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    Attn gearheads.

    Crazy design, glad that did not catch on.
  2. 4 screws 2 wires Get to the driver with a long screwdriver through the open back in the top section of the cabinet.
  3. The LAB 12 is a very rugged woofer at 400W/800W Program. I'm confident of the 95 db/w efficiency of the Tapped Horn, which is similar to a Danley DTS-20 (for less than $300). I modeled a JBL 4 ohm car woofer that can be had for about $80, so my coffee table sub could be built for less than $200, representing the best price/performance I know of for subwoofage. Back to your question......if we take a 500 Watt amplifier and convert to DBwatts, we get about 27 DBw. adding this to 95 db/W @ 1 Meter, we should be able to get 122 db out of it. When I had it corner loaded in my "artist loft," it had a 45 foot room to fire into, so the 1/2 wave propagation went pretty darn low. With the best sub bass Blue Rays, it shook to floor, the couch, and your pant leg. One could build 4 of these for $800 (4 drivers plus lumber) in the middle of 4 walls using the affordable JBL driver (http://www.jbl.com/EN-EU/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?PID=GTO1214 and absolutely kill any direct radiator subwoofage at 2-4X the price. But, with enough cash, you could make direct radiator subs work too, but I'm a best bang for buck audiophile and I'm not alone. That driver has cone to surround seperation issues, i would choose another model. If i recall correctly the Infinity driver with similar specs has the same problem.
  4. This should get you going under $300 Speakers Subwoofer Amplifier Wiring kit If the head unit has no RCA output this one has low level inputs. Amp
  5. Unless you sit in the back seat alot your extra money would be better spent on a budget sub in place of the rear speaker set.
  6. Look at the specs. anything over 90dB per watt is good, the higher the better.
  7. If you have a small budget an amp for your mains should be the last place you should look. As for what to replace first ( speakers or head unit ), it depends on the unit itself. I have heard some decent head units sound good with aftermarket speakers and vice versa. Auto manufactures buy whatever is cheapest, a dollar saved per car adds up. I would start out with a set of high efficiency front speakers first and go from there. This should give the most bang for the buck.
  8. No. This is the best answer i have seen. Any sub will work with a set of horns, a direct radiator will just not blend well with the sound is all.
  9. My offer was turned down. The Fisher was my first receiver, should have kept it, made a custom Mahogany cabinet for it too.
  10. Infinity Reference models have a new lineup of models, you can find the older models on closeout prices. They are pretty efficient too so you won't need an outboard amp.
  11. We all like amps. But Adcom just should not be mixed with Klipsch. Shakey I have an Adcom GFA 5500 and it sounds great with both sets of my Klipsch products. Better than many others i have heard.
  12. Take a look at this must have for the music lover. Link
  13. You don't see those rocker switches around much anymore.
  14. The KG.5 is a great sounding little speaker, add a little sub and you have yourself a nice system. Should be a big upgrade over any polk audio product. Make sure all the drivers work good before you fork out the dough.
  15. This reminds me, my x wife loves gummi bears. Wish i saw this earlier, kinda late now to get em by Christmas. I guess there's always her birthday present to think of.
  16. What djk shows is a hornresp simulation, not a measurement. Real measurements are good too, but listening is believeing. What Roy Delgado said about the K-43 woofer is that it has a higher BL product which tips the response towards the mid range instead of the bass. I lived with LaScalas for decades as center as well as main channels. When I tried K-43's I was Amazed at the greater MIDRANGE detail I would hear....guitars, saxes, female vocals, etc. It does, however "thin out" the bass substantially, but if you build another THT, you won't miss it, I promise. IndyKlipschFan's home theater is all commercial split LaScalas with K-43's in the bottoms and it's one of the best I've ever heard (outside of my setup, of course, LOL). And NO, nothing tames the LaScala/FH-1 peak except a PEQ. Sorry. Sounds good, i will put these on my list of things to get. I would like to get an EQ to adjust some minor frequency peaks but worried about adding unwanted noise to my system.
  17. Very nice little radio, my friend has a cosmetically mint Majestic 8058 he wants to tear apart ( not currently working) and make into a foldaway bar. I have been trying to talk him into not ripping it apart and having it fixed. Im sure it sounded nice when it worked It has to be worth something, still has all the paperwork including the Montgomery wards layaway receipt.
  18. Thank's djk, there does not seen to be much difference according to the graph though im sure to the ear it would make a bigger difference. More input would be appreciated if anybody has any.
  19. Adding the word vintage always seems to add to the price.
  20. Claude peaked my interest on the K-43 woofer use in the LaScala and i looked but cant seem to find any information here though i know i have seen it around. The new forum is playing tricks with some information it seems. Anybody have information on a SPL chart for this. Does the K-43 get rid or reduce the bass hump the LaScala has ? Also is there a direct replacement using a new Eminence driver or anyone have the K-43 theil parameters ?
  21. The more time i listen to the Table Tuba the more i miss the THT. I find myself always having to fiddle with the subwoofer gain and frequency with the Table Tuba where i never had to adjust anything with the THT after i had things adjusted. I love the Table Tuba and it is better sounding than 99+% of the subwoofers on the market today but plans are to build myself another THT and be done with it. Its the right tool for the job in my perspective and I'm very picky when it comes to sound. ***Just wanted to update this** A pair of slim Table Tuba's or a wider version of the TT fixes the issue of having to fiddle with the gain + placement is key when adding any new subwoofer to your system.
  22. If you have a small budget i recommend upgrading your front speakers and getting a small subwoofer & amp. The Front is where you want the soundstage and a subwoofer is a must have.
  23. I ran a Pioneer head unit and passive EQ ran to my amps. Kappa Perfect 10's and Infinity Kappa speakers. Your best choice is to go out and listen to some different brands. The most expensive stuff is not always the best sounding IMO.
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