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  1. Our town is having a "citywide garage sale" tomorrow, and I was just walking around to the neighbors to see what they might have that I could get in on early... My neighbor two doors up is selling a Marantz 4430 receiver that he said he originally bought in 1973... He is a "neat freak" and it is in absolute mint condition. He said he has always maintained it and had it cleaned about 6 years ago. He said he paid over $500 for it then and would like to get $50 out of it. I've been chattering lately (and here) about wanting a vintage receiver to try out with my Forte IIs, just for fun. I searched on here and the 22XX series Marantz receivers seem to be very well thought of, but my question is the 4430 also a good unit, especially to match up with my F2s? It has started to rain like crazy here, but when it lets up, I'm going to borrow it and hook it up to my F2s, which is of course the real test, so I guess I'm just wondering how it would compare to the 22xx Marantz, since I can't compare this 4430 to them? p.s. I was just doing a bit more research and the 4430 is a "Quadraphonic" 4x30 or 2x60, whereas the 22xx series are "Stereophonic"... You all probably already know that, but just thought I'd mention that, if that affects the 2-channel performance of the 4430? Thanks!
  2. Thanks WSU! Great advice... I'd love to upgrade to Cornwalls... my wife already wishes I'd sell my F2s and go with more "modern looking skinny speakers" (her words). NOT going to happen... It's funny that BEFORE we even got married, my one thing I said I wanted was to be able to pick where my speakers go... she gets the rest of the house! But maybe some Cornwalls should be in my future! ;-) I spoke with my wife last night about my above options, and she is all for me building an HT system around my F2s... she asked me how much it will cost, and I told her my budget will be $8-$10k (we "need" a new plasma/lcd also)... she then said let's wait until Fall, since we aren't inside much in the Summer.... SO I have some time to explore your "Cornwall swap" idea and start picking up pieces! For HT amp/preamp, right now I'm leaning toward the "bang for the buck" options like Outlaw 990/7700, Emotiva MMC-1/MPS-2, or Sunfire TGP-5/TGA-7200. I know I'm just full of questions here, but here is my latest "idea"... Since I'm not going 2-channel, tubes are out (bummer, but more practical for ME), I'm thinking about playing around with an old vintage receiver with my F2's through the Summer and Fall. My Yamaha receiver is actually now out in our garage running some old Infinity speakers, and my F2's are staring at me right now in my office not hooked up (so sad). In the interim, I'm thinking about picking up a GOOD vintage receiver to hook up to my F2s... Once I pull the F2s into my new HT system, I have several places I could use the receiver (like powering my 4 Bose 151 outdoor speakers on my back deck and patio). The receivers I'm thinking about are Sansui 7700/8800/9900 and Marantz 22XX receivers. Does anyone have any expereince with these with Klipsch heritage speakers to be able to tell me how it would sound? I know tubes are best, but would one of these old analog receivers give me some decent "warm" sound, or be harsh sounding? Thanks to all!
  3. Greetings All. New forum member here. Part of this is a duplicate of my first post over on the 2-Channel Forum, so apologies to readers of both! I have a pair of Forte II's that I bought new back in 1989. I guess you could say I have an almost 20 year love affair with my speakers. For the entire life of my beloved Forte II's, they have been mated to a Yamaha RX-730 Natural Sound Receiver and a Sony CDP-C77ES 5 Disc Changer (with the beautiful wood side panels). I've always loved how my system sounded, and so has anyone who's heard it, but my Forte II's deserve some new (and better) playmates. I'm considering going to a 2-channel tube system, but also considering building a new HT system around my Forte IIs... thus my questions here. From what I've learned here, and research of a multitude of other online resources, the following are my considerations and decisions to make. I know that actually hearing each setup is the only way to know for sure, but ANY insight, knowledge, or just plain old opinions are VERY welcome and appreciated! 1. Amp/PreAmp. If I had to buy tomorrow, I believe I would be choosing between the following three amp/preamps: Outlaw 990/7700, Emotiva MMC-1/MPS-2, or Sunfire TGP-5/TGA-7200. I won't lie that I WANT to like one of the first two best, as they cost considerably less than the Sunfire combo. I've read nothing but great things about the Outlaw and Emotiva components, but here is my biggest question... I love listening to audio as much or more as watching/listening to HT, and I've read over and over that Legacy Klipsch's like my Forte IIs sound "harsh" or "bright" with a lot of SS components. One of the acknolwedged virtues of Sunfire is being able to switch to current source for a "warmer, more tubelike sound". Anyone with any experience or knowledge of using any of the above amp/preamp brands with Klipsch legacy (horn) speakers is greatly appreciated... Other choices are VERY welcome also! 2. Center Channel. Too many votes for the Academy for me to ignore. Done, I will locate, buy, and go with an Academy center. A Forte II center would be WAY cool, but my wife already thinks my Forte's are "clunky and outdated"... which is one of the charms of them to me, but that is another story! 3. Rear Channel Speakers. Given the enormous power output of any of the three above amp/preamp combos, combined with the high efficiency of my Forte IIs, my rear channel speaker choices are limited... if I want the best sound and performance. Forte IIs would obviously be perfect, but my aformentioned "wife issue", with their size and look might preclude that. We also have a fairly large and long room this will be going in (20x30), and the listening/viewing area is right in the middle of the room. Where in the world does one PLACE speakers like Forte II's as rear channels in this configuration? Way back on the back wall? We have halls and doors back there. IF I have to go with something mounted up near the ceiling, what are my best choices, given my above variables? 4. Subs. No offense to Klipsch subs (they are great), but I'm almost certain my subs will be a PAIR of Outlaw LFM-1 EX subs... TWO of them for $999? ... wow... and the reviews are too amazing for me to not at least try them out. Thanks, and feel free to poke holes in my ideas and assumptions! Aaron Comer, Coralville, Iowa
  4. Thanks again! I figured so... If I go the HT route with my Forte IIs and go Sunfire, I'd probably go with the TGA-5200 and matching Theater Grand Processor... then to decide on center and rear speakers, but that is for the HT forum... 3 more Forte IIs would be perfect, but like I said, my wife already thinks my speakers are "clunky", so maybe Academy center and a compromise with her for the rear channels... Like you said, have fun... which I will!
  5. Thanks Chuck! I will start keeping an eye on the Garage Sale Forum, and I'll definitely take your advice on the tube amp cover/cage, if I end up going that route. My first order of business is to get my speakers "tuned up". I want to do it progressively, so I can guage the improvements. First I want to upgrade to some new/fresher crossovers and see how that sounds with my old Yamaha. I know that my little 20 year-old Yamaha 2x70 is pretty low-fi compared to what many/most run here, but I tell you it is a pretty powerful and clean little receiver... the discrete amps help, and it has never failed to drive my speakers very well (although it does get very hot at high volumes, as I think it struggles with some of the loads that the Forte II's demand. After the crossovers, I'll evaluate how my highs and mids sound, and determine if replacing the drivers will give me good benefit... this is where Bob Crites and others can certainly help me with some suggestions. Then it will be on to deciding on amplification. For SS and Home Theater, I like the idea of the Sunfire amp and pre-amp. Those teo would set me back $3000-$3500 if I go 5-channel, I believe... more if I go 7. But, I'm also very drawn towards keeping my Forte II's in a 2-channel setup, so I guess I have decisions to make at some point! A nice integrated tube amp sure sounds fun. I'll worry about my CD player last, as my old Sony ES still sounds pretty darn good to me... it just has a warm, smooth, almost analog sound to it, which I do like. Thanks again!
  6. THANK YOU for the excellent suggestion. One thing I failed to mention is that my wife has been commenting how LARGE and OUTDATED-LOOKING my Forte II's are! Integrating other speakers with my Forte's as mains is something I might be able to fly... I'd love to see the look on her face if I brought home some beautiful LaScala's for up front! Hey wait a minute... who's making the decisions around this house? Maybe I should just put my foot down... and then start enjoying my Forte's in the garage! ;-) I do LOVE that idea, as I never really thought of using my Forte's in the back... WOW, that must be stunning sounding... lucky you!
  7. Thanks! I'm assuming that the Sunfire TGA-5200 or TGA-7200 are sufficient, as long as I utilize surround and center channel speakers with comparable efficieny as my Fortes? 5x200 or 7x200 seems PLENTY!?
  8. Greetings All. New forum member here. I've been reading up on many of the excellent topics here for a while, but I'm at the point where I need to post for some opinions. I have a pair of Forte II's that I bought new back in 1989. I guess you could say I have an almost 20 year love affair with my speakers, as I've loved how they've sounded ever since I auditioned (and bought) them way up in Sioux Falls, SD. For the entire life of my beloved Forte II's, they have been mated to a Yamaha RX-730 Natural Sound Receiver and a Sony CDP-C77ES 5 Disc Changer (with the beautiful wood side panels). I've always loved how my system sounded, and so has anyone who's heard it, but I think MAYBE my system is aging, PLUS the more I've been reading here and on AudioReview.com, the more I wonder if my Forte II's deserve some new (and better) playmates? I am in no way an "audiophile", but I do know quality sound when I hear it, plus I did run sound for a local band all the way through college in the early 80's (which probably didn't help me, but it was a great way to meet girls!). I have some decisions to make: 1. Give my speakers a tuneup (new crossovers, plus maybe tweeter and midrange driver upgrades?) I've looked online and read a lot here about Bob Crite's Titanium Diaphrams and possibly Midrange drivers. I know there are other good choices for this here, so I'm not intentionally leaving them out. How do I know if I need these upgrades? I think I definitely want to replace the crossovers with one of the great hot rod options available through one of the members here. 2. New Amp. Even though I know very little more about them, other than what I've read here and a few other places, I'm starting to get enomored about going to a retro integrated tube amp. The concensus choices for my speakers seem to be either the Scott 299 or EICO HF-81? Is either of these better for my speakers? Will they burn my house down? (my wife WILL ask me that!) Should I just try to find either inexpensively and then have them rebuilt by someone like NOSVALVES here? I've read some really great things about the Almarro A318B integrated tube amp... I know it is a lot more coin, but if it (or something new and comparable) is that much better, I would most definitely consider it. 3. Home Theater. I'm still very much a 2-Channel "holdout", but my wife has been asking me if I want to look into setting up (and purchasing) a home theater setup. I think I prefer to keep my Forte II's in my 2-channel audio system, but IF I were to go the HT route with them, what would be some good amplifier suggestions to possibly retain some of the 2-channel audio benefits of a tube amp, while still having the muscle to power a nice HT system? SORRY for SO many questions... maybe I should have split this into 2 (or 5!) threads!? This appears to be an awesome community of enthusiasts helping each other, and I look forward to learning and sharing my experiences! Thanks! Aaron Comer, Coralville, Iowa p.s. I forgot one potentially VERY important factor... We still have a 3 year old and 8 year old at home, so my system has to be "kid SAFE"... some of the exposed tube amps frighten me visually when it comes to children touching them... is that a realistic concern?
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