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  1. Room size = very small. I only have one place to set up the speakers and they are only 6 feet apart at best. Mostly to watch movies and listen to country music. Lol and what's a frequency response? I'm basically just trying to figure out if the RF-5 would be an up grade from my F-3's
  2. Hello, Well I'm still trying to figure out what I'd like and what my Wife will let me get away with in our tiny living room. With that said I currently have the F-3's. I was looking into some RF-5's and just wondering if anyone could offer any opinions? Oh and as of right now (due to space and the wife) the Heritage line in not able to be considered. Thanks as always, Rocko
  3. The ad was reposted and updted with some "extra" info http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/ele/720742961.html "Mr. Klipsch was traveling the country during the late 60's and came to this house to aid the employees of "The Music Box", a store in Wellesley, Ma where the speakers were purchased, in determining if a third or fourth speaker were needed for this very large living room. He moved the speakers around and measured, and spent a good amount of time fixing the speakers placement." I suppose if it's true that's really cool. Rocko
  4. I just got a kick out of the ad. Not really sure what Mr. Klipsch would be doing up here in the Boston area installing speakes in a home? Rocko
  5. Just saw this on my local CL and found it kind of interesting. http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/ele/715454308.html
  6. There are some H-II's converted to H-III's on CL fairly close to me for $650. I kind of had those in mind. My wife is less than excited about the look of the F-3's in our living room. With the room only being 14X14 (there are half walls on either side that open into our dinning room of the same size) it's a little tight. I'm more or less buying for the future at this point, as the kids are on the way and I'm sure will need some extra room sonner than later.
  7. I live in the Boston area. How about the Heresy II or III would that make a good HT front speakers?
  8. Ok so now you guys have me really thinking (and looking) about the Forte. Being fairly new to the HT stuff I'm going to throw out a rookie question and take my beating on the chin. Will I need a seperate sub with the Forte? Also when I decide to expand what would be the best match for surrond speakers and center channel? Thanks, Rocko
  9. Thanks BobG. Very good point. I was looking in the $500 area for the RF-35's & RC-35. Just wasn't sure if it was worth it soundwise.
  10. Yes, I'll be able to test them out. It's about a 1.5 hour drive for me one way. So I want to make sure it would be worth it.
  11. I currently have the Synergy F-3's, S-3's and Sub-12. I have an opportunity to buy used RF-35 and RC-35 for a good price. I'm looking for some opinions on if it would be worth it? I really enjoy my F-3's but know the Reference line is very highly regarded. Thank you, Rocko
  12. I currently have the F-3's and have been looking to add a C-3 to the mix. Recently found a C-2 for a good price on Ebay. $94.00 shipped. So my question is am I better off waiting for the C-3 or should I take a shot at the C-2? Thanks, Rocko
  13. Thanks Amy! Klipsch has never let me down so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  14. Well I tried the store customer service, with no luck. I was told everything was posted online and they were not going to be getting anymore signs [] Looks like I'm out of luck unless one pops up on Ebay.
  15. Thanks billybob! Does Klipsch generally have things that they don't list in the store?
  16. Thanks, I already have the Klipsch plate from the store. Yes I have the Klipsch F-3's, S-3's and Sub 12. Looking for a C-3 to complete my collection.
  17. but does anyone know where to find one of the Klipsch copper signs? Or for that matter any Klipsch signs or posters? I bought the Klipsch plate in the store (which I love) but would love to add more to my H.T. room. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Rocko
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