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  1. Driver time alignment will make a good speaker into a great speaker, worth every penny if you can swing it.
  2. Nice looking little speakers and very modest with your description of condition. These should sell quickly.
  3. That was just silly any way you put it as anybody with reasonable automotive skills knows all it takes is a camshaft swap and sometimes intake and exhaust flow work to turn a 350 cubic inch engine into a fire breathing monster capable of outperforming even the largest cubic inch motors of the time, cubic inches make a difference of course but its not everything involved in making horsepower or torque.
  4. The 348/409 is called the "W" engine.
  5. 348/409's were valve suckers and frequently self destructed from over-revving.
  6. The 460 was a Ford Mo Co engine.
  7. Those soap bubble pipes were the cause of my addiction to weed.
  8. Bob Crites sells replacement goodies if Klipsch is no help.
  9. Install where it works best and not where it looks pretty.
  10. Give them the address of the local police department.
  11. I like candy corn but Reese's peanut butter cups are better. Being a diabetic i rarely eat candy anymore.
  12. 2 high excursion 15" drivers and one port leads to excessive cone rock witch leads to poor performance. Will it work ? Yes, but not as well as it could. 2 subwoofer drivers such as this should be opposed if used in the same cabinet. For $1000, maybe a good buy but for the asking price its just a poor design to reel in the dummy's who don't know any better.
  13. Different blocks period, that is the difference between a big block and a small block hence the name. Parts are not interchangeable.
  14. Pontiac used the same block from the 287 to the 455.
  15. Pontiac never made a big block.
  16. Something wrong with quotes today i see. Sorry Dave i did not understand in the quote confusion going on and as you can see your post was messed up in my quote as well. I will try anyways. OP has LS II and wants the newer AL5 version, i just said go hear a set to see if its worthwhile to your ears and pocketbook.
  17. Go hear them before purchasing would be my recommendation.
  18. If you really want great sound check out the Marshall Woburn, its a large step above the others including anything Klipsch makes.
  19. If the cabinet has swelled from moisture its quite likely the humidity inside of the cabinet has taken a toll on the components, i would at least do some testing to see if its still functional and if it is do a good inspection to make sure corrosion is minimal before a dime is spent.
  20. The older models came with basic instructions.
  21. There are places that will make custom grilles such as >this<. Just grille under the squawker. You could router a round frame out of plywood and staple cloth of choice over it. Any full service lumber shop could whip up a frame as well, just measure.
  22. If staining use pre-stain wood conditioner. I have used oils and water based on Birch previously with equal great results.
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