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  1. Never knew they came in anything but black, nice to see im not the only one that buys them.
  2. If you need cheap and name brand i found an Onkyo for a reasonable price, if you need super cheap Walmary probably has off brand products. http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/ONKDVBD507/Onkyo/Dv-bd507-Blu-ray-Dvd-Player/1.html
  3. Nice detailed picture, never had that problem myself, maybe somebody with older equipment can chime in to recommend cables with smaller ends. I found some of the cables Radio Shack used that i liked so much, they are made by RCA and are on buyout at Parts Express, i may get a few before they are gone. http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=249-210 Dont buy em all on me now. []
  4. Both are similar in size but thats about it, the 3 way Heresy III will provide much better overall sound and more realism. I would say it would be a bad match between the two. KG4's are nice sounding in their own right but seem less efficient and kinda bass heavy sound, you can always give it a try and see what you think but you may want to match up your speakers for the best overall sound. Never heard the Dali sub either so no comment there, sorry.
  5. Could you post some pictures so we can get a better scope of the problem you are having ?
  6. Anybody heard the new series VOTT A7's yet ? Nobody has any in stock for listening in the Chicagoland area that i have seen. I wonder if the new models lack bass response like the older models did, i liked some of the horn frequencies of the old models but the bigger Klipsch models i know and love has more to offer in the high & low frequencies IMO. Think they got their act together yet or still playing the same old tune. You would think the least they could do is hide that ugly 511 horn behind something. If you heard the new model VOTT post your opinion good or bad, just wondering if they are worth the steep asking price.
  7. You shure can, the plans are available at bill's websight. http://billfitzmaurice.net/Ordering.html Be sure to check out the Tuba 60, the new king of the hill. Its really big though. [*-)]
  8. Looks like Radio Shack no longer carries the RCA cables i have been purchasing for years, (the gold ends with spring tensions attached), though i forget the stock # i will try something different if more are needed in the future i guess, they have served me well but its time to move on.
  9. I second wuzzzer's opinion, have the amp repaired if you can or find something similar to your amp, more power may just burn up your driver.
  10. New pictures. Horn mouth will have a black grille when i get a chance to make it.
  11. Those heels make her legs look a mile long, i would not kick her out of bed. [A] I'm a mix of Swedish & German, both "right off the boat" but i never picked up on either language, english was always spoken in the house.
  12. Bought mine when they were new to the market for just under a grand and they sell for around $400 if clean, I have seen some power button issues and heard of capacitor problems from other Adcom models but mine has been bulletproof , not one problem but then again it all depends how you treat your equipment. Sound can be bright, probably not the best combo for bright Klipsch speakers, like anything else some recordings are better than others and makes more difference than anything else. The amp has plenty of power to drive just about any speaker with authority, the unit runs hot no matter what and is normal, its part of the design.
  13. The orange peel quickly sanded out with the 500 grit, what i had issues with was the nail holes becoming visible after the polishing, no matter what i did they would come back, you could see where every nail was set. All is well, the satin matches my black LaScala's better anyways.
  14. I gave up on the lacquer finish, it became too labor intensive,i guess it was better that i became a G.M. line technician than a body shop man. Ended up with 4 coats of primer, 3 coats of lacquer, two more primer coats over the lacquer then 3 coats of satin black enamel to top it all off. The project came out nice and is coming back in tomorrow after it has a chance to dry, i missed the low end notes anyway, thanks for the responses. Pictures will be up on the for sale post as soon as i have a chance.
  15. Anybody here have any experience with lacquer finishing ? I have spent much of the day wet sanding the black lacquer finish on the Tuba project and managed to finish only one side, the finish looks great but it seems to be taking forever. What has worked for me so far is 500 grit, it seems to have enough bite to get rid of the peaks and create a smooth surface. Going then up to 1500 grit seems to do nothing so i tried right from 500 grit to rubbing compound witch seems to be working ok. If anybody has any experience that may make the job somewhat easier or better please speak up, your help will be an arm saver.
  16. I drink and smoke every so often myself and never get buzzed enough to do something like this, i think he is just a wierdo, the planet is full of them.
  17. No matter what brand you choose, these cables have less than a few bucks worth of parts at the most, the rest is pocket money for whatever company you want to support so shop wisely.
  18. Thats how i roll. [Y] Since adding the Tuba HT to the LaScala's i dont find myself in front of the Chorus II's very often.
  19. If i spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on fancy wire i would tell everybody it made a difference in sound too. Lets say i just went out and spent $250 on a gold plated, silver wire, diamond encrusted main power cable to run my amp with, Think of all the miles of cable, splices, transformers, electric meter, circuit breaker, household circuit & outlet the same current passes through, you think by adding 4-6 feet of expensive cable makes any difference ? Maybe its just my electrical experience speaking but wire is wire, as long as its built correctly there should not be a problem.
  20. My favorite speaker for loud rock & roll has to be the Chorus II's, i love the way they slam but you need some good clean power to drive these with authority. Another good choice as long as you get a sub(s) to keep up and not mud up the sound.
  21. Just about finished wet sanding the primer and the black satin finish will be done by the weekend done soon, the sanding is taking longer than expected. Price has changed accordingly to Sold.
  22. Fancy cables are nice to look at and fun to brag about to your friends about so spare no expence and head over to Radio Shack and get the house brand cables or order on line from Parts Express, the Dayton brand audio cables built very well. http://www.parts-express.com/wizards/searchResults.cfm?searchFilter=&srchExt=CAT&perPage=27&sortBy=1&layout=grid&page=1&srchPrice=&srchCat=861&srchMfg=301&srchPromo=&srchAttr=
  23. I use a soft paint brush to dust the passives on the Chorus II's.
  24. Your speakers can in fact be bi-amped with your pioneer, weather or not it helps the sound any will be up to you to decide. Post back with your results.
  25. Very nice find, those Frote II's do look like new. What are your opinions from switching from the Marantz to the Mac integrated , any downs or all good ? I never place my Chorus II's (similar to Forte II) in corners though admit it does help augment bass response, even with a straight wall depth placement makes a difference in sound, just take some time with experimenting with room placement and see what works best for you in your room, not all are created equal. Buy some lottery tickets while the gettins good, luck don't last forever. []
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