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  1. On 5/26/2020 at 2:46 PM, dwillie said:



    Thanks for your comments jason.  Pre-outs are important to me, and over the years I've gotten used to having them.  Nice to add different amps in and out of the line up for a little variety now and then.  I have never even seen a Citation set-up, but have heard it is at the top of this era's pyramid.  I'm open to the idea, where would you begin to look for the Citation Series ? 


    You have to search, Hifishark and Ebay is a good place to start.


    Old or vintage means it may need service, keep in mind when purchasing.

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  2. 23 minutes ago, Marvel said:

    In the far distant past, I worked a a TV station in central Illinois. The assinstant chief engineer would go into the workshop and take a huge cap out of the box and use clip leads to connect the cap to the 115 vac. It would quickly charge, and he would put it back in the box.Later, the chief would come in and grab the box, open the top, where the solder tabs were located... and slide it out onto his palm. BAM!! You just know that had to hurt.


    I did something similar when i replaced points and condenser on older vehicles, a bit of charge and leave the stuff on a workbench and the new guys never knew what hit them.



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  3. 14 hours ago, Schu said:

    Has there been any further development from a design perspective beyond a thtlp or table tuba in those smaller sizes?


    When sound waves are shrunk to smaller sizes there will be an update.

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  4. 37 minutes ago, Islander said:

    I checked Bill Fitzmaurice’s site, and while there are cabinet makers listed, there appeared to be nowhere to buy a ready-to-go sub, complete with driver and amplifier.  Besides, a coffee table design doesn’t work for me, since I need all the space between the sofa and the speakers to be clear.  Danley’s site didn’t have any subs that were a practical size for me, either.


    If sending out an e-mail or few is too much work just go to Parts Express and buy 4 of those Dayton subs, double them up in the 2 best performing spots in the room would be a good start.


    Just to be clear. A substantial set of speakers needs substantial subwoofer(s).

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  5. 1 hour ago, Sancho Panza said:

    Didn’t mean PLANs; complete & ready to listen.


    Take a better look, these are BFM cabinet builders who will build you a cabinet of choice and have it shipped just like anybody else, there will be wait for construction and delivery.


    A copy of the plans are included with purchase.

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  6. 9 hours ago, Islander said:


    Neither sub is horn loaded, or were you referring to the speakers?  Anyway, a horn loaded subwoofer has always sounded intriguing, but they all seem to be DIY construction.  I live in an apartment, and have only the most basic woodworking skills, so the DIY route doesn’t work for me, plus space is an issue.


     Are there any reasonably powerful self-powered subs for sale that won’t cost a ton of money and won’t be so big that I have to move everything in the room to be able to fit it in?  Have you any suggestions?


    As for the salesman, he’s a pretty sharp guy who works at a shop whose three main brands seem to be McIntosh, B&W, and Paradigm.  He sold me the first sub back in 2005, and has always had good tips for me.  But yes, he’d have to at least see the room to give me something better than a very well-experienced guess.


    A Table Tuba is not expensive to purchase and if you have neighbors to worry about even the single 8 version is a potent subwoofer.





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  7. First thing, expecting  a sealed sub to play with horn loaded models is not going to work well unless you buy multiples.


    Subwoofers should be placed where they work best, salesman guessing is only just that, a guess.


    Save yourself some headache and Buy something horn loaded to go with horn loaded speakers, you will be happy you did in the end.

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  8. Hard to diagnose issues without hearing the unit but its likely the amp or woofer surround is bad. These are the most common problems as well.


    Unless you are handy and can do repairs yourself it may be time to get some new gear.


    I recommend a set of bookshelf speakers and for power whatever fits your situation (receiver, integrated or mini amp).

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  9. 2 hours ago, jimjimbo said:

    Nice to know you are using Stereo Rehab.  About the only shop I trust these days.  This unit should satisfy someone for years to come.


    That HK should look familiar.


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