hole, microphone and an open field works just fine. If you really need a full space measurement hoist it up on a crane.
  2. For those looking to save some cash but still enjoy clean horn loaded bass. >link< No affiliation.
  3. You are probably thinking about a low pass filter. This will need both a high pass and low pass filter. With that attitude good luck getting help here, sounds like you really need it too.
  4. If only Radio Shack was still in business.... Their twisted flat wire was cheap and high quality, my 20 + year old wire still looks like the day it was purchased. Dad used lamp cord back in the day, it did green up like it was kept outside. As long as you keep an eye out and know what to look for its nothing to loose sleep over.
  5. This is a pro sound driver, it will need to be high passed to reach anywhere near its true potential. Like mentioned above, its easy to see where you will be at by entering the T/S parameters of the driver into a modeling program and looking at the results. Imagine that.... Actually knowing what the driver will do so you can construct a proper cabinet for it. That "wattage" rating is only a thermal rating by the way, don't blow it up.
  6. 25 Hz is a stretch, you wont get it out of this driver if its setup properly.
  7. For pro sound gear 40 Hz high pass is about average.
  8. Located in the subwoofer section. Seems awfully busy for what it is. Thoughts ?
  9. Hope you have those Heresy's bolted down. You should stick to car audio subs using a proper crossover if you wish to do it right.
  10. A great permanent fix. Measure the outer edge of the woofer frame and router out a circle using that as the interior dimension on 1/2" stock 1/2" wide or so and attach matching grille cloth for a permanent fix. If you don't have the skills or tools any full service lumber shop will be able to help, just staple the grille cloth around the frame and mount over the passive with standard metal grille clips.
  11. Shoe goo should stick. Aleene's tacky glue may be a good less permanent alternative glue. Test in an inconspicuous place with scrap first if possible.
  12. DuraCrest has made the grilles for Klipsch for decades. Prices are very reasonable as well. Ask for Ralph.
  13. Duracrest fabrics in Elk Grove IL. 847-350-0030
  14. If anybody is interested i have a great Mangorita recipe, very popular around here on weekends. Mix it up in a 2 quart container or double it up for a gallon. 1/2 bottle of your favorite Tequilla 4 Oz Mango nectar 12 Oz water Top off with Mr & Ms T's Margarita mix 1/2 squeezed orange optional Pour over ice Don't drive afterwards.
  15. Yes, change the title over to reflect what they are then take some pictures and they will sell.
  16. Had many Alpine head units back in the day, no Alpine speakers though. Never heard a Kicker sub i liked. Have not heard of Memphis.
  17. Used dozens of these with great success. Dayton 12" Box suited for them. If you need an amplifier i suggest US Acoustics, have had great luck with them in the past. Options are endless, just a recommendation based on my experience.
  18. My first car audio sub was one of dad's Altec woofers in the rear deck of my 73 Delta 88, the sun turned the cone to dust in under a year.
  19. They are woofers, a subwoofer is designed for 100 Hz and below for the most part. Sell them quick for $100 or so each and you could afford one hell of a car audio sub and amp with a little DIY.
  20. You can stuff one in a .5 Cu Ft sealed cabinet and see how it goes but a proper subwoofer will do a much better job. If you have been doing car audio for 20 years you should know what T/S parameters are as you need them for any cabinet design including car audio. Good luck.
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