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  1. Looks like I was too slow, Joe, and it already sold. Been wanting to get a modded Schiit.
  2. As they say in the dialect of extreme northern Germany, "Moin, Moin!" On the third cup of some hazelnut stuff. Excited for you, Earl! Safe travels! Can't hardly wait for pics and to hear if you get the pre too. Joe, do you do in home breakfast prep? I mean come over to my house and make that same breakfast! Hoping everyone has a great start to Monday. Billy
  3. Would look nice with my raw birch Hereseys and my raw birch La Scalas . . . but, no time for a road trip and too far from Atlanta, GA.
  4. Thanks, but i can get 3 KL650 for LCR (RF7II i can return to my friend) if KL650 is better RC64ii. The KL650 is NOT a better center for the RF7s. The RC64 is the better center for the RF7s.
  5. I have the RC-64ii as well as the previously mentioned KL-650's and RF-7ii. As derrick said, the RC-64ii shouldn't sound harsh. Just like the RF-7ii conversation, I prefer the RC-64ii for concert movies and the KL-650-THX for speech. Regardless, I think you should match whatever mains you get. I tried running a KL-650-THX with my RF-7ii's but it was a little weird, the center sounded dead comparatively since it is so flat. Running a B&W center would be even weirder in my opinion. Hi, KL 650 is warmer than RC64? 650 is better than RC 64 in voice (for me it is the best importand for center), i had RC64ii but sold after 5 months used.BW HTM1 i hear alot from my friend, it is super clear, sounded real and warmest. i feel RF7ii is warmer than RC64ii alot (compare A- I will get RF7 for front. Please give me some advice about choising KL650 or HTM for center. Thanks. Over and over again . . . the RC64ii is the voiced matched center for RF7iis . . . the only possible better center would be a 3rd RF7ii.
  6. Ran into a similar issue when I cut the cord for OTA . . . all of my stuff (AppleTV, all digital music sources, Roku, Internet radio, computers, etc.) runs through the AVR to theTV except OTA broadcasts even though ai have ARC on the TV. Problem was solved with an Amazon bought cheap optical cable running it from the TV to the AVR. keep your HDMI the same as now; and then also buy an Amazon optical cable and run it from the ATV to your AVR and let the AVR process the sound through optical while the pic is running over the HDMI. Your problem will be solved. Sure solved mine for about $12. But, I often try the cheapest solution first. Sidebar: even though the best OTA digital signal is a program in 5.1, my AVR processes the signal coming through the TV optical into the sound I like, which is 11.1 in the HT. (I really do need to get a second sub, but the one box I have does have 3 opposing balanced woofers in it.)
  7. Great pic and I am sure a fine son.
  8. So, some of you, my compadres, may be asking, "Why would empty-nesters get up at 5 am on Christmas morning?" Thanks for asking. At 5 am in our little log cabin by the lake, all four dogs started scrambling around and going crazy! All around the first floor, then up the stairs to the second floor, over and over again . . . A Carolina flying squirrel had gotten into the house! Probably came down the unlit chimney (squuzed through the chimney guard somehow). The scramble as on! Finally, we got downstairs to the quiet sounds save for a "crunch, crucn, crunch." One less flying squirrel in he world.
  9. Prayers to the Mrs., Bruce . . . so far from extended family and her homeland is so beautiful. I am glad you did find each other.
  10. Merry Christmas and good morning one and all! Santa came . . . I must have been a good boy the couple of times he was watching me this past year . . . the rest of the time, well . . . On the second cup of Starbucks while waiting for my daughter to arrive for the day. It is our first Christmas at home in 7 years. And my widowed 77-year-old mother who is with us this year is away from her home in Indiana for the first time since she married dad in 1956. She has not complained once, but I know it has to hurt some. Bittersweet . . . We (my wife, me, and my daughter) are making the day all about Mom. I sincerely hope and pray each of you has a wonderful and joy-filled Christmas Day! You all have brought me joy throughout the year. Merry Christmas! "The one thing women don't want to find in their stockings on Christmas morning is their husbands!"--Joan Rivers
  11. Those are stock photos . . . I wonder what the real ones look like?
  12. Good morning, Gents . . . Wish I had enough hair left to have a mullet or a ponytail again! So I do settle for the occasional mullet meal. Got a friend in north Alabama who does something interesting I never knew about before. He has about a 20 acre lake on the farm with trophy bass in it. In the spring when the water hits a temp in the upper sixties, he stocks tilapia in it. Feeds those bass well. Then, in the fall, when the lake water drops into the upper sixties, the talapia (the ones which have survived the bass and have grown larger over the spring and summer) start getting lethargic and you can just scoot around the lake in a jon boat and scoop the tilapia up with a net. In the fall, he invites a 100 people over on a given Saturday. Deep fryers and grills are fired up. Scoop nets are used, larger lethargic tilapia are scooped up, cleaned, breaded and fried or grilled right there. The feed bag is on! A lot of fun and tasty too.
  13. Good question, his deformed left arm ? Looks just like my great grandma's under arm flappy arm flab. Though I am not sure what her tatoo used to be on there.
  14. Great dog, nice bed, awesome toasty fire . . . but Charlie Brown wants his skeletal Christmas tree back. ;-)
  15. I think I got a PM that they were staying with you until Mother's Day, but are not telling you . . . kind of like cousin Eddie in "Christmas Vacation." Do you see an RV in your driveway? Fish and guests start to stink after 3 days. :-)
  16. Here is the Goofle Play app Airsync for Android . . . supposedly works well to connect Android devices to Airplay enabled receivers. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.doubleTwist.androidPlayerProKey
  17. I did find this post that solves how to use Airplay on android devices with 3rd party apps. http://gizmodo.com/how-to-stream-anything-from-android-to-airplay-1578516449 And this app on Google Play to control the DENON AVR itself on Android stuff. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.compute4you.remotecontrol&hl=en
  18. Airplay works great for streaming through iTunes from the Denon from my Windows laptop . . . but Airplay wireless streaming only works on that Windows laptap through iTunes. But the DENON also has all the bells and whistles for Pandora, Rhapsody, Internet radio, DNLA, etc., built-in.
  19. Thanks. The Denon can be controlled with an Android phone or tablet rigth? Or does the airplay and all of that stuff just work with Apple products (whcih he is trying to get away from)? There is probably a Denon AVR control app for android/tablets to control the AVR itself; but I think Airplay only works with Apple phones/iPads/wireless iPods/macs and Windows PCs with iTunes. Airplay is an Apple software product. Shu . . . are you using Airplay on your Pioneer with android products?
  20. Here is a quick comparison of the two AVRs: http://www.crutchfield.com/S-WATMAd5aHaA/compare_033AV4520C_130SC85/Denon-AVR-4520CI-vs-Pioneer-Elite-SC-85.html I have a Pioneer Elite in my second setup. Just never much cared for the built-in MCACC correction software in the Pioneer. One advantage of the SC85 sit that it is ATMOS ready if someone desires that. I also, with Klipsch speakers, prefer the Denon sound over my Pioneer Elite sound. On my DEnon, I use the streaming features everyday from day one. Seamless and great. Streaming is a cakewalk on the Denon . . . when I got an iPhone and an iPad, I bought an AppleTV for video streaming because we cut the cord with cable. Best move I ever made. (my wife likes the Roku attached to it.) I run my Denon audio and video streaming from my iPhone and control the DENON on an iPhone with an app (can do all that with an iPad). I have a Windows laptop also hooked up with the Denon for iTunes music and movies wirelessly, with an addition of an HDMI cable from the Windows TV through the Denon to mirror whatever I am doing on my laptop (like 3D games, etc) to take advantage of the Denon internal DACs. Etc., etc. It is a whole new world. My next AVR will be another Denon . . . but I still have 2 more years of warranty on my current Denon before I will upgrade again. One feature I really like on the DENON is the capability to run multichannel streaming music pretty much every day. But also, for 2 channel, the DENON shines with Klipsch. All is just my personal preference. the 4520s are on close out and deals can be had. But, I am sure if one wanted ATMOS (not desired by me) a discount SC85 might be preferred over the 4520. If ATMOS is not a must, I would go with a 4520 from an authorized dealer nd get the 3 year warranty that comes with it. Either way, the 4520 or the SC85 are both good choices.
  21. Morning all . . . On 3rd cup . . . feel like a lazy bum . . . did not get out of bed until 6:30 am! Got that receiver (Pioneer SX-9000) fixed for free on Saturday . . . drove it 120 miles rountrip on Saturday to to my tech to find out, when I cleaned it up with DeOxit, I missed cleaning one switch in the back! That one little dirty rear switch only needed a shot of DeOxit and working it back and doth a few times. Wow, I was embarrassed! I had him primed for a major rebuild! My friend had a great hearty guffaw at my expense, and I enjoyed it too . . . the drive was worth it to see my friend and . . . to pick up my 20-something daughter who lives in downtown Atlanta for the second half of the ride. And, we stopped by a specialty store and bought her Christmas present . . . a new condenser mic for recording. She is a singer/songwriter, vocal coach, and a part owner in a recording studio. She is amazing and we get little time together. And what a voice! Cruised in the car listening to some of her new songs. Of course, I bought lunch too. Saturday was a fun day and a learning experience: Lesson 1: look for small flat switches on the back of a vintage receiver to clean too, not just the front knobs and goodies. Lesson 2: anytime you pick up your young adult kid, plan to spend some money on them and laugh a lot--it is worth it. Lesson 3: take that early bought non-surprise Christmas gift home with you on the condition that your young adult daughter must come to your house on Christmas to get it! :-)
  22. Seriously . . . out of the gate the Denon 4520 would be an amazing start. At the price point of $1100 or less, not only getting an AVR with all of the streaming options (and Airplay), but the amp is a beast and top performer. An the versatility of setup options is nearly myriad. I have the predecessor Denon 4311, which is almost the same thing. I use an 11 channel setup (with an amp for the fronts) in an all Heritage setup. I use the DENON for music streaming about 50% of the time (25% movies and 25% 2 channel vinyl). There is an exceptional owner thread on avs for th receiver. And, I love the denon sound. As a starter for a beginner, I would get the DENON 4520 and never look back. All the bells and whistles for streaming. I most often run th Pe whole thing (remote apps and all though Airplay) on my iPhone or wirelessly through my home network on my Windows laptop. The addition of an AppleTV gave me exceptional video streaming options too for the HT.
  23. For me, Michael Coulter . . . he lives in my hometown area, but I live a 10 hour drive from there now. And second, dtel . . . I like to hang around cool. Third, ayouthman . . . just so he can give me some tips on how to find deals of a lifetime over and over! There are others too.
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