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  1. Great news, KG4's are my favorite budget Klipsch model.
  2. Try to find some Chorus II's, the midrange is better and the bass is more enveloping, both sell fairly close in price. $400 - 750 depending on condition. My Chorus II's with some power behind them will make either of my CD players skip through the music, just to give you an idea on what you get, front row concert is the best way i can explain the sound. All you need then is some kids blowing pot smoke in your face and some drunk behind you falling over to get the full effect.
  3. Don't forget to turn on the air freshiner after experimenting and eating all those eggs, women just love when you pull the covers over their head after a good egg meal. []
  4. Don't forget to turn on the air freshiner after experimenting and eating all those eggs, women just love when you pull the covers over their head after a good egg meal. []
  5. LaScala trumps the Cornwall & Chorus with pure finesse and overall sound quality & punchy midbass but needs a subwoofer to compliment the lack of low end bass. The Cornwall sounds better than the Chorus when powered by low wattage amps and may be better overall for some types of music, while not my favorite of the Klipsch lineup many here will probably disagree. If you have some power and a large room to fill i would recommend the Chorus, very hard hitting low end, clean highs and vocals to die for, my favorite for hard rock slam as good as front row seats at the best sounding concerts. Just my opinion anyways. []
  6. Nice looking room you have there, any way to squeeze another set of KLF 20's or 30's for the rear ? Are you supplementing your surround sound receiver with separate amplifiers or just using the receiver ? I see your sub is dead and you are local, wanna hear my Tuba HT integrated into your system ? PM if interested. [Y]
  7. Anybody have a CD of Queen The game they might want to trade or sell outright ? I have 2 older records that are just plum wore out and i would really like to have a copy.
  8. My wife is the expert on this subject and has found this to be the correct answer. NOTE: She buys fresh eggs and lets them sit out over night. She read somewhere that leaving them out for 24 hours equals a week's worth of aging. Buying your eggs a week ahead of time is really best, leaving out overnight may invite unwanted results. [+o(]
  9. The trick is not to use very fresh eggs, not to say let em rot first but the older they are the easier they are to peel. ( the family was catering for 75+ years in Chicagoland)
  10. jason str

    HT advice

    I would try to match all the speakers for best performance, if you have screen issues due to the magnets sucking or distorting your screen you can install bucking magnets to alleviate the problem.
  11. Recently i was out shopping around and came across a nice integrated Moon amplifier (model 5.3 if i recall) and was wondering if anybody else has any experience with their products good or bad. The sound seemed nicely detailed but also slightly bright, what is your experience with the product.
  12. The pushed in dustcap is a cosmetic issue only, you may be able to suck it out with a regular vacuum but a shopvac will work better.
  13. Same here, my guess is the drives are somewhat slow at keeping up with the requests. 50 % or so of every forum response results in error message for me too
  14. If you truly want to hear the bass notes and not the high distortion levels associated with direct radiator designed subwoofers i urge you and your friend to build the Tuba HT from bills websight. The folded horn design greatly reduces distortion levels as Klipsch lovers know all too well. After countless days of shopping and hours and hours of comparison nothing quite matches up. The one downfall i must note is the size of this unit (3ft x 3 ft x 24") While not an expert with only 7 or 8 subwoofer builds under my belt i do have good ears and high end tastes when it comes to my beloved music.
  15. The fabric is fairly thin but has a nice texture and pattern in the weave, more light travels through the fabric than the standard Chorus II cloth but less than the LaScala's so i assume somewhere between will be good. My guess is that the fabric over the subwoofer mouth is not as important as if it were full range.
  16. jason str

    HT advice

    Matching speakers would be ideal if you can swing it. Keep the Denon if it still works for you, they sound decent enough. You shure you need a sub with the Forte's ? Properly positioned they have decent lows as is but if you do go with a subwoofer in the mix be sure to get something that will keep up not mud up the tight sound of the Forte II's.
  17. Are you sticking with 2 channel or maybe looking to go surround sound in the future ? Bi-wiring is a waste in my opinion unless using different amps for power.
  18. Spent most of the morning shopping for grille cloth for the Tuba HT horn mouth (felt pretty stupid too shopping among the ladies) but here is what i came home with. Not only was it the closest match i could find to speaker grille but it was the end of the roll so 50 % off to boot. What do you think ?
  19. Try to keep the wire from laying on the damp ground, any hardware store will have some type if insulated stapels for nailing the wire to your floor joists. You can use regular staples but you need to be extra careful not to short out the wire. 12 gauge wire should be fine for longer runs.
  20. Last call before my black paint and custom grille goes on this weekend, its warming here in Chicagoland. [H]
  21. 100 watts will drive the Tuba HT with authourity, i have the 240 watt Dayton unit and it does not break a sweat. If you have the skills and the tools to build the Tuba it will be worth your time for sure. Never heard the Danley subwoofers myself so i cannot comment on them but the word on the forum sounds positive if you have the dough.
  22. Your best bet is to find one of the Klipsch cinema series subwoofers if you absolutely need a Klipsch product.
  23. Speaking of Wal-mart,over the last few months i became a victim of a clever scam while out shopping there and it has turned out to be quite traumatic. Don't think it could not happen to you and your friends, here is how it works. Two very hot young ladies come over while you are putting your bags in your trunk. They both start wiping your windshield with a rag and Windex with their breasts falling out of their skimpy t shirts. It is impossible not to look. When you thank them and offer them a tip they say no but ask for a ride to another walmart. You agree and they get in the back seat. On the way they start undressing and one of them gets in the front seat and starts crawling all over you while the other one steals your wallet. I had my wallet stolen by them. January 14,16,20,25,27 Febuary 3,10,13 and twice last Saturday and most likely again this weekend. So tell your friends to watch out don't let this happen to them. By the way walmart has wallets on sale for 2.99
  24. What may help you in your situation while not the correct way to fix the problem is shove a big wad of rolled up socks in the port to completely block it off for slightly better midbass and less mud in the bottom end. P.S. don't loose your socks in the process. []
  25. Most subs come with amps and some don't You cannot just hook it up to your receiver without a amp to power your subwoofer. If your receiver has pre-outs or subwoofer out you can use those otherwise you will need to run speaker wires to your subwoofer then to your speakers.
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