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  1. Again, i don,t think i could live with more blue lights, i have enough blue LED fans in my computer cases to light the room at night as it is. Maybe there's an off switch for the LED's ?
  2. I have had most all the Adcom stuff from this era and the preamp of choice is the GTP-500 not the 500II. I have not had the GTP-350, it is much older. Which amp are you using ? The GTP-350 is the best sounding tuner/preamp out of the 3 Adcoms i had though i am tossing around seperate preamp & tuner from Adcom to eliminate the issue. The Adcom tuner pulls in FM like no other and it will be missed if i decide to stray.
  3. 2 channel only please. The Emotiva looks good on paper but I'm not sure if i could get used to the fancy blue lights, i will keep this in mind though. I had a Nakamichi tape deck back in the day and they do make good stuff, the CA series is something i may be interested in. Also i have my eye on a clean Sunfire symphonic reference series, any word on these ?
  4. So far i had 3 different models from the Adcom line and i still revert back to the GTP-350 i purchased new with the 5500, normally i switch over to AM to keep the crosstalk to a minimum but i can still hear it when playing other sources. New, used makes no difference. If i can find something that needs work for the right price it could be an option but i prefer plug and play to give me piece of mind.
  5. Looking for options on a new preamp for my Adcom, i have tried many Adcom units but am unsatisfied with all units that i have tried so far. Having a built in tuner would be nice but not necessary and clean sound is what i am after more than anything, New or used makes no difference but some help would be nice finding something to suit my needs. I was thinking of throwing some cash at my current GTP 350 to get rid of the radio crosstalk and noise but feel maybe just a replacement may be in order. Feel free to leave your educated experience on some good options please.
  6. Wat i izm be doin wen setin up mi kar stereos is turnin up da gane on da hed unit all da wai up den getin a loe volum CD playin and adjustin da gane on da amps until eye get som hintz of dishtorton on eache chanel and repeatin da sam fore evere ampe on bored.
  7. Table Tuba w-10" Dayton Classic (smaller footprint, wont dig as deep).
  8. Willing to drive for those in need of a good sub. Questions ? Feel free to ask. []
  9. Nice to hear you are enjoying your new sub, i always liked the sound of a well built sealed sub but i could never get enough volume out of them to suit my needs. Good luck with your new purchase.
  10. Don't forget to get a gold plated fuse. []
  11. I have a 10 year old Adcom GFA-5500 still running strong, great amp with great sounds, try to stay away from the Adcom preamps though, i have had a few and none have been that great. Since i cant recall ever hearing the Outlaw there is no way i could compare the two. Looks like a great price for the Adcom, i paid more than $1000 for mine but then again they were fairly new to the market back then.
  12. Even with salt, acids from fingers, moisture, etc... copper should not corrode that quickly, normally it takes years just to see minor green tint of the usual sorts. Glad to see I'm not the only stoner / buzzard in the forum, thats when i really get into the tunes, after smokin a fatty.[6] My old boss called us the swim team because we always came back from lunch all red-eyed.
  13. Rush Moving Pictures, one of the great concerts of the past, i miss being able to see good concerts for $15.00.[] One of the newer recordings i have been enjoying is Jack Johnson's In between Dreams, come to think of it all the Jack Johnson albums seem to be recorded well.
  14. Go with the LaScala's and save some cash as you will not need the extra bottom end the K-horn provides using those subs, by the way nice looking setup you have there. [Y]
  15. I'm gonna have to disagree with this statement, the Sub 12 is a good off the shelf subwoofer for the price but for $500 in the DIY world you can build yourself something the Sub 12 could not touch with a 10 foot pole. The Sub 12 would probably make a good home theater subwoofer as it digs pretty low and hits hard but for music it gets muddy witch makes it hard to incorporate into most systems. My advise is to get one good sub like mentioned earlier and find something else to raise your speakers to your preference or build one subwoofer to meet your needs and make a dummy clone for the other speaker.
  16. If your wire corrodes in 4 months time its not good stuff. If you must keep your current cables just solder the ends, basic soldering kits are available for cheap.
  17. Solder the exposed ends or get some good wire.
  18. Very impressive, solid stamped steel frame, stiff lightweight cone & rubber surround for long lasting sounds. I was so impressed with my purchase i used the Dayton Classic 10" model for my next experiment.
  19. The amp and driver is the same combo i used in my Tuba HT, both are quality, solid built products but since they are used in a horn loaded cabinet i cannot judge how they would sound in the supplied cabinet. You can always try it out and if you are not happy with it the driver would also work with a ported cabinet or the horn loaded Tuba HT build if you really want some musical bass.
  20. The Dayton Classic is one of the few recommended drivers for this design and i chose it because it has rubber surrounds for longevity, i do not like foam surrounds since they fall apart over time. For my next project the Table Tuba i chose a similar 10" model.
  21. Bump Taking offers & open to trades.
  22. I can comment about the Tuba HT with the LaScala's. Using a horn loaded sub is the only way to run in my opinion. I guess the easiest way to explain it is comparing any other well built horn loaded woofer, it sounds different, tight & snappy with lots of force unlike direct radiator models where coloration and distortion can be interpreted as bass. For instance, the Chorus II's produce hefty amounts of bass, nice tight drum kicks and bass notes that rock but hearing the same music through good horn loaded models sounds different, same with the Tuba HT it matches better because its a horn, having enough power is nothing i worry about anymore, the 24" version will pump out 120+ dB, more than enough to compliment or overpower most rooms.
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