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    Thank you! I know there's a few on the Bay but rather spend my money here.
  2. Selling my black RC-62. Sounds great looks pretty good too! I'd like to keep it local pick-up I'm on the North Shore of MA. I do get around sometimes so if I can meet you closer I certainly will. Like to get $120 for it. Tried to add a pic or two but I guess they are too large:(
  3. Rocko81


    Hi All, I'm looking to buy a Marantz AV7005 but I'm open to a Marantz SR7005, Sr7007 etc. If you have something you'd like to part with, please let me know!
  4. Rocko81

    WTB- RB-35

    I have a pair of cherry RB-35 I'd sell. I'm in MA too if that helps?
  5. OK super long story so I'll keep it short. Looking to buy a pair of 63's or 83's. Yes I just sold my 63's but now I have sellers remorse. If anyone has a pair please let me know!
  6. Hi All, Not sure what happen to my old post but I'm still looking for an RC-64 to go with my RF-63's. I can offer cash or an RC-62 if anyone wants one. I'm open to color and condition. Thanks!
  7. Trust me if I had the cake I'd be all over this one in a second! moving away from my vintage gear (all I have left is my Marantz 170dc and Marantz 6300) for the newer Marantz gear
  8. Love that TT! I've wanted one of these for years....
  9. That's about as Western MA as you can get. Certainly a good deal!
  10. Thanks Alex! I figured I'd end up on eBay but thought I'd check here first. Rather send my money to a forum member. Please keep me in mind if you do see anything available. Thanks again, Rick
  11. Hi All, Figured I'd start here to see of anyone had a Marantz 170dc they wanted to sell. I started to move away from vintage gear but kept my Marantz 2110 tuner because my son loves the scope in it so much. Who am I to disappoint a 7 year old?? So I figured it's time to reconnect the 2110 with a 170dc and 3250. He loves his little Marantz 2015 receiver but maybe in a few years he'll be ready for the separates. Thanks! Rick
  12. I didn't think so but thought I'd try. No only 2.1 on this. Have to move up to the 6005 for 7.1 I think. Thank you!!!
  13. Hi All, I have a question, my AVR (Marantz SR5005) only has 2.1 pre out. I'm running an Acurus 200x3 amp as well. The L & R speakers are being powered by the Acurus. My question is can I use the .1 (sub pre out) in order to power my center channel with the Acurus? I'm not running a sub at all. Thanks, Rick
  14. I LOVE my Marantz (NR1402 & UD5007) combo. I use them for HT and 2 channel. I've never been happier and more amazed with a system in my life.
  15. I really dig my JVC QL-A7. Really an underrated TT. IMO it blows away the Marantz TT's of the same era. It's vintage and has endless adjustments.
  16. Sorry all the Klipsch are sold. Just have my JBL L100's left but I won't mention those around here.
  17. Can I mix and match that RS42 and RS52? I know, that's just crazy talk.
  18. I should have updated this a while back. Sorry, all have been sold. I'll keep my eye out around here for you, there's been some that have popped up recently. -R
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