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  1. Hi Bill, Just wondering why you couldn't add a sub to the 2252B? Rocko
  2. I can honestly say I really enjoy my RF-82's, RC-62, and RF-42's. I pieced all that together for about $1000. When 6ave has their "name your price sale" you can't beat it. Good luck! Rocko
  3. I don't with mine, but do have the bass turned up a little on my Marantz. Been thinking about hooking up my Sub-12 that I'm not using for my HT, and see how it sounds with the Heresy's. Rocko
  4. I was just sitting here yesterday listening to my Reference speakers thinking "WOW I'm soooooo glad I sold the F-3's and bought these" With that said I can only imagine how good the RF-83's or 7's would sound. Don't get me wrong the F-3's are a very good speaker but it's not a Reference. One the other hand for just 2 channel music I love my Heresy's. Rocko
  5. Hi manutter, I had the 663 as well. It was a great receiver. I usually just use the Sound Decode mode and let the receiver do the work for me. When listening to music I used the Pure Direct mode. I sold the 663 for an Onkyo TX-SR806, man did that thing get hot. Guess thats why they had the warning label on it. So I returned that and went with the 665. I don't even have my Sub-12 hooked up with the 665 and I still get a decent amount of bass. One of the things I always kept in mind was no matter what receiver I have I was going to add an Emotiva XPA-3 to it. Ok I've rambled enough hope I added some value? Thanks, Rocko
  6. I like my 665. It has everything I need and then some. It pushes my equipment fine, although my plan it to add an emotiva XPA-3 but that's just for "head room" Rocko
  7. Same here. I consider that a smoking deal. I looked for months and didn't find anything cheaper, even used. Rocko
  8. It looked like BS to me but I got a chuckle out of it.[]
  9. I know this is a little off topic but I was just wonder if it was true? Does Klipsch make these? http://providence.craigslist.org/ele/1318792691.html Thanks, Rocko
  10. Rocko81

    Media Stand

    That's pretty much where I'm heading at this point. I spent many years in the construction biz, just wasn't sure if anyone knew of something I may have missed. Thanks again, Rocko
  11. Rocko81

    Media Stand

    Just wondering if anyone else has had a tough time finding the right stand for a decent price? I'm unable to mount my TV on the wall so finding something that can accommodate the TV, center channel, receiver, PS3 and eventually an AMP has become a daunting task. Any recommendations for a tight budget? Thanks, Rocko
  12. Rocko81

    new receiver

    I've owned a sony receiver, can't remember the model number. IMO it's junk. I also owned a Onkyo TX-SR806. It sounded great but got super hot, with my Son crawling around that's the last think I wanted to worry about, yes it got that hot and came with a warning sticker on it. I settled with the Yamaha RX-V665 (had the RX-V663 but sold it for the Onkyo) It's a great receiver at a decent price. Just my 2 cents. Rocko
  13. I noticed these too. I couldn't find out much about them either. I'm in Boston so your probably closer. I hope someone from the Forum gets them. Rocko
  14. You should talk to my Wife then. She's always telling me to turn the bass down on "those things" and I don't even have my sub hooked up yet. I think the 82's have good bass for two channel. I listen to all kinds of music on them and never thought they lacked in that department.
  15. Klipsch Sub-12. I love mine and they are in your budget. -Rocko
  16. It's a decent size, probably 4 inches long by an inch high at it's largest. I believe they are OO. I picked them up for $300 which after listening to them I think is a steal. Can't wait to get that Marantz on them. Formby's seems to be a great suggestion the more I read. Thanks again, Rocko
  17. I got back from a 4.5 hour road trip to pick up a pair of Chorus I's. The cosmetics on them are OK, there are a few large chips in the veneer. I had to fire them up last night when I got home at 11 PM. All I can say is WOW!!! They sound great! And I only had them hooked up to my Onkyo TX-930 as my Marantz 2252B is being repaired. Looks like the KG4's I just picked up will be up for sale. I do have a couple questions: A) Is there any way to fix the chipped veneer? What can I use to "shine" them up as they are a bit dusty. Any help, comments, updates suggestions or feedback is welcome. Thanks, Rocko
  18. Ok so I picked up the KG 4's for $125. They look and sound great. Right now I'm only using my old Onkyo TX-930 to push them. I'm guesing the my Maranz will give them a much nicer sound. I think tomorrow if they the 4.2's and the 1.2's are still available they will be mine as well. My Wife will kill me if iI keep all of them but doesn't mean I can't test 'em out for a while.
  19. I have the opportunity to buy some KG4.2's AND KG1.2's or a pair of KG4's in the $150 range. I'd just be using these with my Marantz 2252b for 2 channel listening. Just wondering if any one had any preferences between the 4 and the 4.2? I know I should listen to them both and decide for myself, I'm just looking for opinions. Thanks, Rocko
  20. Thanks Guys! My HT set up now sounds great to me so I don't really want to mess with it. I do agree that the RF-82's sound pretty darn good for 2 channel as well, but I'm looking for more of that vintage sound. So I figured adding the Heresy's for the two channel listening will be the way to go? Maybe I should hold out for some Forte's or Quartet's?? Since the 2 channel set-up will be in a diffrent room (probably the basement) I'm looking to START simple. Who knows where that will take me?? Probably to Khorns and tube amps sooner then later? Rocko
  21. I have an old Onkyo TX-930 receiver thats in good condition. I wanted to add a pair of Heresy's for my 2 channel enjoyment just wondering if the receiver would cut it for now? I plan on getting a Marantz 2285b when I can find one so the Onkyo would just be temporary. Any feedback is greatly appricated. Thanks, Rocko
  22. Go with the Sub-12. You'll be much happier you did. I've owned the Quintet II's and the Quintet III's. IMO I enjoyed the II's more, much warmer sound to me. I'm guessing the only place you'll find a set of II's now will be on ebay, craigslist or the Garage Sale. -Rocko
  23. The Sub-12. I love mine. You'll like the 665 as well, I think it's a great receiver. Rocko
  24. That's a sweet find at a GREAT price! Congrats and welcome back. Rocko
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