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  1. I ordered some Klipsch CP-6 outdoor speakers but what arrived were CP-6T. I have to decide if I'm going to return them or what. The CP-6T are the commercial-style 70/100 volt speakers but do have a bypass switch for normal 8 ohm use. However, the CP-6 are rated down to 70hz while the CP-6T are rated down to 83hz, per Klipsch spec sheets. So does the internal transformer limit the low-extension in the CP-6T set? Everything else is the same physically. Any chance the CP-6T would also go down to 70hz when using the bypass switch?
  2. I'm looking for the spec sheets and/or manuals for the following speakers: SF-3, SS-3, and RS-3 II. I seem to remember a few years ago, Klipsch took down most of the old spec sheets, not sure why. You'd think they would offer a simple historical download page for these.
  3. I'm interested in the KMC-3 for my kitchen counter.... Can anyone tell me the measurement of the power plug input on the back, measured from the bottom of the unit (including the little feet)? Basically, this will tell me if the unit can be placed flush against the back-wall or if will have to be pulled out some. My back countertop 'lip' comes up 3.25 inches then it goes back about an inch to the actual wall.
  4. What are the grills made of on The One and The Capital One? Are they a hard grill or cloth or....?
  5. Probably a real dumb question but is the R112-SW sub level on the top or angled like the other RP series speakers? It looks level based on some online pics I've seen but just want to make sure. Thanks in advance.
  6. Planning an atmos-receiver upgrade soon as part of a total system upgrade... Will be purchasing a set of the RP-140SAs for my Front Height Atmos speakers. I've been thinking about mounting them on the wall up high, as opposed to setting them on the speaker. It would seem to me the effects would be better than bouncing the sound off the ceiling. See the picture below... would mount them to the left-right of the shelf and about mid-way between the shelf and the ceiling. Your thoughts? Bear in mind my Atmos Rear Heights will be mounted RP-140SAs. See pic below.
  7. In the middle of a complete upgrade, aiming for a 5.1.4 Atmos-enabled system, (planning on eliminating my Surround-Backs due to the room not really being suitable). So my future receiver upgrade will be an Atmos/DTS-X/HDCP 2.2 model, but I'm finding huge price gaps between native 7-channel vs 9-channel amps. Therefore, I'm considering a 7-channel amp with 9-channel processing, using pre-outs to a separate 2-channel amp (probably for my Atmos Rear Heights). However, I've never used this set-up before, and wondering if its as simple as it seems... I have a mid-90s Pioneer VSX-505s receiver....my first receiver ever. Currently using to power my chair shakers (but honestly could care less about them). My question: Would it be as simple as connecting the pre-outs off the new receiver to one of the stereo inputs on my Pioneer VSX-505s, and connecting the appropriate speakers wires to the Pioneer, then matching the volume levels? Rear Panel View Pic of the Pioneer here. Pic of my rear wall attached. Obviously, my set-up isn't optimal but its the only option. It still sounds fantastic. Side note that my Audyssey set the RP-140SAs at 70hz crossover so these go pretty low. This was a surprise because no frequency specs were ever published on the 140SAs.
  8. Thanks for the quick response, a pic would be great!
  9. Hoping someone could post a photo of the bottom of the Atmos RP-140sa...supposedly, there are keyhole inserts on the bottom for wall-mount purposes. I've yet to find a picture anywhere online though.
  10. Was hoping someone could post a pic of the rear of the RP-140sa, as I'd like to see the positioning of the keyhole bracket (per Crutchfield there is one).
  11. So the new RP-440C center speaker has 500hz/1500hz crossovers (whereas the RP-250C has only one at 1800hz). I wouldn't mind an explanation of how that works and how a receiver crossover of 70hz or 80hz would effect the dual crossover of the RP-440C speaker. Probably a dumb question for some but.....
  12. RP-440C FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 59-25kHz +/- 3dB* SENSITIVITY: 97dB @ 2.83V / 1m* POWER HANDLING (CONT/PEAK): 150W/600W RP-450C FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 58-25kHz +/- 3dB* SENSITIVITY: 97dB @ 2.83V / 1m* POWER HANDLING (CONT/PEAK): 150W/600W Copy/pasted right from Klipsch spec pages...how are these two speakers nearly identical in frequency response and power handling, yet their woofer sizes, weight, cabinet sizes, etc are much different?
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