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  1. Hi, I am glad it worked out for you! That C-2 is as close a match as you will ever find for the B-3's and the price seems about right too. NOWWWWWW-------. If your money and space permit, put a pair of F-2's or F-3's in the front,and that Marantz will "make your neighbors nervous" HA! Good Luck,
  2. Hi, Any sugeseions? Help me out here guys. Thanks
  3. Put the F-2's and the C-2 center in front. Get 4 S-2's for the surrounds. This is a perfectly matched system! These speakers and your Yammy 863 in your apartment, will make your neighbors quite upset! Trust me on this one. If you have the extra bucks and space, Two F-3's would be better. The C-2 is fine for the center. Klipsch now reccomends the C-2 to relace the discontinued C-3. I too have a Yamaha RX-V863 and F-3 mains and C-3 center. I hope you will continue to post here so we can compare experiences wth this receiver..
  4. Hello, WE have something in common! First your Question. As I understand it, you are asking about the fact that each speaker has 2 pair of terminals. These speakers are designed for Bi Amping, and should have a metal bridge connecting the woofers and tweeters together. For normal use, leave the bridge in place and connect the single pair of R&W speaker wires. Removing the bridge ,enables you to connect the woofers and tweeters to 2 separate amps. Your 863 will do this if you really want to. BI AMPING is totally unecessary. That Yammy 863 with those big F-2's will Plenty get your neighbor's attention! Now, my question for you: I too just bought A Yamaha RX-V863. I have 2 F-3's in front and a C-3 center. Right now, it is playing on the out of box settings. I can't run the auto setup for a few more days. (too much noise),right now we have about 400,000 motorcycles in town! Ha! I hope you continue to post in this thread. I would like to compare settings and tweaks. thanks
  5. Hi, I agree with Tommyboy. I orinally wanted the F-2's, but the store was out of them and the F-3's weren't much more , so I got them and a C-3, Someone on this forum explained to me that the "Synergy Line" is an entry level line that Klipsch developed to sell in the BIG BOX STORES. All I can say is that in my opinion, fr entry level, these big F-3's are KILLERS! I know that they will sound even better if I can ever figure out how to Tweak the sound on my brand new Yamaha RX-V863. I don't know what I'd do if I ever had a chance to hear some LaScala's!
  6. Hi, If you are determined to use the B-3 for a center channel, you can,and it will indeed work, BUT, it is not a match and was not designed for this purpose. Look at Tommyboy's equipment list in his signature. He has the 2 series across the front and the S-1 surrounds in the back. This is a well matched system. You are always better off to match the front 3 speakers correctly. I am guessing from your posts that you really want Klipsch's, and are willing to spend a few bucks to get what you want. If so, then buy the F-2's locally and get the C-2 online. The C-2 is $275 on Amazon and $206 on Vann's. I am sure that they both will ship to Montreal.
  7. Hello again, Do a Google search for the C-3. you might get lucky and find some vendor that still has one. Try Amazon and clck on "buy from another seller" If, indeed you do find one, I am positive you will like it. From what I can tell, this item has suddenly been "discovered" and people are trying to sell used ones for more money than they were new. ALTERNATIVE: Buy a pair of F-2's and the C-2 center! Use the B-3's for the surrounds . This would reall be a kick a-- system. In my own situation here, the F-2's and C-2 would perform just as good as my F-3's and C-3. At the time of purchase, I originally wanted the F-2 because of it's smaller size. The store was out of them and the larger F-3's were only $50 more so I got them instead. My only problem with the F-3's is that they each weigh 60 pounds and I have to move them every time I need to get behind my entertainment center. You don't say anything about your receiver. What are you using? I just got a new Yamaha RX-V863 and it sounds great with Klipsch. I'd like to hear some comments from other people using this model.
  8. Hi Let me tell you my story. Last may, I "accidently" bought a pair of Synergy F-3's on sale. These are the best speakers that I have ever had and I have not regreted buying them. When I needed a center to replace my 10 yr old sound works, someone on this forum steered me to the C-3. I looked in BB, CC, and HHGregg. They all had the C-2, for about $279, but none of them carried the C-3. BB had it online only for $339 out of stock. I was amazed to find it new on Amazon .I ordered it on a Fri night and it arrived on Tues via UPS. I was even more amazed that for $199 they shipped it free from Vann's in Missoula, Montana to me in Daytona Beach, Fla. The C-3 sounds great with,and is the match for my F-3's, as well as the B-3 bookshelf and S-3 surrounds. I was told on this forum last May that the Synergy line was developed by Klipsch to sell in the big box stores. All I can say to this is that for entry level, they sound absolutely great to me. If you already have B-3's, The C-3 is the exact match. The only caveat: The C-3 is quite a bit larger than the C-2,so make sure that it will fit in your system. I see on this thread that Tommyboy advises that the C-3 has been discontinued. If this is indeed the case, I would hazard a guess that the stores didn't push the C-3 because of it's larger size. I first saw this post the other night and started to reply then, but was distracted and never got back to it. A Google search then, showed that several venders still had the C-3 in stock. Do a search, I'll bet you can still find one somewhere. You won't be sorry you got one. If you can't get a C-3, the C-2 will indeed work. I hope this helps you.
  9. Hi all, I have a pair of F-3 fronts and a C-3 center. I have to say that these are probably the best speakers I have ever had. They sound so good to me that I don't know what I'd do if I had some of the high end stuff I read about on this forum. Now for my problem: I have to move the speakers every time I need to get into my entertainment center. These F-3's each weigh 60 pounds and I am an old geezer. I would like to attach a cabinet handle to the back of each speaker. Can anybody out there tell me how thick is the back panel? The side panels look like half inch. Also, how far down from the top to miss all the insides? It seems to me that three eighth screws ought to be safe enough. I should be able to find suitable handles at the hardware store. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  10. there is no cure for UPGRADE-ITUS!
  11. There is NO CURE for UPGRADE-ITUS!
  12. Hi Cal, Nice to hear from you again, thanks for your input. You mention your Cornwalls. People are always referring to their various speakers by name or model number.If it is not listed in Klipsch's current products, I have no clue as to what it is. I realize that during the past 60 years, Klipsch has manufactured some pretty exotic stuff. Is there a link on their site so I can see a picture of some of these Items? thanks
  13. Hi, Where on the forum can I find instructions on how to use the forum? Most of it is probably obvious to experienced users, but Ijust can't grasp it. THANKS
  14. Hi, From time to time I see someone comment about "breaking in new speakers" I was never aware that speakers needed to be "broken in". How do you do this, and how long does it take? I have 2 new F-3's and a new C-3 center. I just hooked them up and started playing them. What SHOULD I be doing ? I don't abuse them or play them overly loud. Although,once in awhile, if the neighbors aren't home I like to crank up the "1812" or CCR. I reallize that some of the long time Klipsch guys kind of "POO POO" the Synergy line, but they sound great too me and are the best speakers that I have had yet. THANKS,
  15. Does anybody on this forum happen to be using a Scientific Atlanta 8300HDC cable box?
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