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  1. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/ele/d/early-klipsch-heresy-speakers/6596574605.html No affiliation Haven't seen anything like this before. For those that may have more history.
  2. Hard to say. Bought mine pristine from an older gentleman for $600. He knew what he had and was more interested in where they were going. God knows that's not the going price but his niece was trying to move them for him on Craigslist. She didn't understand but after chasing alot of folks that wouldn't commit or were strange she called me back. He knew, just wanted them to go to someone that wasn't going to sell them again right away. Six years ago and still have them. Have no intention of selling. Just saying.
  3. tyler8

    Don't get on here much anymore but

    Beautiful. Work like that is the reason I keep trying and buying.
  4. tyler8


    Got a 7900 as a gift at Christmas and have been very pleased. It's obvious overkill for the Belles but enjoy the equalizer, run it about 50/50 vs the set up. The DAC is nice even though I had a separate. I was looking in various places at a 2100 or 2505 based on suggestions here and elsewhere but had seen and probably drooled too much with my wife nearby over the 7900. She bought it and I briefly thought about bringing it back but I just had to open it up. Once I hooked it up it was downhill from there. Still trying to make it though my entire library again.
  5. tyler8

    Pure i20 dock

    Use mine in conjunction with a Schiit Bifrost DAC on my downstairs system but tried it alone on my office system and was pleasantly surprised. Nice peice of equipment.
  6. tyler8

    DAC for HDTV?

    I run it directly through the DAC to the amp. I have noticed a major difference. Hope that helps.
  7. tyler8

    DAC for HDTV?

    Was very interested in the DacMagic. Looking forward to your thoughts. I am basically running everything through mine. Bought it primarily for the IPOD and computer but have expanded. Made a nice difference to my listening experience.
  8. tyler8

    DAC for HDTV?

    Run mine optical through a Schiit Bifrost DAC. Love what it does for music and reasonably priced. Yes the spelling is correct and it's pronounced like it looks.
  9. tyler8

    Frazier Users Group aka F.U.G.

    Sorry about no link.Thought I left it. Caught my curiosity as I have been in and out of this thread in the past. Alas I have too many speakers, second thought nah never, but not enough room at present.
  10. tyler8

    Frazier Users Group aka F.U.G.

    Frazier Floor Speakers 1960s There is what appears to be a beautiful pair on San Fran Craigslist as we speak if they have not been mentioned prior. Don't know much about them or the price but as info. Dimensions but no model?
  11. tyler8

    Moody Blues and some strangeness....

    Saw them a few years ago in Santa Rosa Ca. with my then seventeen year old son. My wife decided to stay home and let it be a father son thing which we enjoyed. Remember the gal playing the flute being rather tiny. Very surprised she would have, could have put 100 pounds on. Remember two sets of drums with Edge on one and a rather energetic fellow on the other. He had a much larger set up and obviously seemed to be doing most of the work. All in all Hayward was in good voice and quite enjoyed the show. Understand your set comment although it was less of an issue for me as it was the first and only time I have seen them. Seventh Sojourn and Every Good Boy Deserves Favour were two of the first albums I ever purchased and still get their turn now and then. Can't help you on the ticket thing, strange.
  12. tyler8

    Dog pictures

    Room to run, Big Sky country.
  13. tyler8

    Super Bowl Half Time Show

    Didn't seem to be much live about it other than the dancing/acts. Slick, but were they singing?
  14. Agree with Denny. Always something on the Sac or SF CList. Found my Forte II's, Cornwalls, and Belles there over the past few years. As to missing an opportunity there will be more. They always show. My Belle's were $600 without a mark on them. Be patient and keep looking.