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  1. I'm looking for a pair as well. I want a pair of AL-3's, but I might settle for some AL's. Thanks, Tony
  2. Overall width of the LaScala's is 23.75 inches. The construction is of .75 birch. The inside of the woofer chamber is 15.25 inches. (where the 15 inch woofer is mounted) The inner parallel chamber walls are .75 inches. (1 on each side/total of 1.5) The outer cabinet walls are another .75 inches. (1 on each side/total of 1.5) That's a total of 18.25 inches. (23.75 - 18.25 = 5.5) The remaining 5.5 inches divided by 2 is 2.75 inches. (I hope my math was right!) I have factory LaScala's, which is what I measured for my drawings. Not being totally satisfied with that, I measured a friend's pair. Same thing. The measurement on both pair was 2 3/4 inches. This seems somewhat odd to me as well but, that's what it is. Just to easy your mind, find a factory pair and measure them. Tony
  3. Gil: 22 1/4 in. There's a little more to the bass horn, but it must be viewed from a different "angle". Such as the 3 x 13 slot the woofer fires through, the wedge on the back wall across from the slot and the 4 deflectors that expand from the slot. Tony
  4. Al: Yes, there is a wedge at the throat of the horn in the LaScala. I thought I would use a wedge of similar size and shape for the mod. Thanks, Tony
  5. This is a view looking from the top. The mod in question is shaded in red. I talked to Trey at Klipsch, he seemed to think it might be worth a go. Thanks, Tony
  6. I'm thinking of running vertical "strips" cut on a 45 degree angle in the back corners of my LaScala's. These "strips" would run top to bottom filling in the last 90 degree corner somewhat. This would help round out the last turn in the bass section. How would this affect the sound? I thought it might reduce standing waves by helping the air flow. Thanks, Tony
  7. I have 2 of the K-77 tweeters with the same problem. (I think) Are yours the old ones with the PWK emblem on them? Tony
  8. I have the same pic in different ads. (color & black/white) The speaker on the left appears to be sitting on a riser, while the other does not. It also appears narrower to my eye. Seeing the picture in person, the speakers definitely look like two different models to me.
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