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  1. Your dead on with your own description. Once you pull the woofer out, it has two wires that need to be detached. The wires are held on pretty well with little clamps. Thats about it though. Did you blow one?
  2. Yeah, that's what I was referring to. I've tried a few of my well know cd's and watch a movie the other night. It all sounds the same. Wouldn't it suck it I couldn't tell the difference between that driver producing the propers freqs, or not? I guess if it sounds the same to me then it's all good. I didn't open the speaker up again because I didn't feel that I had to. I'll let ya know if the sound makes a change.
  3. Yeah, but I think I would have to solder it back on?? I not sure I trust myself to do that. I'll take a look later tonight.
  4. Hey guys, I need some input. A couple of weeks ago I blew a tweeter in one of my RF-82's. I took it apart and seen that the mid-range had two small wires leading to the woofer itself. One of these wires was not touching the woofer at all. It looks as if it should be. I knew the tweeter was blown, and that was replaced. I picked the speaker up today from the AD, the salesperson said that yes it was indeed the tweeter. I inquired about the midrange as well, of course I didn't want to tell them I had opened the speaker myself to avoid any warranty problems. She had said that after the tweeter was replaced and everything sounded fine. So...and I haven't listened to it yet, what is this wire and will it affect my SQ? I know this post is probably premature since I haven't hooked it up yet, but I thought I'd start things rolling. Anyone? Thanks
  5. Oh yeah another thing about the difference. How does the crossover of 2000hz in the 62's and 1700 in the 52's affect the sound? I understand what it does the frequency but is it something that I would notice? Also is that a higher quality crossover in the 62??
  6. Thanks guys! Yeah I are noticed how big they are in the store. I'm sure they will look twice as big at home. Thankfully it's a dedicated room and my wife hates being in the basement so she lounges around upstairs. So size isn't an issue. But yeah I figured that with the tweeters being the same size everything would be good.
  7. Hey guys, I'm finishing my reference set and currently have the RF-82's and RC-62. I just went to the local dealer and they have the display models for the RS-62's cheaper than the RS-52's. Maybe this is a stupid question but should I get the 62's instead of the 52's? I was just worried about how they would blend with the rest of my system. I know that Klipsch pair's the 62's with the bigger reference models and I just thought it would better to stick with what is recommend by them. Pros and Cons anyone?? Oh and by the way, I listen to everything really LOUD! If that makes a difference between the two.
  8. Just got my Rf-82's and Rc-62 to team up with my SVS. I'm moving from Energy speakers, so far a great choice. Can't wait to get a new pre/pro/amp and watch some more movies.
  9. Hey everyone. First post here. I'm looking to replace my Energy speakers with Klipsch Reference ones. Futureshop here in Canada is having a deal in which you get a free RC-52 with the purchase of any Reference tower. They only sell the the Rf52, rf62, and the Rf82. The free and also the biggest Klipsch center they sell is the RC-52. I listened to both the 82 and the 62 towers today and compared them with my Energy C-500's. No comparison really, they blow my Energy speakers away. Anyway, should I match the RC-52 with the RF-62's or even the 82's? I could just buy the 82's and use the RC-52 until I find the RC-62 elsewhere. This system will be in a room that is under 1500 cubic feet, so a small room, teamed up with a big SVS sub, and used only for movies, played as close to reference as possible. Will the RC-52 with the RF-82 just not work well together. Or should I just get the RC-52 and RC-62. If I'm running all the speakers on the "small" setting does the 3 inch difference in woofer size matter as much? Also what other differences would I notice that should concern me? I need help! Thanks
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