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  1. Not even close Right behind a pair of Chorus II's and some good power My door is always open. []
  2. The Tuba 24 sub is too small to keep up with LaScala's or better anyways unless you are stacking multi cabnets, one of the bigger designs will work much better for the application.
  3. The sanding is going well so far, the white on the edges is compound residue, wax or both. Another hour of work and its done, my coping saw and sandpaper is right here when i feel like working again. Time to enjoy some tunes. Plywood & particleboard scraps were used and some pine stock all glued up with heavy duty construction adhesive. I wanted to add my thanks for everyone's kind words on my work, i have always enjoyed building stuff when i get a chance but it was hot as hell lately so i been working nights to escape the heat as my garage has no A/C. Everything added up to $30 worth of materials since the wood was just leftovers of other projects.
  4. Here is the semi finished cabinet, the sides and top are completed and the front is next for sanding. Excuse the CD player dust, the old tuner was on top and i have not dusted yet + the amp hole needs to be enlarged for proper fit.
  5. As some of you may know recently i replaced my preamp and in the process of doing this switcharoo one of the wheels busted off my 25 year old audio rack while being pushed back into position. Now this menial job has been done by most here dozens of times but the swivel wheel to plastic reinforcement do-dad that attaches the assembly to the particleboard side busted off in ugly fashion as the left rear wheel got hung up on a power cable, no damage was done to anything, i heard the crack and braced myself and threw a temporary tennis ball under the corner to keep things upright. Here is my replacement built from scrap wood laying around doing nothing. No wheels this time, i found some sturdy plastic dome shaped feet that slide nice and easy. I just finished wet sanding the gloss black enamel and the rubbing coumpound finished things up nicely, the vent holes for the amp work well in the first test run but tomorrow will tell more.
  6. 100 watts will drive Chorus II's with authority but the woofer likes power and lots of it so don't skimp if you enjoy a full body massage while listening to your favorite music.
  7. Direct radiator woofers or subwoofers seem to have the upper hand with drum beats, the distortion from the cone(s) can be very convincing & loud. Horn loading subs & woofers does something magical with strings and i just cant get enough. If you really need slam and ugly & big are no concern check this out: http://www.billfitzmaurice.com/T60.html
  8. This makes things easy as pie. http://www.the12volt.com/caraudio/boxcalcs.asp#rec
  9. Unless you need a room heater shut it off. The switch is actually pretty heavy duty, is there a problem with it ?
  10. Finally someone besides me with the balls to speak his mind about someone too many people here think can do no wrong. If you're interested in tube I can recommend someone who actually treats people the way he would want to be treated. Eventually people here will find out that Craig isn't the only person on the planet who sells, repairs or builds tube gear. My VRD's are sold awaiting gear from Ben at Modular electronics in Roswell Ga. His stuff smokes VRD's at a savings in price. Talented gentleman! Thank you for the offer, maybe in the future but right now i have my eye on something else.
  11. This morning i picked up a NAD 1600 Preamp/Tuner, very minty unit, came with the factory box and all paperwork. Just for some experimenting really, the price was too good to pass up and local. The low level noise is better on the NAD but some of the presence and overall soundstage seems missing. The built in phono preamp seems decent enough and it has more bells and whistles than my Adcom does.Now the sound of the NAD is definitely geared twards the warmer side of things and seems to match well to the Klipsch , it will just take some time to get used to. Unfortunately the tuner on the NAD is nowhere near what i am accustomed to hearing on any of the Adcom units but we cant have it all when on a budget. In the mean time i save my pennies and look for something up the ladder.
  12. Jeez, take it easy, everyone has a right to be proud of their audio components and boast what they feel suits their fancy. I had a set of Advent Maestro's, my first somewhat decent speakers and i showed them off as they were gold because i worked dam hard to save my nickles & dimes. Bring your SVS over and borrow another to make the playing field fair and we can see who can make the rain gutters vibrate the loudest. No really, just chill out, this is just here for info & fun anyways.
  13. The 750 is probably the best but out of my budget. My pick will have to wait until i get together some dough, until then i don't want em gone from the market. []
  14. Can I recommend a repair guy? He is west of Milwaukee, if you are in northern Illinois and are willing to make the drive. I can PM his contact info if you like. He's repaired three units for me for very reasonable prices: NAD 705, Kenwood KA-5002, Harman Kardon 730. He says he works on tube gear as well. I do not know how he compares to other people's work. Just happy to have someone near my area. As a matter of fact i will be needing somebody to look the stuff over when i get my act together here, thanks for the heads up. After spending hours on the phone and countless e-mails with some Adcom pro's i found the GTP-350 has to go and best model to look for, of course not a model i owned previously, i will wait to list the model that is recommended so i have no shortage of preamps to choose from.
  15. Looks nice, why did Klipsch not offer this as an option ?
  16. I ended up over at Simply Stereo to listen to the Heritage line once again and to hear some new stuff from Cambridge Audio & Anthem, one thing for sure is i would never switch from LaScala's with the Tuba to Klipschorns, i find the Lower mids are cleaner with the LaScala's and the Khorn will not dig nearly as deep without the Tuba so i feel i have the best of both worlds right now. As for the amps i listened to the Anthem products were better sounding than the Cambridge Audio stuff and still think the Adcom GFA 5500 is overall better sounding than anything auditioned today so it looks like my choice is clear, to upgrade and or repair the Adcom GTP 350 or replace it and just keep the Adcom GFA-5500. By the way the new Cornwall's sound pretty dam good.
  17. Letting this go without the amp for Sold This will allow me to reuse my current amp for my next project and save you some money making this the best bang for your buck.
  18. Carver gear is decent, many of my friends have Carver gear but i admit not looking at any yet.
  19. Yeah i was interested into getting a starter tube unit but poor and slightly unreasonable responses from Craig left me with a why bother feeling. I gave Simply Stereo a call when i got back earlier today and am planning to stop in this week to listen to the offerings from Cambridge Audio & another mentioned but forgotten recommended brand, figure it wont hurt to stop in for a listening session anyways. Mcintosh & likes are nice but beyond my budget. []
  20. Again, i don,t think i could live with more blue lights, i have enough blue LED fans in my computer cases to light the room at night as it is. Maybe there's an off switch for the LED's ?
  21. I have had most all the Adcom stuff from this era and the preamp of choice is the GTP-500 not the 500II. I have not had the GTP-350, it is much older. Which amp are you using ? The GTP-350 is the best sounding tuner/preamp out of the 3 Adcoms i had though i am tossing around seperate preamp & tuner from Adcom to eliminate the issue. The Adcom tuner pulls in FM like no other and it will be missed if i decide to stray.
  22. 2 channel only please. The Emotiva looks good on paper but I'm not sure if i could get used to the fancy blue lights, i will keep this in mind though. I had a Nakamichi tape deck back in the day and they do make good stuff, the CA series is something i may be interested in. Also i have my eye on a clean Sunfire symphonic reference series, any word on these ?
  23. So far i had 3 different models from the Adcom line and i still revert back to the GTP-350 i purchased new with the 5500, normally i switch over to AM to keep the crosstalk to a minimum but i can still hear it when playing other sources. New, used makes no difference. If i can find something that needs work for the right price it could be an option but i prefer plug and play to give me piece of mind.
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