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  1. If you know the T/S parameters of the driver(s) we could help. Klipsch will not disclose such information. Without this its only a guess.
  2. Dad had a Technics turntable (forgot the model) it lasted 15 years or so and could no longer maintain a constant speed, i removed the Shure cartridge and threw it away figuring it was not worth repairing. As for Sony i still have a few ES series CD players, never had any Sanyo products besides a room fan.
  3. Had a neighbor who worked for Panasonic named Ron who was one of the designers for Technics, really into music and sound systems much like many on the forum here. Ron was always telling me never to buy anything audio related to Panasonic as the management was always short changing the designs aimed at the company's bottom line rather than getting the best sound out and longevity of the designs. This was 30 + years ago, things have probably changed since then for better or worse.
  4. Terrible news Bruce, so sorry. Travel safely.
  5. Many of my plans are older from when i was one of the BFM authorized builders witch plans have probably been updated to include MDF. I just avoid it personally as the only advantage is that its a bit smoother surface for veneering.
  6. MDF is not recommended. Can't stand the stuff myself either.
  7. Or big bag of weed for a pillow, one of the best sound upgrades available.
  8. The only advantage to using Baltic Birch is its less prone to damage than softer materials such as moving them around often for pro sound use. I suggest on the next build you consider using Auraco plywood and building the cabinet as wide as possible to get as much as you can out of the designs. Your build looks nice by the way and I'm sure after building this first one you realize the design is so well thought out you really don't need to spend as much on material or drivers to get dam good performance out of them.
  9. Ported subs will have a steeper roll off than sealed models. Ported horns included.
  10. Sealed subs work better in small rooms because they take advantage of cabin gain to fill in the lower octave. Cinema's or movie theaters are too large to take advantage of any cabin gain thus making them a poor choice.
  11. Play a 30 Hz test tone through the mains and it will give you your answer.
  12. Any Air leak will impede woofer performance.
  13. Make sure there is nothing blocking the gasket from sealing like sawdust from one of the screw holes ETC... For the gasket to work you need smooth surfaces on both sides, that or something is warped or damaged on the mating surfaces. You may be able to get by using a thicker gasket to compensate for that.
  14. There should be no air leaks. Is the gasket compromised ?
  15. 3/4" Plywood is never actually 3/4" thick, its much closer to 18 mm. Stay away from the Chinese stuff.
  16. Any soft rubber feet will do, if the floor is uneven use 3 in a triangular pattern to assure a wobble free footing.
  17. Makes sense to use up scrap material where you can, i used mine for bracing normally.
  18. You can also try asking for assistance on the Mini DSP forum.
  19. Rotten off speaker grille on the Toyota ?
  20. $23.00 should buy you a Klipsch badge. Look for the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1
  21. He will know if it was abused from over excursion, the high pass filter should be used to protect your investment.
  22. The risers were very likely part of the cut sheet for matching purposes, check the bottom of the risers.
  23. You could easily get by using the 12" driver version for that setup, the 15" driver version would be total overkill.
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