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  1. My comments are based on my notes and my experiences, i don't claim to know everything.


    If you really want more information i suggest keeping a folder either on computer or notepad and visit not only other loudspeaker building forums but google what you read but don't understand.


    I have no affiliation with either as well and that's how i learned over the years.


  2. 6 minutes ago, CECAA850 said:

    Let me have a look at some side by graphs.  Same room, both subs.  Link me to some articles where both subs were subjectively unbiasedly compared.  I would enjoy the read. 


    I'm not holding your hand here, there is plenty of information available out there on both and tons to learn in the process.

  3. 4 minutes ago, BigStewMan said:

    great news Jason, answered prayers for sure ... don’t imagine a hospital is a safe place right about now.  


    I'm with you.


    Called 3 times today, just have to wait as its Sunday so i figure the doctor will come tomorrow.



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  4. 5 hours ago, jjptkd said:

     I find it interesting that Klipsch's "spare no expense" $20k speaker set the Palladium P-39 and all other models in that line are made with MDF cabinets-- if BB was really undeniably the best choice for every application you'd think the Palladium design team would have utilized it?  



    p39f_-_Spec_Sheet.pdf 156.91 kB · 0 downloads


    The curvature of the cabinet and the usage of veneer would have made plywood a poor choice for the design.


    Properly constructed there should no difference sonically, durability is another story.

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  5. The wood will not unwarp by itself, its nothing to worry about. As you install panels and braces things will straighten out and go together fine.


    Better too much glue than not enough, nobody will see inside the horn and it scrapes right off the outside after a bit of drying.




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  6. 8 minutes ago, BigStewMan said:

    I bought two cans of Spam this morning.  haven't eaten Spam in years. I'm very excited!


    You will lose the excitement after one good taste.

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