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  1. Lots of time, labor and skill went into building this horn loaded subwoofer, you know you want it, don't be shy now. [] Be sure to check out the trade items needed just above.
  2. and I am pretty sure you never will Probably just a Bose lover talking trash, if Wal-Mart starts selling Klipsch i will eat my x wifes cooking. [+o(]
  3. Snap on makes the best tools anywhere but they charge an arm and a leg for everything.
  4. Running the wires up the wall will take a few basic tools and more of your time but nothing too bad. First make sure of your speaker placement so you wont need to repeat the process. I am going to recommend some wall mount speaker wire plates to give you a more professional look. You will need a long drill bit big enough to squeeze your wires through and a fish tape and a keyhole saw to cut through your drywall. First cut your hole for your speaker wire plates to size then cut a hole just over the floor trim on the drywall big enough to angle your drill bit to drill through the floor and enough to get your cable and fingers in. Angle your drill bit sharply so not to go through the back of your wall,drill your hole through your subfloor with your long drill bit, feed your fish tape through the hole and attatch your wire to the tape then pull it through the hole. Unhook your tape and feed it through the upper wall hole behind your speaker to the lower hole and hook up your wire to the tape and pull it through the top hole and hook the wire to the wall jack. Patch your lower hole and prime and paint to match the rest of the wall, repeat for each speaker.
  5. I use the Shack because its within walking distance from my home and to avoid ridiculous shipping charges. Normally i try to avoid buying online anyways but sometimes i find its needed and bite the bullet.
  6. Yes 14 gauge is more than enough for all of your wire runs for all your speakers. If you have carpet like you said just make 2 small slits (one slit may be used but may need to be longer to access subfloor)in the carpet where you plan to drill your holes, pull the flap of carpet back and drill being sure there is nothing underneath to drill through such as air ducts, conduit, water pipe, etc... run the cable through the hole(s) and push the carpet flap back onto the carpet tackboard and repeat for each speaker location. If your speakers are located high on the wall post back and i will give instructions for wall mounting.
  7. 14 gauge is fine for the runs. If you have a crawl space or basement you can just drill some small holes behind your audio cabinet and run the cable underneath the floor to your speakers to avoid exposed cables.
  8. No worries about carpet static unless bare wire is exposed, wire sheathing is there for more than just keeping the wires touching together.
  9. Its just different and may take some getting used to, nobody's attention span is shorter than mine, uuhhh where was i, oh yeah, i think its a classy design worthy of the name. Can the older logo's still be used for advertisement purposes or is the new design the golden rule ?
  10. In general less efficiency = more heat but there are other factors such as: size, phaze, speed etc... The smaller motor probably runs at higher speeds thus making more heat but built specifically to withstand higher temperatures and since there is less surface area for cooling heat dissipation is not as rapid. Im no engineer but less rotating mass should lead to a more efficient design as well. In general all things being the same a 3 phaze motor will run more efficiently than a single phaze design.
  11. Some prefer the sound of high distortion and boomy, sloppy bass Logitech offers in their systems. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, glad you found something you like.
  12. Congrats on the new toys! This is a debated subject but in my personal experience, I bi-amped my RF-83's using my receiver's rear channels (ability the Yamaha has using the unused channels). I heard absolutely 0% improvement by doing so. From what I've read, the reason this doesn't affect the sound is because you are using the internal crossovers to the speakers. The only way to truly benefit from this is to bypass the internal crossovers in your speakers and use an active crossover. Did the yamaha receiver not offer any type of built in crossover option for the bi-wiring ? It seems kind of silly to offer the option to bi-wire without it. Maybe a stupid question but i have not bought a new receiver for 20 years or so and stuff changes so fast, and may i add not always for the better in some cases.
  13. I would not think all types of transformers are rated to the same temperature, what seems hot to us is not really hot for electrical components. The more efficient the transformer the cooler it should run.
  14. Those were right down the street from me, very sweet speakers but way out of my budget. [:$]
  15. Either way will work, if you have carpet with trim you may be able to tuck regular wire under the trim or carpet where the extra jacket of the in wall wire would be larger in diameter therefore making it harder to hide. Its your call.
  16. If you are running the wires through the wall that will work fine.
  17. Its a shame, this happens all over. Like always its buyer beware, always listen first. Link to what i did to waste their time years ago. http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/p/130285/1342853.aspx#1342853
  18. Personally i always go for the next heavier gauge wire than recommended but 16 gauge will get you by.
  19. Very nice gesture making shirts with Klipsch logo's, if only i wore something besides pocket T's. [:'(] Maybe i will see something i might wear when some pictures are posted.
  20. jason str


    The best sub is one you don't hear, and by that i mean something that blends so well with your mains you do not even know its there. Recently i spent quite some time shopping for subwoofers and found nothing in any price range, everything is sealed and ported, the sealed seemed to blend better but did not have the umph to keep up with demand and the ported subs sounded bloated among other gripes and did not sound good where it needed to match my mains. I ended up building my own horn loaded subwoofer and could not be happier, you may wish to do the same. I have never heard the Danley products but seem to be highly liked by many. http://www.danleysoundlabs.com/ If you have some woodworking skills you may want to build one of Bills designs, the plans are $15.00 (i run the Tuba HT). http://billfitzmaurice.net/
  21. Never knew they came in anything but black, nice to see im not the only one that buys them.
  22. If you need cheap and name brand i found an Onkyo for a reasonable price, if you need super cheap Walmary probably has off brand products. http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/ONKDVBD507/Onkyo/Dv-bd507-Blu-ray-Dvd-Player/1.html
  23. Nice detailed picture, never had that problem myself, maybe somebody with older equipment can chime in to recommend cables with smaller ends. I found some of the cables Radio Shack used that i liked so much, they are made by RCA and are on buyout at Parts Express, i may get a few before they are gone. http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=249-210 Dont buy em all on me now. []
  24. Both are similar in size but thats about it, the 3 way Heresy III will provide much better overall sound and more realism. I would say it would be a bad match between the two. KG4's are nice sounding in their own right but seem less efficient and kinda bass heavy sound, you can always give it a try and see what you think but you may want to match up your speakers for the best overall sound. Never heard the Dali sub either so no comment there, sorry.
  25. Could you post some pictures so we can get a better scope of the problem you are having ?
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