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  1. I see your running an Emotiva, how do you like it? I'm really leaning toward the Emotiva my second choice would be a Rotel.
  2. Wow that's a lot more involved then I am. Then again that's what I'm here for, to learn everything I can. What I can speak to is the difference from the 661 to the Onkyo TR-SX806S to the 665. 665 is a decent upgrade picture wise from the 661. The Onkyo had the best picture quality of the two but IMO they sound pretty similar maybe a slight edge to the Onkyo at twice the price. One of my reasons for purchasing the 665 and not the 663 was the price. They were exactly the same at BB when I was there, and the only 663 they had was an open box. The added HDMI ports were a must for me as well. I wasn't concerned at all with wattage because I plan on picking up a Emotiva XPA-3 (if anyone is selling one please let me know) Of course these are purely my opinions and what my ears, eyes (and wallet) tell me. Rocko
  3. What makes it a step down? Compare the 3 of them on the Yamaha website. All look pretty close in specs except the 665 is 5 less watts and the HDMI pass thru isn't available on the 663 or 765.
  4. I Bought the RX-V665 and love it. Supposedly the 665 is "cheaper" because Yamaha kept many of the same components and foot prints as the 663 thus passing on the savings to the 665.
  5. I just sold my F-3's and bought the RF-82's. When the RF-82's came out I listened to them at BB. I couldn't justify the expense as they didn't sound that much different (so I thought). I finally came across a pair of RF-82's on craigslist, brand new for a great price so I pulled the trigger. Well all I can say is I was missing out for that year that I waited, I wish I had bought them earlier. So IMO go for the 82's you'll be happy you did, I know I am. Rocko
  6. Isn't that what the WF series is? Wife Factor?[]
  7. Well I've had my Onkyo TX-SR806S for a couple weeks now. Today the Wife & I were sitting in our media room watching TV for most of the day. The weather here was a little above 80 and our media room is on the 3rd floor so it was a little hot since we haven't switched on the central A/C yet, but there is plenty of ventilation around it. With that said a few hours in I hear a loud pop from my speakers and the sound goes out on my Onkyo (still had the picture). So I turn it off, fire it back up and 2 minutes later same thing. Needless to say it will be sent back on Monday. I liked the Onkyo, but I love my Klipsch and don't want to risk ANYTHING happening to them. Any suggestions for a receiver in the $600 range (what I paid for the Onkyo new) would be a great help. I plan on picking up a Emotiva XPA-3 pretty soon so it would only be powering my surrounds at that point. Thank you in advance, Rocko
  8. Also not sure what you have for a sub but I certainly would recommend the SUB-12. It's a great sub.
  9. I've only heard the C-2 at BB so it wasn't the ideal audition. I did notice a sizable difference between the two. I'm guessing others will chime in as well and back me up that the center is very important and is worth the wait to have the correct match for your F-3's especially if you are going to go with the S-3's. Rocko
  10. IMO wait it out and buy the C-3. I know they are hard to find but worth the wait. I just sold mine on eBay and know they pop up on there once in a while. As far as the S-3's go they do sound great, $300 is a pretty good price brand new but if you want to save some $$$ you could go with the S-2's or even S-1's. The fronts what really matter. Rocko
  11. I just got The Cure Blu-ray Trilogy. It is unbelievable! I highly recommend it.
  12. Colter I'm laughing so hard at your comment I just woke my Wife up, man is she pissed! Me on the other hand, Im dying.
  13. I've had the F-3 for a few years, they sound great. About a year ago I listened to the RF-82 at BB and couldn't justify spending the extra money for them, then I found a real good deal on craigslist for some brand new RF-82 in my area. Now that I have them hooked up and pumping at my place WOW what a difference! My Onkyo TX-SR806 should be here on Thursday and I can't to hear how well the 82's sound being pushed by the Onkyo. So now the F-3's are up for sale (already sold the S-3 and C-3) and I'm on the hunt for a RC-62 and at this point some RS-42's. I still think I'm going to stick with the Sub-12 unless anyone can think of a reason for RSW-10d?????
  14. Cool maybe I'll check around for the RS-42's and give them a try. Worst case scenario I can always upgrade with some slight yelling from the Wife. I added my System Profile to to my Signature, so here goes..
  15. Of course I know I have to demo both, and in this economy it's getting harder to find a store that carries both. I was just wondering if I'd notice that much of a difference between the two? I more question that has nothing to do with speakers. How does everyone get their system specs to show up in the replies? I have my filled on on my profile but they never post.
  16. I have a pair of RF-82's and was looking to add some surround speakers. I know the RS-52's are recommended but I'm just wondering if anyone has heard or even uses the RF-42's with the RF-82's? Thank you in advance! Rocko
  17. I was actually going to sell the F-3's and buy the RF 82's. I listened to the 82's multiple times but each time enjoyed the sound from the F-3's better. Again this is just my opinion with my ears but I really enjoy the Yamaha and the F-3's. Rocko
  18. I have the F-3's, C-3 and Sub 12. Not sure if Yamaha is avaiable where you are but the RX-V661 powers what I have very well. I would suggest going with the RX-V663 at this point. I see those around in your price range. Of course this is just my opinion. Good luck. -Rocko
  19. Welcome goombatommy I have the F-3, C-3 and Sub-12. Let me tell you they rock the house. Most of my listening is for home theater and they sound great. I got a great deal on all my speakers but decided I would check out the RF-82's. I couldn't justify spending the money on the RF's as the sound (at least to me) were so close. But that's just my opinion. Good luck! Rocko
  20. Another one of those great Klipsch signs that I can't find anywhere![*-)] Great job on the trim it looks awesome. Rocko
  21. I pretty much went the same route as you with the Quintets and now have the F-3's, C-3 and SUB-12. I can 120% say the SUB-12 POUNDS. It shakes the floor when I watch movies and sounds great for music as well. By the way, don't let anyone persuade you from buying the F-3's. I went to hear the RF-82 because I wanted to "upgrade" to me there was such a minimal (if any) difference it wasn't worth spending the extra money. However you may want to look into a new reciever IMO. Rocko
  22. I picked them up for $150 for the pair so I'm not too worried because they still sound great. So are they that delicate or is it a design flaw?
  23. I was hoping some would could help me out. I bought a nice pair of RF-3 II's and they sound great. One of the things I noticed was the 1 cone on each speaker has a slight crinkle in it. As I started looking around at more pictures of others RF-3's I noticed a similer issue. Does anyone know what this may be caused by? Thank you, Rocko
  24. Well the RF-5's are in my budget, the Wife likes the cherry color of them and I have suck a small space to work with and no other options of moving things around. "Oh and as of right now (due to space and the wife) the Heritage line in not able to be considered."
  25. Lol, I probably deserve that. I get some funny looks up here in Boston when I listen to country.
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