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  1. The LAB 12 works well in slimmer THT designs and other pro sound cabinets.
  2. If you are going to build a straight horn just unfold one of the better designs, no need to try and reinvent the wheel. More work with questionable results will likely lead to headaches.
  3. Horn length is only part of the equation.
  4. Fc is the resonant frequency of a sealed cabinet.
  5. Horns are just direct radiators below fc.
  6. Some efficient loudspeakers and big sub will nearly drown out any complaining grumpy neighbors lowering blood pressure thus increasing longevity. Worth every penny.
  7. Poor investment either way. Fixing the amplifier is likely less costly and will be at least worth something if you ever go to sell it.
  8. You have to search, Hifishark and Ebay is a good place to start. Old or vintage means it may need service, keep in mind when purchasing.
  9. If you don't need preouts the 430 is just as nice. Not sure of the budget but if you can swing it look at their Citation gear while you're looking around.
  10. jason str

    Note to Self ...

    I did something similar when i replaced points and condenser on older vehicles, a bit of charge and leave the stuff on a workbench and the new guys never knew what hit them.
  11. My grandfather had one of those ( functioning intact unit, not just the horn ) in the basement, all i know is it replaced an earlier record player with a large wooden horn.
  12. Don't buy a used CD player, the optical pickup wears out. That is unless you can have a factory spare on hand to replace it when needed.
  13. Just caught the smouldering rag on the basement banister after using boiled linseed oil on dad's Altec's when i was just a kid. I just throw such rags in a bucket full of water when I'm done with them just in case.
  14. A few braces are not going to change the cabinet volume enough to make a difference.
  15. When sound waves are shrunk to smaller sizes there will be an update.
  16. Most of the subs on the market come from China, nothing is going to be near you.
  17. Get a quote for shipping, door to door if needed.
  18. If sending out an e-mail or few is too much work just go to Parts Express and buy 4 of those Dayton subs, double them up in the 2 best performing spots in the room would be a good start. Just to be clear. A substantial set of speakers needs substantial subwoofer(s).
  19. I miss Radio Shack, luckily i stocked up before they went under.
  20. Take a better look, these are BFM cabinet builders who will build you a cabinet of choice and have it shipped just like anybody else, there will be wait for construction and delivery. A copy of the plans are included with purchase.
  21. Its not just about the best cable but the right ends will make all the difference.
  22. A Table Tuba is not expensive to purchase and if you have neighbors to worry about even the single 8 version is a potent subwoofer.
  23. Brick and mortar stores along with online purchase sale prices can be found if willing to spend a bit of extra time, probably would have saved enough to buy some nice extra components. You can always shoot out an offer as well or work out a better price.
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