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  1. Hi. I don't have the x10i's, but have had the x10's since they where released, way back in I think Dec 2007. They are an amazing little headphone. I listen to tons of rock on mine. I prefer the sound of the x10's over the S4's and Custom-2's that I also have from Klipsch. The bass is deep and tighter when you compare the x10 to the S4. That said, your Etymotic ER 4's are a great headphone as well, some may consider better. They question from me is, what's wrong with yoru ER-4's now that your looking to replace them? Check out this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/478568/multi-iem-review-244-iems-compared-yamaha-eph-100-monster-miles-davis-trumpet-added-06-19-12 The guy has a reivew of the X10, and your ER-4's. Read his review of the ER-4, see if you agree, then you uset that to guage his review of the x10's.
  2. Edgar is right, to quote the sign up page even though you can enter your email... "To qualify to win, you must be a current Klipsch Facebook fan" So for us not on Facebook....I guess the system will DQ us when the email/name doesnt match the data FB provides. :/
  3. WOW return of the Smurf Khorns..... Just kidding very cool project!!!!! Smurf's? I was thinking it was more TARDIS like.
  4. Since I can't find any posts about Klipsch Sponsoring the venue, I figured I would make one. So since the announcement I had been hoping to get to a concert to see how the venue sounded. Well, I never been previously, but to quote my friend when I told him it sounded really good now "That's good because it sounded terrible before" as he has been to the venue a few times. In the lobby, hallways, and Men's room they had what looked like CA-800T speakers, but with a silkscreend KLIPSCH across the front as well in like a goldish color. Between set's on the Flat Screen TV's they had some Klipsch advertising going for headphones, new air gallery stuff, etc. The venue was pretty dark, even after the show, so I couldn't get a good shot of the stage speakers. It looked like 4 large speakeers hanging(2x2grid), with maybe 3-4 subwoofer stacked to the left/right against the wall. So I was invited to go to the Dashboard Confessional (Solo Acoustic) set. All three sets sounded great. Any ideas on what is actually used?Is it the KI series?
  5. Interesting results. I didn't realize it when you started the thread, but every one of those cards you listed is a PCIe card....internal to the PC. The PC is one of the noiseest noise genrators that I know. It seems most of the true highend audio cards/pro stuff, is all external via usb/firewire. I've got a headphone amp with a built in DAC that uses USB.... the signal is clean compared to any internal cards I had tried using, or the worst was the headphone jacks orginally on the PC speakers connected.
  6. I totally disagree on this. I've have the x10's S4's and Custom 2's. All of them are more refined with a headphone amp. I have the Headamp Pico. The reason I say this, is that your iphone and most other portables devices cheap out on the amp section to have the battery last longer. With the Pico, I find that I get a stronger, tigher/deeper response. The headphone amp is like a capacitor you put next to you sub-woofer amp in the car. It helps give the headphones the proper juice they want/need.
  7. Windows 7 will detect the different hardware and ask you to re-activate each time you move between laptops. People get this in desktops when they replace a motherboard. Some of the laptops aren't that 'easy' to get the HDD's out. Better off with the external thing...and/or, hate saying this, cloud type of storage/applications.... google docs.
  8. Looks like RB-81's, was 4 of them at this bar I was at on Friday called Barcade in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY Sounded pretty good. I swore there was a sub somewhere, but couldn't locate.
  9. And there is the problem. Klipsch makes speakers, not electronics.
  10. I'll by them for $20. :-) Love my set. Took 5 years for the amp to kick, but I did get them fixed. I eventually upgraded to the reference series, loving those currently.
  11. I;ve used the Klipsch ones for years. Works fine, but they just dont adjust(cant angle the speaker), Wasnt really a problem for me given how small the room was an setup.
  12. Looking to decouple the subwoofer (I have a SW-311 on order) from the hardwood floor in my apartment. I've read great things about the Subdude, but not sure if that would be better or going with spiked feet. I've read spikes couple or de-couple the speaker from the floor. Seems like a lot of gray area on this subject.
  13. Jealously of that last picture. (well all of them really) Those PF39's do look stunning with the sun glistening them.
  14. What are you using as a crossover on those? Paul I am, with 1000% percent certainty, that my girlfriend would drop dead, walk out or kill me if she came home and those were sitting in our living room. Yep, undeniable, i would be dead, for sure. Nice TV stand and bookshelves. I can't find the speakers? Are the inwall or something? :-) Looks pretty good to me. I barely even noticed the Jubs.
  15. If you edit your post and select the image, you should be able to enter in a size for the image. try 800w 600h. Looks good from what I can see. :-)
  16. I have http://www.z-linedesigns.com/product/98-Sync-Flat-Panel-3-in-1-Television-Mount-System I have my RC-52 on the top shelf. I think the shelf supports 30 or 50 pounds, I forget...and removed the sticker. 55" Samsung. Pics--> http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/p/42024/1414470.aspx#1414470
  17. Have had the game for a few days now. I've been using my Logitech Wheel that bought for GT3 back on the PS2, works just fine with the PS3 and GT5. I can say, I do like the 3D affect that the game has. I have a Samsung UN55C8000, and well the 3D is done very well in my opinion for the game. It definately adds a level of depth to the game. Even just in your garage see the cars spin is pretty cool. If you want to get the Top Gear Track in Arcade mode, you need to get gold on the Top Gear VW bus event. Was a pain, but finally got it. Gawd those bus's are piles of crap.
  18. A few more notes. I don't know if you bought the video card yet, but you may want to consider switching to ATI if you would like to output the HD bitstream stuff. I think the GTX295 can only output audio via the hdmi cable if you connect the spdif cable off the motherboard to the video card. So it will pass Stereo, DD/DTS 5.1 and DD Live information (toslink stuff), but not the HD/master audio streams. So my HTPC box is only for playing TV and Movies. It is strictly running XBMC Live, and I play back DTS/DD encoded rips of my blu-ray discs. I don't play any games off the box or run windows, etc. The way I see it is that as long as I pass the DD/DTS stream to the reciever, it will process it just like it processes my PS3 for games and blu-ray playback. So I personally won't spend extra money on an external DAC, and would just get a better pre-amp/AV Reciever to handle the decoding. I just don't see why I would want have an exteranl sound card decode the signal to analog to have it passed to the pre-amp/reciever. More un-necessary cables. I like the simple 3 HDMI cables to do all my audio/video needs for the TV(over air broadcasts), PS3 and HTPC. (I don't have cable/sat). I am using an Onkyo TX-SR608, and it does the ARC function off my Samsung C8000 series TV.
  19. I use the hdmi output on my motherboard to pass audio to my reciever. Works fine, just doesn't do hd bitstream, which ss fine since none of the material I have on the htpc is bitstream capable, it's all dts and dd encoded 5.1 stuff, which streams out fine. If the motherboard doesn't have hdmi, get a graphics card that does and is capable of audio output, anything recent should do that now. Not worth getting a separate audio card if your keeping the stream digital till the reciever. A 1 is a 1 and 0 is a 0 in the digital realm. My quick 02$
  20. Looks sweet with the lighthing. I love ambient lighting like that. Nice idea with lightning the individual speakers.
  21. Little early for christmas, no? :-)
  22. Thanks Dtel, and oh yeah it is cozy cumfy seat. Finally got Audyessy setup on the reciever. Sounds really good now. I love sitting 7' from the 55" screen. Right there in the recommended seating range. 55" screen x 1.5 = seating distance (82.5" or ~7'). BluRays don't get any better. Jason, No office up in the loft. To small, my head is about 2" from ceiling when kneeling up there. I just use it for storage.
  23. I finally have everything setup at my new apartment. Only took about a month to get everything in, and setup, including the couch. To put the small size into perspective. The apt main room is 10' wide x 20' (window wall till breakfast bar). I would have loved to get larger speakers, but the RF-52s where as large as I could go...as you can see, I am squeezing a lot into my little pad. List of goodies: Samsung UN55C8000 TV Onkyo TX-SR608 PS3 Slim APC HT-15 Crappy Time Warner Cable HD-DVR RF-52 RC-52 RS-42 no sub at this time...soon. Probabbly get a small 8"/10" on put it on subdude or spikes. Also hooked up is: Scott 299-B Rega P2 Klipsch Heresy II's - in loft on first pic :0
  24. Wow. That seems odd to me and totally opposite my experience. I found the Tube amp to give much more bass then the SS amp when not using a sub. The sub just helped my lows even more where the Heresy's couldn't go.
  25. Sorta in similar boat as you. Sent a few emails over past few weeks for a status update, as its been close to two months. Nothing from him since setting this up.
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