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  1. tyler8

    Klipsch Belles

    The Belles have been sold. Thank you everyone for your comments and help.
  2. tyler8

    Klipsch Belles

    I am the second owner. First owner was in the military and obviously took good care of them during his moves. The photo's in the bookcases are mine. I built them to protect and try and meld them into the background as my wife was becoming more and more alarmed with the size of Klipsch starting with the Forte II's, then the Cornwalls, and finally the Belle's. No she does not know about K Horns or Jubilees yet. As you can see I am having a hard time figuring out what to do with the Harbeths. They should be on stands out in front. They are Harbeth Super HL5 Plus.
  3. tyler8

    Klipsch Belles

    Yes, crossovers are the only upgrade. I may still have the originals. I will look.
  4. tyler8

    Klipsch Belles

    Don't have any concern for derailing the sale. I have had big boxes, notably Klipsch heritage for basically the last thirty years. Nothing wrong with that and I have enjoyed all of them. When I bought the Belles it was a little bit of face-off between them and the Cornwalls as to what stayed downstairs, why they are for sale vs the Cornwalls. After all these years I thought I owed myself a look. Started looking at options to see what I was missing. After a period of time and numerous options ran into someone who had the Harbeths minus the plus. Found them smooth, could listen to them for hours and loved the midrange. Play them both with SS and tubes. Find their tube sound as seductive if not more than the belles. Either way should I come back to the big boxes again it will be for Khorns not the Belles. In the end both speakers retain their value and thats probably what will happen next. I still have the Cornwalls and Quartets in my office with tubes. Best of both worlds.
  5. tyler8

    Klipsch Belles

    I love them also and this isn't going to be easy letting them go. I do have the others but these guys have been special. Heard the Harbeth's locally which don't show up often. Been a while since I have tried anything different and they are the other end of the spectrum. The sound and price was right, usually way out of whack IMO. Appreciate all the comments and help.
  6. tyler8

    Klipsch Belles

    Sorry about breaking them up. Knew better.
  7. tyler8

    Klipsch Belles

    Thank you for looking
  8. Consecutive serial numbers
  9. Spotless Klipsch Belles with Crites Crossovers. Not a nick or mark on these anywhere. Please see corresponding pics and tags for more info. Bought these a number of years back and swore never to sell but found a great deal on Harbeth SL5 Plus that I cannot pass on while still owning Forte II's, Cornwalls, and Quartet's. Have downsized to the Harbeths for music and Klipsch RB61 II's for TV and movies. The Belles were built into a cabinet so were never really exposed to damage nor sun. Pic will follow of that. Second owner. Asking $3,000 based on condition and recent sale in Sacramento of a pair with major issues. SF/Northbay, about 50 miles north of the Golden gate, Sonoma County.
  10. And I thought I did well finding Quartet's for $60 at Goodwill a few years back. Great find.
  11. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/ele/d/early-klipsch-heresy-speakers/6596574605.html No affiliation Haven't seen anything like this before. For those that may have more history.
  12. Hard to say. Bought mine pristine from an older gentleman for $600. He knew what he had and was more interested in where they were going. God knows that's not the going price but his niece was trying to move them for him on Craigslist. She didn't understand but after chasing alot of folks that wouldn't commit or were strange she called me back. He knew, just wanted them to go to someone that wasn't going to sell them again right away. Six years ago and still have them. Have no intention of selling. Just saying.
  13. Beautiful. Work like that is the reason I keep trying and buying.
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