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  1. Many thanks, this is what I figured. Noted, thank you. Guess I know what I'll be doing with that one!
  2. This forum is a valuable resource and I appreciate the wealth of information and experience to be found here. I have a quandary and seek guidance, I will try to keep this as brief as possible. I have been running Klipsch Fortes with a converted Baldwin organ tube amp for the last 10-15 years. I listen to rock and like to be capable of moderate-high volumes. I like full and punchy sound. I've tried a few preamps, but no matter what I use, the Baldwin needs to be pushed to the brink of clipping for my normal listening volume which I would occasionally like to be able to exceed. I've always wished the Baldwin had a bit more to give. Today I was doing some basement cleaning and decided I needed to sell a few old amps I have had sitting on a shelf for years. I tested out a couple solid state amps with some NHT speakers that were also laying around so I could accurately describe the condition before selling. I was taken aback by how good they sounded despite clearly needing a cap job and cleaning. They just seem to have impact that the Baldwin can't produce and I know from previous experience that one of them will produce more volume with the Fortes. I need help deciding which of them will work best for me before sinking money into reconditioning. I do not consider myself an audiophile, I do not frequently feel a need to change or upgrade my gear. I like a warm and full sound as described above. I listen to vinyl 95% of the time so I need a good phono stage (which they all have). The other 5% is all one aux input which I connect to an echo audio device and play during workouts. I just want to choose something that best fits my needs, get it in proper shape, and move on with my life. Here are the options (in no particular order): NAD 3020 Series 20 - Have not used with the Fortes Yamaha C-80 Preamp with TBD power amp - this is the preamp I'm currently using with the Baldwin. It has a quite good reputation on Audiokarma, etc. HK430 - Previously used with the Fortes, sounded great. Sounded a little more veiled with less kick than the NAD today with test speakers, but with both amps needing work I don't want to judge it too critically. Some other vintage receiver or integrated. Pioneer, Sansui, Marantz, whatever. The Yamaha option may theoretically offer the highest performance, not sure how the 3020 would really compare to the HK430...anyone have experience with these amps or similar? Any thoughts? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Brief first post intro: Hi, I'm Geoff, a student without a ton of money. I really enjoy drinking, The Hold Steady, and Drive-by Truckers. I messed around with "audiophile" speakers (Spendor s3/5, GMA Europa) for a while but wasn't really ever satisfied. I bought a pair of Klipsch Fortes quite some time ago and have loved them ever since. They deliver everything those little minimonitors just never could. Thanks to everyone at this forum, you're all an incredible resource. I have a Will Vincent Baldwin amp and an H/K 430 (which are both killer) because of what I read on this forum. I usually run the Baldwin with a Bottlehead Foreplay III that I built in front of it and various vintage SS integrateds for the phono stage. Anyway, long story short, one of the 6l6's in the Baldwin ceased to work so I decided to retube the whole damn thing (never rolled the stock tubes out anyway). I ordered some SED 6l6's but can't really decide on what to do for the 12ax7's. I have no money or desire to mess around with NOS tubes (though I probably will buy some Brimar 13d5's for the Foreplay at some point). Poking around the archives leads me to a few seemingly pretty good options. It sounds like the EI Elite golds were pretty nice, but they are no where to be found anymore since that factory stopped production. It seems to me that either JJ or Groove Tubes would be my best options. I'm a little unsure of how they would differ in sound and was wondering if anyone could give me some input since there are many around these parts who have owned that amp and are more experienced with tubes than I... Since I listen to rock (but no heavy metal or anything like that...) I need a full and rich sound with a lot of punch and good bass. Anyone care to share opinions/experiences? Also, if I go the JJ route, is it worth it to pay extra for the gold pins? TIA
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