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  1. Or that cubic inches (displacement) determine if its a big block or not.
  2. Must have been long ago. The worlds record is held by a Volvo with over 3 million miles, for a passenger car anyways. I can't recall the most miles i have seen on a car but those limos that came in for service were not all that old, just driven 24/7. The drivers said the only time it was not running is when it came in for maintenance.
  3. jason str

    Tug of War

    Last i heard was 1,2 or 3 motor options.
  4. Its a free country. I was a master line technician for GM vehicles for years, many limos ran 3 shifts.
  5. It was not uncommon for Cadillac limousines (350 powered) to come in for service with a million + miles with no major repairs.
  6. jason str

    Tug of War

    Weight, weight distribution and torque are all factors. I learned the hard way with one of the tow trucks that ran out of our shop, it was an Isuzu diesel 4 banger turbo and i had a built 455 in a 73 Delta 88 coupe. Once the back tires start to spin its was all over,even shifting through to second gear in fact i locked up the brakes during and the Isuzu just dragged me across the parking lot like i was not there. How ford will respond i don't know but its not going to be fair as an electric motor has the advantage in numerous ways.
  7. jason str

    Uh Oh

    Free lunch huh ? I guess they have to put the ashes somewhere.
  8. Those who grew up with horns like myself would probably pull their hair out if it were no longer an option, you just can't duplicate the live concert sound and impact they create with DR's. Have i heard other systems that i like that were not horn loaded ? Sure, but not something i would have in my home for any length of time including any JBL product. All a matter of preference from one to another, i recommend you judge with your own ears and don't rely on others to do the judging for you.
  9. That's what the eye roll was for.
  10. I have heard the lineup, 901's down anyway. Some may be acceptable to some but you have to admit those little cubes and bass module are way overpriced and don't sound great either. I try not to dump on anything unless its really called for, in this case its warranted.
  11. Thinking i could get by with something else when i sold my first set of La Scala's.
  12. You should be able to get linen to closely match, try a local fabric store first. Higher quality burlap can be a good alternative as well.
  13. You purchased the most popular pickup in history, its most popular for a reason. 150, 000 miles is nothing, maintain it properly and it should last 3 times that or more. That Tesla is ugly but i guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  14. My apologies, that was my routine on round installs though you could 45 deg. the corners in that fashion with a square. Just make sure you cut the tape tight and straight at the seam so there no chance of a leak. Follow John's instructions and check wiring while you're in there.
  15. The bass bin gasket material may have turned to a sticky mush by now, scrape off the old and get yourself some new stuff such as this. Overlap the ends and slice both even, remove the excess material and but the ends up.
  16. Unfortunately many don't have much time for extracurricular activities like myself and I'm not the only one who thought the same thing so post it for all to see to squash the speculation going around.
  17. Point something out here on the forum that's not one of the pro sound designs before Claude's remake, maybe i missed it over the years. I try to keep updated here on the forum but can't follow everything.
  18. That reminds me, when do the cat friendly grilles become available ?
  19. If i was worried about it and had nothing better to do it would be a great idea. Just stating the obvious. Not bashing here, i like the little pro series designs from the past and think its a great idea.
  20. After 60 + years of sealed design its just a coincidence ?
  21. About time they ported the Heresy. Sounds like Claude's super Heresy design got around enough for somebody from Klipsch to notice.
  22. All the KG series loudspeakers were 2 ways with the exception of the subwoofer.
  23. Thank's for the information. That's the problem with non OEM parts, you never know what you're getting until its tested.
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