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  1. No Does your subwoofer amp have high level inputs ?
  2. After the woofers are broken in post your thoughts about Bob's cast frame woofers if you don't mind, another opinion is always welcome. I too have been thinking about starting some veneer jobs around the house just for some practice so when the need to veneer a nice set of speakers it won't be too fugly looking. Where did you end up getting your sheet stock ? When i was looking around the price varied so much it was hard to make an educated decision on what to buy.
  3. Have you noticed any difference in sound from the unmatched woofers ? By the way, very nice looking speaker.
  4. Is there any preouts for the main speakers or just for rear & center ? If you have preouts for the main use those.
  5. Here is a good article with some numbers. http://hps4000.com/pages/special/woofer_distortion.pdf
  6. This statement was taken out of context. Every statement i ever read states by horn loading a driver the distortion is reduced and SPL goes up, unless you can show me otherwise i don't see how you can argue different. Please prove me wrong.
  7. "Anything that moves, distorts" Roy D.The less that the drivers have to move to produce the required SPLs, the less distortion there will be - and this was an empirical observation by PWK. Truly horn-loaded drivers move much less than direct radiators to produce the same SPLs. If this statement is in fact true it makes sense, while my thinking may be off kilter my previous statement is at least correct. Time to find more information on the subject. [8-|]
  8. Perviously my subwoofer was jammed into the wall with less than 4" between the horn mouth and the wall due to space restrictions but this weekend the Tuba HT was unleashed in the living room loaded into a corner with my LaScala's and my Adcom for power and what a difference it makes, before there was plenty of lows, tight, punchy, clean and airy as usual but WOW loading this properly 18" back and a foot or so off the wall just woke this thing up in terms of SPL, the sound quality remained the same but i did not realise what this design is really capable of. I gave it my all, the Adcom GFA 5500 was pushing like never before, i gave the LaScala's the power i used to juice up the Chorus II's with and they handled it with open arms, the Tuba HT needed to be dialed down just a bit to keep every dam thing in the house from rattling and the frequency needed to be dialed down just a bit to keep the CD playing steady but it truly was a great night on the couch with friends. We played a wide variety of rock & roll from old to new and never really was able to push the subwoofer to its limits but everybody got a good taste of what they wanted to hear. Time to put the gear back in the bedroom before everybody gets back from vacation.
  9. PM'd No reply, still searching.
  10. My understanding was that a horn will couple the drivers output to the air better than a direct radiating driver, Low power amps were the norm at that time PWK started designing speakers, so he used horn loading as a method to give more volume per watt from his speakers. I don't dispute that. Greater output with reduced distortion can be achieved by other methods like multiple drivers, but that's more expensive. I simply questioned your statement that a direct radiating subwoofer inherently introduces "high distortion levels". Any speaker or sub can introduce high distortion levels when pushed past it's thermal or mechanical limits, horn loaded or conventional. I'll ask one last time, why does a direct radiating subwoofer, by design, create high distortion levels, as you stated? My understanding is the design of the direct radiating woofer does not simply create more distortion, the driver itself produces the same distortion at the source, the distortion is simply diminished in the geometry of the horn path.
  11. I'm not knocking your sub. I don't disparage anyone's equipment. I took issue with your statement that the direct radiating sub design is inherently distorted. I haven't read anything to back up your claim yet. I'm certainly open to the possibility of my being wrong, it wouldn't be the first time. I enjoy learning about subwoofer theory. When someone makes a statement such as yours, I'd enjoy reading the facts behind the statement. Lots of information available all over the internet on horn loaded drivers and the facts, most if not all state that horn loading reduces distortion. Is this not one of the reasons klipsch uses horn loaded drivers in many of the designs ? Correct me if im wrong but this was my understanding.
  12. All i have to go on is other peoples testing with the design that is in plain sight on Bills web page, i welcome any testing for nay sayers and also welcome anybody to come by and hear with their own ears as i can plainly hear the difference in sound from any other subwoofer i have heard in my years, all for the better. My subwoofer is not for sale because i don't like it, its for sale because i liked the sound so much i plan to build some of the other designs featured on the pages. Don't knock it till you try it.
  13. Where can i get one of these, all my CD's are sticking to the plate in my head and i can't stand it. [^o)]
  14. Thanks for the offer but im not looking to buy something from Amazon or any other online reatailer, just to maybe get a good used copy of an album from somebody here that hopefully takes care of their stuff and not some used beat up thing some 12 year old played frisbee with. I have lots of stuff i no longer listen to and am perfectly willing to trade.
  15. My first post explaines it all, buy or trade a used album of Queen the game from a forum member that may have a copy, mine are wore out.
  16. If you read closely you will see they are called NON-Heritage. "So under Heritage they reside until a better structure can be determined. These vagabonds include the NON-Heritage products: Rebel, KSS and Shorthorn". Good catch, wonder how those little bookshelf speakers sound, never even seen those before.
  17. Right along with these little doorstops. http://www.klipsch.com/na-en/products/kss-2-specifications/
  18. I was suprised to see the little black bookshelf speaker in the mix. [:S]
  19. I could meet you part way if interested.
  20. The extra mystery wire may have been installed for a fart fan or bathroom heater, 12 gauge would not have been used for just a light unless the contractor ran out of 14 gauge. If you are having trouble with too many wires in the box now is the perfect time to install a larger box. Codes around here change from county to county so it would be hard to say what is legal and what is not around your neck of the woods. If you do want to get rid of the extra switch in the hall and want it to look good just remove the box and extra wires and cut a piece of drywall to match your hole. then run some 1x2's or similar behind the opening and screw them the old drywall for support so your new drywall piece has something to attach to then just tape and mud the new drywall piece to the old opening and presto, nobody will ever know there was a switch there.
  21. Sold Open to interesting trade / partial trade for: amp, amp/tuner combo or integrated amp, what ya got ? KG2 or similar for garage speaker, nothing bigger than Heresy. PS3 for the kids LCD TV 24"-37" Not currently interested in any trades
  22. I like the whole album, still one of my favorites.
  23. The easy way is to look on back, if you see a passive woofer it is a Chorus II.
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