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  1. I suggest the sony v-6 (not the v-600s, which are crap). they are all around sweet for games and rock music. they are comfy, sealed, and have excelent bass response for < $80.
  2. For high quality headphones, would it be best to use the headphone jack on the cp-1 or directly into my soundcard? Does the cp-1 amplify the signal (like a headphone amp)? Is there more noise? I have a mx300 soundcard, btw.
  3. those dimensions sound slightly longer but skinnier then my room. i suggest you get the 4.1's. for $100 more you get 4 speakers for games and dvd's and louder max volume. i put my rear speakers on top of my bass amp directly behind my chair, which works well enough. you might want to think ahead of where you will put your rear speakers to see if you will need stands or not. oh, and some people might say "nah dont get them, you cant turn them up loud in a dorm room anyway", thats bs! you can crank em and rock all night long! heehee
  4. i got mine last night. i havn't noticed any sound improvement really. the new headphone plug and on/off switch are nifty tho (and are why i bought it)
  5. it sounds about the same from what I can tell so far. maybe slightly clearer. the midrange doesn't seem to be any better. i think it does sound better at higher volume tho (less distortion, etc) im still trying it out tho.
  6. nevermind i just got it. i had to push REALLY hard to get it in tho!
  7. it wont slide into the groove! as if the thing was just slightly too big to fit!
  8. i cant get the cp1 to slide into the groove where it goes! help!
  9. would it be a good idea to rotate your front/back speakers occasionally? the front speakers probably get used a lot more. maybe they will last longer...
  10. my brother recently jipped me in trading my sblive for his mx300. in return he gave me an extra cd-r (hehe ) but this mx300 is crap. i have windows 2000. mx300 sux in windows 2000! the drivers don't seem to work right. it doesn't seem to support my 4 speakers, the rear speakers just mirror the front (or dont work at all). half life crashes as soon as the map loads. quake 3 only has stereo sound. i can't hear any a3d or eax sound effects. anyone know how to fix all these bugs? i already downloaded the newest reference beta drivers, and installed them accoring to the instructions, but it still doesn't work. help!
  11. mike-i had the original sound blaster! 8 bit! then i got a soundblaster pro (stereo, yay)...then moved to awe32, awe64, then sblive.
  12. maybe your room mate is playing a prank on you hehe. my room mate once switched my front/rear speaker inputs while i was gone. i got so freaked out i couldn't figure out what was wrong with them until he told me!
  13. prodigy is also great. get diesel power and firestarter.
  14. i just bought the cp-1, i havn't gotten it yet! probably not till monday!
  15. even though i can't really afford it! i bought it to go along with the headphones (sony v-6's) i just bought. double
  16. mine do this too, even with the computer off. i thought it was normal...
  17. magnet's made of iron lobster's made of MEAT! hey janko did it!
  18. http://www.512productions.com/lobstermagnet/
  19. ever since i installed win2k i've been having several small annoying bugs. one is that i cant seem to rip any cds with software that used to work. the dae goes at like 1 sector per second when in 98 it used to go at 12x. also, i can't seem to copy mp3s to my rio pmp300 mp3 player, using the newest version of rioport. it gives me the errror message invalid media device. anyone know how to fix these bugs?
  20. i used to be able to rip cd's at 12x (with audiocatalyst) in 98 but in 2000 none of my ripping programs work.
  21. oh yeah and if possible a built-on mic/headset would be great
  22. i have a pair of sony mdr-cd60's. they are pretty decent as far as my experience goes, but they aren't very loud or clear. they cost $20 i think. i am going to Recon2000 and want to have a real good set that is comfortable to wear for 86 hours straight hehe. anyways, the sony's are comfy but they hurt my hears after an hour or so. i will spend up to about $60 on new headphones. are there any good ones i can get at that price? if not what do the good ones cost?
  23. i cant rip any cds in windows 2000 for some reason. every program i try goes insanely slow, like 1 sector per second. wtf.
  24. yes, i do have everything in my room hooked up to 2 outlet. duh! what else am i supposed to do? run a mile long extension cord from the power plant? i think guh not. but the answer is yes
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