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  1. Recently serviced and transferable 1 year warranty.


    $550 CONUS shipped Walmart money transfer preferred, PM me if this does not work for you.


    Not accepting trades or offers, I'm losing as it is but hate for this to just collect dust on a shelf.


    Preout jumpers not included but i will throw in a short RCA cable if you need one.







    HK 002.JPG

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  2. 3 hours ago, Cornwalled said:

    Hi Jason,

    It does have bracing.  The construction photo was just taken before it was added.  If you look at the pic with it completed (under the afghan) you can see the brace at the mouth.  It also has another set further in.




    If it has 2 rows of braces across the horn mouth you are OK. If not its not the end of the world, it just bracing is key in the design.




  3. The horn mouth should be 18:- 24" from a boundary, corners work best.


    A 20" cabinet should have 2 rows of braces throughout. Can't understand why one would not follow basic building instructions in the plans, it will work fine but with added distortion due to lack of bracing at higher volumes.


    300 watts is all you need with these, likely much less.



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  4. The back panel for sure, run a brace between the side flanges flush with the back panel. On the baffle you are relying on the woofer basket, look between the top of the woofer and bottom of the squawker. Run 2 dowels or similar between the bottom of the squawker and top of woofer basket to the added back brace, install 2 new screws through the back panel into the cross brace and be sure to seal (good weatherstripping ETC )  the back panel to eliminate leaks.

  5. Broke out the old headphones last week to find the ear foam deteriorated to dust, funny thing was the foam in the original packaging was like new.


    One would think the earpiece required a better material.  :blink2:


    Just received a replacement set of foam and will give them a workout later.

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  6. 19 minutes ago, -Russian-Spy- said:

    I would think the t18 would be a bit small, and the measurements are corner loaded, so in the middle of the room it might be a bit underwhelming, the t45 has a footprint that might work well as a coffee table 24x45xvariable.  Your build came out exceptional, hopefully you can find a placement that works!


    The middle of the room is likely not the best place for the sub. Corner placement is recommended for a reason but you can always experiment.

  7. 16 minutes ago, carlthess40 said:

    Where. Did you find the build plans? I’d like to build one or two of these using either two 8” inch drivers or one 10” inch driver

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    If you're going to spend the time building any of these spend the little money and get the latest plans. It includes free updates and makes for a bit easier to build, better finished product.



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  8. 22 minutes ago, M_Klipsch said:

    Good idea. But it’s already almost too big. I’m hesitant to make it even larger. 


    Can't say i blame you.


    If it really bothers you an alternative would be buy a 1/8" BB panel and go right over it.

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  9. If you use a brad nailer instead of screws you end up with pin head sized fill spots.


    If placing a panel on top you will need to strip all the oil off before gluing it on.



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  10. 10 minutes ago, avguytx said:


    @jason str  Are there any car audio woofers that work just as well that you've used or tested?  I guess it would be just making sure it falls within the Fs, Qts, and Vas and make sure the depth works as Bill listed.  I have access to various brands of car audio woofers I can buy for cost and possibly find one in a dual 8-ohm version so I can run a stereo amp on it.  That is if I go with the Rockford RF2000 home amp I have.  Otherwise, it may be one of the Dayton "plate amps" with DSP.


    There used to be, not sure there available anymore.


    As long as it falls within the parameters and front mountable you will be good.





  11. Oil is nice but offers little protection. Is that Baltic Birch you used ?


    If you like the natural look a good wax works too but needs reapplication same as oils. Wax tends to hide fillers better as it does not darken after application.


    Many choices and not a bad one in the bunch.



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