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  1. Looking to experiment, will this woofer and amp work in anything besides the factory box ? Maybe something horn loaded ? If i can find something that works better for my needs it would be helpfull. Could anybody offer me the specs for this woofer ?
  2. Do upgrade the xovers on the Chorus 2's for best results, they will not have the pinpoint soundstage of the LaScala but are a dam good sounding speaker without taking up the whole room. I would love to hear a pair or Chorus 2's fitted with a K55 or better midrange, i just love the lows they belt out, so tight and snappy with no sign of muddiness.
  3. WOW, that K402 is bigger than i thought, there must be some better choices out there for a reasonable sized unit to fit this combo without losing all the sound characteristics.
  4. Beauty is in the ear of the beholder. KLF series are decent, one of my starter sets years ago (among many others). Chorus II's are best power loving/size loudspeaker in my opinion, once you get those 15's pumping i can easilly make either of my CD players skip through parts of a song and the horns sing with the best of em. KG4's are my budget pick. Forte 1&2 are owned by good friends both powered by run of the mill receivers, good Klipsch sound i like to enjoy LaScala is what i find myself in front of most, get a decent subwoofer to fill in the lows or move up the Klipschladder. Pair up the Chorus 2's with the LaScala's and it makes a great sounding setup getting the best of both worlds but your soundstage dissappears and ruins it.
  5. The Classical music did not bother me since dad woke me up every weekend morning blaring the stuff from his Altec Valencia's. I brought 4 CD's with but there were many wanting to hear what they had with them, first came Buckwheat Zydeco's new one, When the levee breaks & The wrong side, track 4 is my favorite but many were waiting for the CD player. Second i threw on Alice in chains- Over now (unplugged version). Some of everything was played for all to enjoy, the afternoon and evening was very enjoyable. After seeing the size of the Jubilee's i can say you need a room built around the system, these are big honkers. WAF=0 After hearing the Jubilee's of course makes me want some, that horn was the sweetest thing i ever heard, lows were solid and detailed, overall very pleasing and worth looking into for those with room and finances. Will that horn/driver combo work with the LaScala woofer section ?
  6. Nice house and great time, had the chance to hear both systems last night and enjoyed every minute. Good to learn faces from the forum and meet people with the same passion for music. Thank you Steve for sharing.
  7. How many circuits do you need for your application and what amperage breakers will you be going with ? Rather going with one high amperage branched circuit you may be better off using multiple 12 Guage wire runs and 20 amp breakers.
  8. When is the next party for forum members to come by and take a peek ? And what is that stack in your avatar ?
  9. I would like to hear something better than CD quality sound available for downloading, not to say there is not already and i just dont know about it. Is it me or does anybody else prefer the sound of clean vinyl over CD's, maybe just my Sony ES just getting worn out. Music with good sound seems harder and harder to find like they forgot or just don't care anymore about quality. Still sticking with 8-track CD's until something else blows me away.
  10. LOL you gotta admit that is a crazy design but sometimes that's what it takes, if its music to your ears thats all that matters. Like dad always says, even ugly chicks need some loving.
  11. Mine was purchased new after much shopping around, it was the best sound for the money that i could find. What attracted me was the attention to details throughout, there were lows like i never heard before and very life-like sound that attracted me. There were many other amps i liked better but were out or way out of my budget, some recordings do sound somewhat on the bright side but i feel the positives far outweigh the negatives. Be sure to listen before purchase to determine if this is the right sound for you and your choice of speakers.
  12. Just spread the word on many of my computer forums, hope they are selling good.
  13. I was looking through some of those myself but it looks too good to be true.
  14. Cornwall's and Chorus 2's are great speakers but if you have the room get some LaScala's, they image and sound much better though you will probably need a subwoofer to fill in the lows they are incapable of producing.
  15. Maybe some muffler strapping would enhance the custom tweeter look.
  16. Make sure there is power at the motor. If not find out where the problem is (fuse etc...) if yes check the motor and connections. Good power & connections probably a faulty motor.
  17. Maybe if you filled the whole page with posts you will get more answers.
  18. I use Photobucket myself, download your pictures then just link them where you want. There are many good alternitives out there too. Just Google.
  19. While Forte is a great speaker (every week i get together with friends and party to the Forte sound ) the La Scalas are a much better sounding speaker all around in my opinion. Pinpoint soundstage, mids to make you drool, and highs from the gods. Only missing is the lows that can be filled by any decent sub.
  20. My Adcom GFA 5500 runs hot too, been that way since new. Soon its going in for a checkup anyways so i hope nothing is going on with it.
  21. Good Luck, i had many issues with my new 2004 Ford Focus and spent days at dealerships only to get blown off by Ford's independant survey team who not only would not go for a drive to see and feel the problems with the car, after i received a letter from i think from the CEO of Ford Motor Company that there was no issue to resolve and pretty much "piss off"though not in those words. I will look through my paperwork and find it if i can and post it. The steering wheel shakes at most speeds and the passenger seat vibrates to the same tune. Its still there after new tires and 70,000 miles. The door's do not open on hot sunny days, the latch has been looked at and adjusted and lubricated to no prevail. (still there too)! Loud clunk when backing up on an incline, on the test drive with the assistant shop manager i showed the noise to the man, returned to shop and was told i was hot rodding the motor to make the noise. Now anybody knows when you are starting out on an incline you need to give it some gas or you will stall and need to stop or roll back into the car behind you. Drivers seat right side is broken and needs to be replaced eventually, this happened after one year and still has not collapsed yet i just drive with the "mean lean" My big feet get stuck behind the vent to the right of my gas petal, already caused one small accident. Pros of the Focus handling, fuel economy, peppy,always starts.
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