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  1. Sold them this morning to a great guy who drove down from St. Louis. I encouraged him to join the forum.
  2. Sorry, this would be for local pickup near Lexington KY only.
  3. Thank you...this is my extra pair of Khorns which I have been underutilizing...just time to downsize my collection.
  4. Thanks, Joe . . . I put them on Craigslist for $2400 . . . lower price on here for forum members. I would rather sell to a forum member . . . you all have been good to me.
  5. 1979 KBWO Klipschorns (pair) for sale Consecutive serial numbers I have owned them for over 10 years. Sound amazing. AA crossovers (original) There are a couple of top hat corners with veneer edge challenges. The tops have some stains. I inherited the stains and veneer chips. Pics tell the rest of the story $2200 I live in the Lexington, KY area Thanks, Billy
  6. Thanks all. Just sold it to a great guy and forum member here. thank you Craig @NOSValves for helping us both figure out a unique rebuild identifier verifying that you restored it 10 years ago. 10 years later, still beautiful and dead quiet! Thank you, Craig, for amazing work! I will miss that amp, but the new owner is a happy camper!
  7. FYI: Just pulled the tubes for a closer inspection... all 4 of the 12AX7 are verified Telefunkens. Been listening to it today on two channel, very sweet! Dead quiet!
  8. I should have thought to look before, ssh. Thank you for the question. The tubes included are: 1 x 5AR4 H. H. Scott USA 2 x 6678/6UGA GTC USA 4 x 7591 Sylvania USA 4 x 12AX7, ECC 83-12AX7 Western Germany
  9. I am just not using it save for the beauty. A waste when I know someone would love to have and use it regularly.
  10. I will have to take the case off when I have time to get the list of tubes. Should have done it earlier. But I could answer for now: "The same tubes that came when I bought it." 😉
  11. Going up for sale is my sweet Scott 299D integrated amp. I bought it from a forum member (Mike Lindsey) in 2013. It was rehabbed by Craig at NOS Valves in 2009. Dead quiet and sweet. Wrapped in a beautiful custom wood case. I have not put more than 10 hours on it since moving to Kentucky 4 years ago, and probably less than 50 hours on it since I have owned it. Located near Lexington, KY Price for the 299D and custom case? ? Will be $1100 on local Craigslist. $1000 + shipping to a forum member. I hope a forum member gets it. I have not been much active (but I do lurk) since moving to KY in 2015.
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