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  1. If you use anything to fill the holes get a small can of bondo body filler, it sticks better and can be drilled if needed. As long as the holes are not in the same place it should not matter the degree of rotation. If you rotate the woofer 180 degrees and the holes are not in the same place i would do that, if not it doesen't matter.
  2. jason str

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    Placing subs apart can sometimes have that effect, have you tried different placements or the two in the same place ?
  3. $600 is still a deal if they are in decent shape.[Y]
  4. Be carefull using that lintseed oil, leaving your lintseed soaked rag around they seem to spontaneously combust.
  5. The cabinets are particleboard with veneer overlay. $800 is very high even for a mint pair of Forte II's, never saw a pair sell for that around here. Might try ebay for best results.
  6. Probably better off with the RB 61's or 81's for surround speakers than the thx's.
  7. jason str


    Be sure to sign up for that publishers clearinghouse sweepstakes too, you can never have too much cash laying around. Maybe its just $7.00, rounded up to the nearest dollar from 6 dollars and 97.777.62 cents? [*-)]
  8. I agree, get yourself a nice little sub to compliment your new speakers. Fancy wires can be purchased later if needed.
  9. moray james I spent quite some time shopping for speakers ( 6 mos) when i picked up my Chorus II's, the Forte II's were my second choice at the time. I remember auditioning the Klipsch lineup at the time and did not like the CF line of loudspeakers myself. Since then i have heard the CF2's briefly in a friends basement while playing cards and remembered why i passed on the CF purchase. Kinda harsh, gritty, and missing something compared to the Quartet's, Forte II & Chorus II's. The La Scala's and above were out of my price range at the time unfortunately. 2 of my friends own the Forte series speakers one the Forte and one the Forte II, i have spent more time in front of the Forte models myself as just about every other weekend we hang out and jam some Vinyl either by his place or mine. I'm still very happy with my 2 klipsch loudspeaker systems and probably will not change a thing though recently picked up a new to me turntable and am very happy with the purchase and the price.
  10. The CF3 is a two way design with aluminum diaphragms and does not even come close to the quality of sound of the Forte or Forte 2 in my opinion. The Forte 2 is a little easier on the ears but both sound as good as the other.
  11. The marantz integrated amps like the one mentioned have a very nice sound and would be a good option.
  12. I never even thought about using DVD's for music, I'm not much of a TV watcher but if it sounds better it may be worthwhile looking into. The SACD i have looked into before but there is not much selection in my type of music (most types of rock).
  13. I like the convenience of throwing 5 CD's into my CD player but i prefer the sound of vinyl, whats your opinion?
  14. No room for tunes in the garage or workshop ? Gifts for the family ? Make some new cabinets for a project ? For that price i could find a use.[]
  15. Went out yesterday to grab some lunch at El Famous Burrito, yeah the football sized one i like smothered in the spicy red sauce and there in the corners blaring mexican music i could not understand were what looked like a couple of KG1's or 1.5's. Nice sounds from some tiny bookshelf speakers though the music was not my style.
  16. $525 is on the cheap for a set of Chorus II's, these should go fast,
  17. I used a similar technique on my La Scala midrange exponential horn and it did tame some of the harshness. I went with the spray from parts express.
  18. NEVER take the wife shopping for audio equipment, you may never be happy with the outcome. Wait until they leave or you will be stuck with what looks good to them instead of what sounds good to you. If they don't get it mention next time a major appliance goes on the fritz like her stove or something similar tell her the old one is too big and 2 burners is enough to cook on anyways right ? Maybe thats why I'm divorced.[:#]
  19. Chorus II's won me over after months of shopping around for speakers, never looked back.
  20. I'm not sure what sends me to the crapper first, its a toss up between mickeydee's and Taco bell. Pickles on pork ? I meant pork like processed meat substitute on a sesame seed bun.
  21. Bob can hook you up with some wire. http://www.critesspeakers.com/ Or run over to radio shack and pick up some 16 gauge or better, been using it forever with good results.
  22. That cardboard roll really helps when you are out of paper and in a pinch (no pun intended).
  23. Still using my old Grado SR 80's i have had for some time now with no complaints, very nice sounding cans for a reasonable price. Previously i ran with a set of those kinda heavy old green Koss sets but they fell apart after many, many years of use, i don't miss em at all, they made my ears sweat too much and were not very comfey.
  24. Using 2 smaller Tuba HT builds and worrying about not having enough output should not be a concern, i would use the 12" drivers you already have on hand. There is a chart somewhere using the LAB 12 in the Tuba HT, i will try to find it and post a link for you.
  25. After the PL dries and expands to approx. 1/16" per side of your brace you should be perfect.
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