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  1. You can always downshift to first gear, it wont stop you but i will slow you down. My Focus has a issue also, there is a vent just to the right of the gas petal that my size 12's get hung up on every so often. Ford says there is nothing wrong with the car even after i showed them what was happening. No wonder U.S. car companies are going down the tubes, they just dont care about the people who keep them in business.
  2. Thanks for the replies, i will take everything mentioned here into consideration. Anybody around Chicagoland have a set of these horns hooked up for me to audition ?
  3. Right now the crossovers have the Crites updates installed but i figured there may be something that would be slightly better without changing the pinpoint soundstage and awesome dynamics of the overall sound that i have become accustomed to.
  4. I can use some opinions on crossover capacitors to compliment my squawker, Using AL3 crossovers on La Scala's
  5. Maybe i will try the rear port setup and see how it goes, i guess the woofer will need to be removed and a hole will need to be cut into the top of the cabinet from what i see correct ? Would there be a better choice of woofers for the ported cabinet or is the stock K-33 sufficient ? If i need to enter the cabinet anyways i figured to ask beforehand.
  6. Bump Is this question not posted in the right place ?
  7. Looking to replace my aging caps in my Lascala's and was hoping somebody here may have the answer, it looks as if they may have been replaced previously and want to be sure i get the right parts for the job.
  8. I ended up going saturday afternoon due to the bad weather, everything cleared up though and the evening was great.
  9. Don't miss it, starts today @ Grant park. Just a friendly reminder.
  10. I too ran these speakers for some time and found more lows are produced when they are placed in corners, luckily these belt out sufficient bass no matter where you place them but like was already mentioned just experiment with them until you find your sweet spot. Great speakers by the way, hope you are enjoying them.
  11. The room is 11x16 with carpeting and furniture. I will build a custom box no matter what but i dont want huge. The crossover will likely be set around 50-80 hz
  12. I'm looking to build a nice musical subwoofer to enhance one of my systems and was looking for some advice from forum members on witch route to go. My first option is to use the woofers & passives out of a pair of KG4's i have sitting here, my thoughts are heavy mdf cabinets with the 4-8" woofers facing forward and one passive facing down and one facing back but am worried about finding a reasonably priced amp to drive the low impendance load. I thought this may be my best option but am not sure yet. Option 2 is buying a new 12" or 15" subwoofer and either using a sealed box or a sealed box with a passive, i don't want boomy bass just a nice low clean sound without spending tons of cash. If anybody has any input on what to use please post. No foam surrounds if possible i want these to last, no ported cabinets with big boom (been there done that).
  13. Has anybody here used sound deadening materials on mid size horns before and if so does it help mellow the sound any ? I just picked up a nice pair of black LaScalas from joesportster this friday and am very happy with the sound of these in my main system but notice the mids do sometimes have a general plastic horn noise coming from the mid, there is nothing wrong with the horn itself and i am just being picky here but like anybody would like options to please my ears. There are horn upgrades available i know but would like to test this idea first before spending money i don't have available at the time. It may just be my room acoustics but these sound fantastic compared to my Chorus 2's that i have been using for the past ~18 years or so, many here have said these lack very low frequency production but i am impressed with what i have heard so far.
  14. I can use some help, one of my girls spilled a spot of red nail polish on my Chorus 2's and using cleaners to remove the bulk of the spot has left a bare spot that needs attention as well as some light sandpaper to remove the rest. What can i use to match the rest of the factory oil oak finish? Also does Klipsch sell touch up black to match the finish on my LaScalas ? Just a few little nicks i would like to touch up nothing major.
  15. My Adcom tuner has become flaky, the switch to change inputs cuts in and out when turning the knob, What can do to clean,fix, or repair the switch.
  16. I hooked theturntable directly up to the preamp/tuner but was unable to determine if it helped, the volume was too low. The phono preamp was moved away from the components and it seemed to help . Maybe i will experiment with more grounding options when i have more time.
  17. BigStewMan thank you for the words of encouragement, sometimes we are dealt bogus cards to play but one can only hope the next hand will be a winner. Wish you the best of luck. Jason
  18. Saw this thread and have to comment, 13 years ago i was working for a carpenter in N/E illinois and during the winter working outside and was carrying 2 4x8 sheets of 3/4" subfloor through the greasy, icy,wet snow and fell on my right shoulder and twisted my neck to the ground aided by the heavy wet plywood, got up brushed it off like us blue collar workers always do and finished the day of work. When i got home and in the shower washing my hair and it hit me like a ton of bricks, my neck hurt so bad right under my skull i could not work,sleep,sit or anything else for maybe a month but after a week of sick days i called my boss to let him know what happened he called me a liar and would not help out in any way and to boot i never got the health insurance i was promised after 6 months. Anyways i ended up losing my house i saved for years, the woman i loved because she wanted somebody to provide for her and i could not and of course my job because i was no longer able to work. After a year of living in a cheap apartment compliments of my loving parents i was able to get a part time job at a pet store with health insurance. Ended up getting a nerve block on my upper spine, what a horrible feeling the needle scraping on what felt like my lower skull. things got better or at least bearable but still to this day if i sleep wrong, sneeze, lift the wrong way the pain and nausea come back, not much works for me but advil helps enough to get me back on my feet. Recently i was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and going through the same crap though this has no cure and keeps getting worse but thats another story. Hope everybody gets better and stays healthy, best of luck. Jason
  19. Yes i know that place, recently i stopped in there a few times to ask about the woofer issue but the closed sign was up and all the lights were out during normal business hours, kind of a bummer too its always nice to look around and see what's in the showroom. Everything is okey dokie with the passive woofer, being a General Motors line tech for all those years and running my handyman servise i feel confident the job was fixed properly though it may be a pain to remove the adhesive next time, the glue i used is good stuff. Sorry i forgot about this thread.
  20. Nobody huh ? Tomorrow i will hook up my old Technics and see if it is any better, if i recall the servo or something makes the speed unsteady but maybe it can be repaired, i think dad has one too but it was kinda funky, the tone arm tracks strange, rather thanthe usual type tracking the arm moves back and forth on a rail or something like that its hard to explain. Wish i never sold the Thorens but i needed the cash for car repair in a bind years ago, im sure many of us have been in that situation before.
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