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  1. Never said i have not heard the SB-2000 when in fact i have and have done some experimentation to a similar Peerless driver used in the SVS. Plain and simple you have big boy speakers and will need a big boy sub if you plan to use a high power amplifier and has nothing to do with SVS like you make it seem. As to the SB or PB ? They both sound the same but the PB will play lower and louder. Buy ported subs one at a time if money is tight, best advice i can offer.
  2. Never said you need a horn sub or expensive model, just the right one for the job so you don't regret the purchase. Knowing dam well those sealed subs will run out of steam with only a few watts going to the mains i just want to make it clear what you should expect.
  3. I felt it was part of my job to hear the competition, SVS is nothing special. Cannot explain things any clearer than i have here, some need to learn the expensive way or the hard way and it sounds like you are one of them.
  4. I built enough subs over the years to at least fill a semi trailer plus own a set of Chorus II and have no reason to bullshit you. Pretty much heard most of the SVS units though not all of them its all about the proper tool for the job.
  5. The stock Chorus II will do a better job producing bass than those two sealed subs, may as well just leave well enough alone. The PB 13 is worth installing if you go that route. Sounds like you have your mind set so good luck to you whatever you do.
  6. I'm trying to answer your questions, the link was posted in regards to output that won't match up with the loudspeakers is all. Budget, get one at a time and match it up later. Space, make some or live with regrets of not doing it right the first time.
  7. Anytime you run a sub close to its limits you get high distortion, just how things work. Using the proper tool for the job avoids this issue and you end up with a much more pleasant sounding system. If the OP was running bookshelf speakers it would be a whole different story.
  8. My explanation is exactly what i posted. One sealed sub in a large room is in no way going to keep up with Chorus II's unless using a low powered amplifier. I stand by my 2 x15" ported recommendation.
  9. While those Chorus II are loafing with a couple watts those subs you want are out of steam producing copious distortion. >link<
  10. If placing bookshelf speakers on stands you will need to use a subwoofer to assure a solid bottom end. Floorstanders if you can swing it.
  11. Owning Many sets of Chorus II's over the past 25 years or so i don't recommend any of the choices if you like to throw some watts to those mains, if using a 50 watt amp you may be OK. 2 good 15" ported subs would be the minimum i would recommend for the task.
  12. That would be a good start along with room size and if its an open space or sealed off room.
  13. jason str


    I went through that as well and had the doc change medications, sometimes the side effects are worse than the ailment.
  14. Priorities, priorities, move some junk out of the room if needed i always say. If you spend lots of time using the system it makes good sense.
  15. Oil is not the best wood protection but sure looks nice if you maintain it.
  16. jason str


    The best diet is no diet, always watch what you eat. I was over 300 lbs at one point now hitting upper 250's it has taken some time but hear fast weight loss is the quickest way to put it back on so maybe I'm doing something right. 🍕🥓
  17. The PB 13 sounded like a child's toy to me compared to either of my horn subs but I'm probably just spoiled. If you go with sealed in a larger room be sure to get multiples.
  18. I have not been following the story if these were new or used or implying Klipsch should warranty anything.
  19. Great idea, everybody wins. Klipsch won't need to worry about the DIY crowd getting their hands on another toy and another satisfied customer taken care of.
  20. Remove one of the sets of speakers and the EQ.
  21. Hopefully friends and family will spring for a pine box.
  22. Many more years to enjoy the lovely formaldehyde stench emitting from them as well, enjoy. You Get that crappy receiver yet to enjoy or are you worried it may sound sweeter than that Mac ?
  23. https://nadelectronics.com/product/c-316bee-v2-stereo-integrated-amplifier/
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