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  1. Thanks for looking into this. I have the ProMedia 4.1 system This is the webpage showing what I have: http://www.klipsch.com/products/discontinued/details/promedia-4-1.aspx The Klipsch PN on the sub says 09050281210, SPARES = 143914-001. The control pod is built into the bottom of satellite speaker. It has no on/off button or earphone jack. The connector I'm referring to is the DIN going directly into the PRE-AMP INPUT on the sub. I have the following wire colors: WHITE, Red, Blue, Black, Orange,Yellow, Green, Brown and ground THANKS!
  2. I accidently broke the wires off the DIN connector of the BASH sub of my Promedia 4.1. I think I can resolder the wires onto the DIN conenctor that plugs into the sub but I'm not sure what color wire goes where. Does anyone have a wiring diagram showing which color wire goes to which pin on the DIN connector? Thanks in advance for your help! Bill
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