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  1. Price updated to $950 shipped. UPS Ground with tracking and insurance with PayPal F/F.
  2. Well sadly I’m offering up my super nice Marantz TT15S1 for sale. Works great, sounds great and looks great. I have a Ortofon 2M Blue cart on there now. I’ll sell it with or without the cart and adjust the price accordingly. I do have the original box, manuals, packing and even the white gloves. $850 w/cart $750 without. That includes shipping. Pics are below. I can email or text more. Thanks!
  3. The PM8004 is a great integrated. I’ve tried the 8004 and the PM15S2 on the Chorus and Sonus Faber Concertino’s. The 8004 held its own but there’s certainly an edge to the pm15s2. To me it has more depth and detail especially in the phono section. It was more robust with still having the Marantz sound that I love. The 8004 was sold in favor of the 15S2.
  4. Well it kills me to have to do this but I’m looking to sell my Marantz Reference PM15S2 Integrated. Long story short, we are adding one more to the family due to an unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances so I’m losing my listening room. The integrated is in excellent condition and includes the original remote, manaual and I have the original box as well to ship in. $950 shipped in the continental US. UPS Ground w/ tracking and insurance. With PayPal F/F Please feel free to ask any questions. Pics are below. I can certainly text or email them to you as well. Thanks!
  5. I’d love to grab a SA15s2 to match my Integrated. Not sure I want to drop the $1000+ on it since I mostly listen to my albums. That said it sure would look pretty in between my PM15S2 and TT15S1
  6. Hi All, Looking to pick up a silver face CD Player to match with my Marantz PM15S2 Integrated. I’d love to have a matching SA15 S1 or S2. That said the prices they have been selling for are well a bit more than I want to spend. That said a Music Hall CD25.2 would certainly fit in well too. I don’t need SACD capability. Please let let me know what you have. Thanks!
  7. When someone is try me to sell me stuff yes. Bring it home and stand it upright then take the pic.
  8. Never understood why people can’t wait and not take pictures in the back of their cars/trucks/SUV’s?
  9. Must be the upcharge for the crayon on the back and the rare non matching veneers.
  10. Exactly what and how I said it to my wife. Only 3:49 mins away.
  11. Bump. Still looking. I know they are out there somewhere.
  12. The sticky remote back can be fixed with a little rubbing alcohol. Mine didn’t come with a remote so I bought one directly from MH. It was sticky when it arrived. I spoke with Roy Hall and he mentioned that it was an issue from the vendor. I used a cloth with some rubbing alcohol and never had an issue with it after that.
  13. It wouldn’t stick out like mine does.
  14. Great CD player. I miss mine.
  15. I’ll toss my hat in the ring if dtr20 passes.
  16. Bump again. Still on the hunt
  17. Very. Although I wonder if it was the same member that was posting here awhile back. I believe both were in NY. I contacted the member here and he confirmed they had been sold.
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