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  1. I don't have a scale but i can lift it myself. If it was made of MDF it would be MUCH heavier. Cabinet weight will vary depending on installed driver too.
  2. That Fisher is a nice sounding receiver, it also happens to have been my first one handed down from my father who purchased it new and powered a set of Altec Valencia's. Woke me up every morning with them if i recall.
  3. Sent you an e-mail with detailsJason,Got your email thanks. I think I'm going to get two in oiled walnut to match the Belles I just was lucky enough to acquire last Saturday. It maybe a couple weeks before I move on this I'm most likely going to have to sell something from the tube amp collection to finance the purchase. How much power do these subs really need for music reproduction at just above conversation levels? Also what is the efficiency rating? I think I'll power them with tubes! Great, i could use the order, Walnut is beautiful hardwood. There is a 1m/1W SPL graph with the MCM 8" driver on the table tuba home page. http://www.billfitzmaurice.com/TT.html You won't need a whole lot of power to get these subs pumping out the bass.
  4. That was what I had in mind; there is a LOCAL to me builder nearby. Otherwise, shipping costs might kill any savings. Shipping won't be cheap with the size of these things. Theres always the option of a road trip.
  5. You need to be one of the authorised builders. I'm working on the details.
  6. Sent you an e-mail with details
  7. That's the plan. I will be making these in oak, walnut & cherry. CNC? Each cabinet is custom built by hand, i will make a few models i feel should be popular a few at a time to speed things up once i get things going. All i will need to do then is finish the way the customer wants. I will offer a slim Tuba HT with the same table design and am working on one for the long style models too for a nice wife friendly look.
  8. That's the plan. I will be making these in oak, walnut & cherry.
  9. Most musical sub i ever heard. Hate to sell and be without a subwoofer
  10. The sub is very solid and will not spill a drop even playing how ya like me now at full volume. Your windows, doorjambs, and anything not bolted down around it will wander around the room.
  11. jason str

    Table Tuba

    Selling one last Tuba here to help get my new business up and running. This will only be here for a limited time since no commercial sales are allowed here at the forum so act quickly. There is quite a bit of extra work involved with this unit besides the normal tuba build with all the veneer & finish. Red oak veneer with solid oak legs & drawer fronts. Cabinet uses 15" panels & optional 10" driver for maximum output. Located 1/2 Hr N/W of Chicago & price is $900
  12. . The La Scala bass will be louder too if you turn it around and face it to the wall or a corner but it works fine faced into a room, same with the Tuba, plenty of output unless you are trying out for an SPL contest. Even at very loud listening levels with my THT facing my listening position there was no lack of bass. I never had an issue personally at Bills forum.
  13. The TT with the driver enclosed produces a slight dip in output around 90 Hz, since i crossover my sub below 80 Hz it should make little difference.
  14. Thank You I have an access panel on my TT because without it needs to be 1 1/2-2" from a wall/floor. The way i make my doors is use the cutout from the plywood door & on the inside of the driver enclosure is glue & screw 3/4" plywood 7/8" high to the inside of the driver enclosure recessed 1/2" or whatever thickness your plywood is and then screw and T nut the cutout access panel on.
  15. Thank you for the compliments. The table tuba sounds very similar to the Tuba HT, it just does not dig as low. I think the TT is better with music than the HT though both blend seamlessly with the La Scala sound. I can see the Tuba HT would be better with a home theater but that is what it was designed for anyways. Out of the two i think i will stick the Table Tuba for my system. Also i am considering being an authorised builder of Bill's designs for extra income, in the meantime it keeps me busy and it is fun building these things. Probably i will stick with the line arrays & subwoofer designs but i will take things one step at a time.
  16. Finally finished. Just got it in the room and hooked up, sounds great so far. More details after i spend some time with it.
  17. Tuba HT is in the garage for some sanding and a re-paint, it will be available again after the coming weekend (Nov 3rd).
  18. I purchased 4 rubber feet but have not installed them yet. The inside of the oak legs have a piece if 3/4" oak 1/4 round on the inside just so i have a place to screw the foot screws into. This will be the final step.
  19. Thank you for all the compliments. The Rust- Oleum Varathane finish is really bringing out the woodgrain on the red oak. 4 more coats of varathane, some sanding & glue on the drawer fronts and its done.
  20. Got to make room for my new sub, Sold. Invitations open for a test drive if you want to hear the subwoofer. It may be in the garage for some tuning up while i spend some time with the table tuba after the weekend.
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