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  1. My son Jeff spends much of his spare time making U-Tube videos of him and his friends doing crazy stuff on his skateboards. It drives me nuts knowing another injury is just around the corner. Jumping off stairways and riding the handrail, up and down these half pipes doing tricks, jumping ramps & flipping the skateboard in the process. I sure wish he would find some safer way to have fun.
  2. If you are anywhere within a reasonable distance from Chicago i would be happy to bring over a Table Tuba for some testing. Unfortunately i don't currently have an extra THT on hand or that would be available too.
  3. If you were looking to add a ceiling to your room you could add soundproof material between your floor joists, there is now a shreeded denim insulation that will work even better than spun fiberglass.
  4. The long version of the TT can be built as slim as 15x12 footprint assuming height is no issue + you can veneer to match your K horns.
  5. What ever happend to those Watts Dustbug cleaners. You would put solution on the round brush and it would track on its own arm and clean while you played your record.
  6. Tuba HT would be a great match.
  7. I have an Adcom GFA 5500 that i have used on a few sets of speakers including my Chorus II's and La Scala"s. There is no noise at all coming from the amp and am very happy with the sound quality. I have also had many Adcom preamps, all have had issues including hiss from the speakers with the volume all the way down. Currently running a NAD preamp with the Adcom and vey happy with the pairing.
  8. The crap laying around the garage here is TFC T10 Coaxial cable. From center out 18 Gauge center conductor (Copper) Dielectric Foil sheild Braided shield (copper) Black outer jacket
  9. I ran coaxial cable once on my garage stereo because i have spools of it left over from a long run on a job. Worst thing i ever used. Sounded like crap. Went right over to Radio Shack and picked up a stretch of 14 gauge wire. Still have tons of coax in the garage if anybody wants to try some out, just pay for shipping. This was ran with my old Pioneer SX780 & a set of 70's 4 ways.
  10. Brand new Promedia 2.1's run $150, well under budget.
  11. Most soundbars sound like crap. Rinky dink drivers in a flimsy box doesen't cut it in my opinion. Tell them to pick up a set of ProMedia 2.1's, hard to go wrong with these compact good sounding speaker set. I can also recommend the Klipsch HD theater 300 system, my buddy has them in his living room. Smaller size and nice sound for little cash. If it must be a soundbar style go checkout the new Klipsch models, wont hurt to go have a look. If you check them out be sure to post back and let us know what you think. *Looks like Chad beat me to it.
  12. Looks like it would be useful under a cabinet for casual TV watching. With the bottlecap size speakers most newer models are using you need something to enhance the sound.
  13. You could always use Heatware, its a seller/buyer rating system. http://www.heatware.com/index.php
  14. The sub is already built, i just need to get the walnut. Its a 15" panel 16" total width with a high output 8" driver. These Tubas are awesome subwoofers. I'm trying to save enough to get a websight for some advertisement. I spent my extra $$$ on a shop heater this week instead of the hardwood i need. Kerosene is outrageously expensive and the electric ones are useless. Luckily there was a gas line already installed so the hookup should be easy.
  15. Almost back to normal. Keep up the good work.
  16. Part came in today, problem solved. Part # is the same (KSS-240A) but nowhere on the box does it say sony. Unless maybe in Chinese and just don't know it. Probably some jippo knockoff part. Oh well it works now.
  17. If you have the money and some time you could throw something like this together. http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-sa1000-subwoofer-amplifier-rack-mountable--300-811 http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-15-ultimax-subwoofer-and-cabinet-package--300-7097 Or the 12" http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-12-ultimax-subwoofer-and-cabinet-package--300-7096 It would be leaps and bounds better than your current sub.
  18. 150 watts per channel should get your speakers singing nicely.
  19. You can probably spend half of that amount and get something that would blend nicely in your system.
  20. Update the Belle and bring it back, i think it was the best looking loudspeaker in the Klipsch lineup ever.
  21. I don't have a home theater but love to hear and see a good subwoofer. Chalk up another vote to bring back the sub thread.
  22. Yawn. Phenomenal in my book would be: 2.5 sec from turn-on to play. Instant power at turn-on (no relays), no booting. 0.75 second tray / door cycle time. Display that showed number of tracks on the disc, timer, track ID info, L&R channel dB FS meter, and a spectrum analyzer. Display backlighting that was fully adjustable, both in color and intensity, and defeat-able. Metal buttons on the front that can access every feature. Labeling that was body oil and household cleaner proof. Onboard diagnostics that could actually tell the user up-front what and where any significant problems in the device were and / or report the status of the pick up alignment. Component players from 12 years ago were very close to hitting that mark, but since the advent of the "combo" player, the design has suffered the wrath of concession. So long as the pick ups still work, the older machines still run circles around the new ones. My generation seems to have forgotten how quickly a person could go from silence to listening to music at the drop of a cassette and the push of a single button. If only it were so easy. The price would probably be outrageous and sound like crap to boot. That reminds me that i just put away my sweet cassette player, it really did sound as good or better than a CD. I just gave up on it when CD's started to appear. Now 8 tracks thats a different story, i recall having to shim the tape in my Pioneer Supertuner with a matchbook to get the thing to sound better. Don't miss that at all.
  23. I think i read that article when trying to diagnose my player. Lots of good information out there and some not so good.
  24. I already have a sweet single disk player, thanks for the look though. Thats about what i paid for my single disk sony probably 20 + years ago.
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