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  1. May have been sold. The Craigslist ad is down, Worth a try though. Also, they were down to $1,500. I'm the happy new owner . Went to meet Deene (great guy!) yesterday and we were able to work something out. Beautiful set of Cornwall III's that will be the centerpiece of my gear for many years. -R
  2. Found a beautiful pair that I'll be extremely happy with for years!!!
  3. All PM's have been replied to!
  4. Those Belles look nice! Almost into K-horn territory there.
  5. I tried the guy in VT and got no response a few weeks back I currently have a beautiful pair of Forte I, I'm just looking to get my Cornwall back. I miss them.
  6. Hi All, Been awhile since I've posted here but I'm hoping someone can help me out. I'm looking to buy a pair of Cornwall's. I'm pretty open to condition of the cabs as long as they work well. I prefer black, but I'm certainly open to others as well. I'm located on the North Shore of MA but I'm certainly willing to travel a decent distance for the right pair. Thank you! -R FOUND! Thanks all for the help!
  7. I also made the jump from RF-82 to RF-63. I couldn't figure how 3 6" could sound better then 2 8" then I heard the RF-63's sing. Smoother tighter bass with an all around great sound and excellent sound stage. Plus I know where you can get a nice pair well under $1000 []
  8. I have just my RF-63's hooked up to my Marantz 170dc and Marantz 3250. I get a much fuller sound and deeper bass from that then I do with the Denon and the sub hooked up. Although no watching surround sound on the Marantz gear
  9. You're welcome. If you decide to give it away, I can PM you my shipping address. For a resonable fee it's yours! It will probably be in the Garage Sale section soon. I like the Emotiva idea, been kicking that around for a while. Maybe now is the time to pull the trigger.
  10. Well it's back in the box. I'm moving next week so we'll see what happens when I set everything back up as as 5.1. Something tells me I'll end up with another Marantz and just sell the Denon. Thank you all for the help!
  11. Hmmm tried both suggestions I can feel the sub move slightly. I'm sure there is some setting that I'm missing. It's been a long time since I've owned a HT receiver and I think this one is WAY more then I can handle. It may be a bit much of a sub for me too, lots of settings to choose from. With that said, it there some type of loudness button on the Denon? I had an older Pioneer that fpr whatever reason the sub wouldn't kick in till the loudness button was on Thanks again, -R
  12. Do I need to run the calibration set up after that? It still doesnt recognize the sub. I have it seton Stereo Direct mode and the sub is a Klipsch XW-500d. Stillno luck. Thanks!
  13. I have a Denon 4308ci that I don't know much about. I read through the instuction manual and it isn't very helpful to me. I'm pretty much ready to sell this thing and get back to a Marantz. Anyway with that said, I'm just running my RF-63's and a sub for a 2.1 set up right now. Unfortunatly the sub isnt being picked up for some reason. When I ran the audio set up, it found the sub, but for the life of me I can't get it to work. Am I missing something? I have the speakers set to large and the sub turned on but still nothing. Thanks -R
  14. I've pushed my RF-82 with 3 different vintage Marantz setups. 3250B/170DC/2110 Sounds great, the 170DC has been re-capped. Has a nice warm and full sound 2252B No mods or re-cap sounded very good but slightly bright for a Marantz 2015 OUTSTANDING! only 15 wpc but by far the warmest and most tube like sound of them all. No mods or re-cap on this either. My Fav! Here is where I get beat on by everybody, wait for it, wait for it..... I had the 2252B and the 2015 hooked up to my Heresys. After I hooked it up the the RF-82 I sold the Heresys there was no need for them anymore. The 82's sound much better. Hope my 2 cents helped. Thanks, Rocko
  15. Those rock speakers are nice, a lot of people take them for granite. Ok enough with my poor humor. I really enjoy my KHO-7's on the back deck. Good luck! Rocko
  16. I love my RF-82's with my Marantz 2015 such a sweet mellow sound. My Marantz 3250b and 170dc sound great as well but not quite the same warmth. Either way I dont think you can go wrong with the Marantz + Klipsch match up. Rocko
  17. I have a pair of RF-82's that are powered by my Marantz 3250B and 170DC wow do they sound good, nice and warm. Before that that were powered with a Marantz 2015, I was amazed at how well that little receiver sounded with the 82's. IMO Klipsch and Marantz can't be beat! That is besides tubes[] Rocko
  18. I have a pair of RF-82's that are powered by my Marantz 3250B and 170DC wow do they sound good, nice and warm. Before that that were powered with a Marantz 2015, I was amazed at how well that little receiver sounded with the 82's. IMO Klipsch and Marantz can't be beat! That is besides tubes[] Rocko
  19. My 665 pushes my RF-82, RC-62 & RS-42's pretty well. With that said I hooked up my little vintage Marantz 2015 to my RF-82's WOW what a difference that 2015 makes. Much warmer sound and a much tighter/louder bass. Needless to say now I may have to try adding a Emotiva XPA-3 to see how that sounds. Good luck! Rocko
  20. Currently I have my RF-82's and my RC-62 hooked up. My RS-42's are sitting in the box collecting dust. I'd like to install some rear ceiling speakers as the wire is already run and I can't get away with hanging the RS-42's on the wall. There is a good 6 or 7 feet behind me from where l'd be sitting. I was just wondering if anyone had a suggestion on what Klipsch in ceiling speaker would work best. Thank you, Rocko
  21. Hi Dennie, Yes, thats what I was getting at but couldn't figure out how to word it. I wanted to see if I could hook up my 2 channel gear to the second set of binding posts. If yes do I remove the strapping in between? Thanks, Rocko
  22. So I'm currently in the process of downsizing a few things due to divorce. Of course I'm keeping MOST of my HT and some of my 2 channel equipment. Sadly I won't have enough room for my Heresy's which leads me to my question. Since my RF-82's can be bi-wired and they are currently hooked up to my HT can I use the open connections to hook up to my Marantz equipment? Or will this create some type of crazy issue and blow up everything I own? Essentially I'd like to have two systems but one pair of speakers. Thanks, Rocko
  23. I haven't heard the RS10 but do own the RS42. I have to say I am VERY impressed with the 42's. My system package recommends the RS52's for the RF82's that I have but I found the 42's on 6th Ave for $250 a pair so I couldn't pass them up. IMO go for the 42's Good Luck, Rocko
  24. Rocko81, I am not 100% certain of that. I am under the impression you need a receiver/preamp that has a low freq./sub preout to run to the subwoofer. Vintage Marantz receivers did not come equipped with any. I am not in any way an expert. If you know how to do it, fill me in. Thanks, Bill I love my 2252B as well, pre-out's would make it easier but your right the Marantz does not have them. On the back of the sub you should be able to run your speaker wire into the sub then your sub out to the Marantz with speaker wire as well. I think Klipsch has it listed as a "high level in and high level out" on my Sub-12. Rocko
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