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  1. This thread is no good unless we have charts and graphs for us to follow.
  2. Sub 12 is good for home theater, its a hard hitting subwoofer but too sloppy to blend into a music only system. If you must have Klipsch find a used RSW series subwoofer.
  3. The THT standard 24" size is 18 cubic feet and its not all about the volume, horn loading sounds better. Smaller models are available if size is a concern, they just dont dig as deep. The parts are here for for my next build, the Table Tuba. http://billfitzmaurice.net/TT.html
  4. Chris Isaak - Wicked Games. The screech of his voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Nope don't like it at all.
  5. Very nice, the build will be well worth your time and you will be impressed. Follow the plan and you will have no issues.
  6. I totaly agree, with LaScala's the mids are much more convincing , the bass is more refined for a general description + the crossover frequency from woofer to squawker is lower on the LaScala giving the midrange a cleaner, sharper feel the Chorus lacks.
  7. If you think you will be able to repair the cabinet use PL premium. As for the sound you should head over to your closest Klipsch Heritage retailer and hear the lineup for yourself.
  8. My systems run overclocked 24/7 running smp programs for Stanford doing research, not just the processor but the video cards too. http://folding.stanford.edu/English/Science The only time my system is off its restarting for updates or power failure.
  9. I'm not exactly sure where there could be any leaks, the cabinet is sealed unless its around the drivers and thats an easy fix. You could part out the drivers if needed, they are worth a mint but i would not do that unless there was no other option. If just loud is what you are after the LaScala will stomp all over Chorus, just not with as much deep bass. Since completing my fully horn loaded system and hearing how good music can really sound i wont be doing much more than fine tweaking from here on out.
  10. The Chorus II's are great speakers that love to rock, they offer a great front row concert sound that can really slam when powered up properly though they lack much of the finesse, detail and soundstage the LaScala offers. I find myself in front of the LaScala's much more since adding the Tuba sub, at first i missed the slam factor the Chorus II offers, as many know the LaScala offers great bass response but lack the ability to produce the lowest frequencies that now is picked up by the Tuba to offer the best of both worlds. You looking for some new audio goodies and not sure witch way to go ?
  11. I an a new Ubuntu convertee. Well, as of last fall. I now use Linux for full on digital image editing. On my Mac I used Adobe Bridge into Adobe Camera Raw---into Photoshop CS2. On my Ubuntu machine I use DigiKam into UFRaw into GIMP and get exactly the same results. The only difference is that my Linux machine cost about half of my Mac machine, and runs twice as fast. One of the things Ubunto did is make software installation fast easy and actually bulletproof. It's easier than Mac, and far easier than Windows. You simple start"Software Center" - select the software you want - and it downloads and installs the applications and all required drivers in one key press. It don't get much easier than that. Support is done by the Ubuntu community. It's actually quite good. On the HP Mini netbook I bought it came with Windows 7 Home version, or Beginners version or something like that. It was a heap of pure almost useless garbage - really. It was like pushing putty on that little notebook. It took forever to boot on the little Atom processor, and then it was a constant flow of ludicrous Windows warnings, messages, offers to buy, offers to load Virus programs, extraneous warnings, security downloads, flags, dialog boxes, confirmations, settings, trial softwares and on and on and on. To actually get to a web site took like 5 minutes from a cold start. I wiped Win 7 off, loaded my Ubuntu thumb drive with Mobile Remix Ubuntu, and was off to the races. The little Atom takes 30 seconds to boot, make a WiFi connection, get Firefox running, and get to a web site. No bull crap whatsoever. It's the most elegant little OS I have right now. My HP Mini runs faster than my Intel iMac with Snow Leopard. There is still one downside to Linux. No matter how you slice it, or which distro you choose, you WILL have to learn half a dozen Unix terminal command lines. They just can't seem to let go of that tradition to save their lives. Oh, and one other tradition they keep: the worst, nerdiest naming of software programs you will ever find. I still don't get that one. But, I guess if you are a Unix gearhead from the 70s with a long beard and Berinstock sandals it all has some kind of perfect cosmic sense. OTOH, everyone seems to confirm that Windows 7 is far superior to Vista, so that's a good thing. All those messages you received was from HP not Windows, they are easilly removed. The Atom should not come with Windows Vista or 7, it does not have enough resources. Why do they sell it like that then you ask ? Because they make money off it selling to the people who dont know better.
  12. Too late, probably already gone. Oh wait that only happens to me right ?
  13. LOL, no war i just game alot so Linux does nothing for me. Does Linux now offer media player for music and movies so a HTPC is a possability ? Ihave not used it for some time so excuse me if im not up to date with the latest & greatist.
  14. Customer support is nice to have in a pinch but lets face it you cant understand what the heck are saying anyways with aka "Tom's" thick Pakistani accent. []
  15. Nice, i wonder how many days that pretty foam surround would last before it turned to dust ?
  16. Linux is nice if you are a cheapskate computer nerd that only surfs the internet but many applications, games and other misc goodies do not work with it. Windows Vista and 7 is fine in both 32 & 64 bit, you just need to spend more time with it to know where everything is and how it works, i ran Vista 64 since it was still on the drawing board and had no issues besides my older printer not working for a few months until a driver was released and could not figure out why everybody was slamming it, turns out nobody gave it enough time to get used to it or was trying to run it on a outdated sysyem that did not have the extra resources to run the new O.S. Security you say, its free. Avast home edition works well but there are many good free options out there.
  17. I would have to vote for the speakers myself and would be happy even to downgrade to a off the shelf receiver for power, why you ask ? Nothing less images or sounds quite like the Klipsch big boys and i have heard most but not all of the Klipsch lineup (yes i still have not heard a set of stock Belle's) [] . No matter how you sugar cote a speakers sound with fancy electronics any design has its limits to how its going to sound, for example lets say i kept my first real set of speakers (a set of late 70's Jensen 2 way's) and kept upgrading amp after amp until i had the best sound ever in my mind, then i mozy over to Simply Stereo and hear a set of Klipschorns for the first time, i bet i would be kicking myself in the *** for spending all that dough on that fancy power goods for nothing, just another fool spending money where it does no good.
  18. No worries about about components, as long as your parts are not totally outdated there will be no incompatibility issues.
  19. Bump to the top. Next project starting soon, this needs to sell.
  20. My advice would be to build your own, its really very easy to do once you get all your components together. Buying from the big names will get you nothing but the cheapist components available for the most they can sell them for. For $1000 you can build a very nice system if you dont need super high performance, Intel skt 775 would be my pick if you dont need the latest & greatist, save some cash and still have a quick system. You do not need 6 gb of memory, 4 gb is plenty unless you are doing memory intensive projects. Mac is nice for checking e mail and surfing the web but if you need a personal computer get just that, use the extra $$$ for something else.
  21. In general the Altecs will have better mid range and the Cornwall will produce more bass. Both have their own qualities, if you get a chance to hear them both your choice will be easy, pick the ones that sound best to you.
  22. Normally i like to use 3 rubber feet to keep away any sign of instability from a uneven floor.
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