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  1. Unfortunately, there is insufficient space (width-wise) for this option. So the two ports on either side of the tweeter (see below) wouldn't pass these frequencies? -D
  2. I'm using a trio of KP250 speakers in my home theater and because of the limits of the room, I'm having to put the center channel speaker on it's side. Given that the speaker cabinet has been 'well loved', I was thinking about building a new cabinet for the speakers - one that is designed to fit into the space. My idea is to move the midrange, tweeter and ports to one of the side panels and have the woofer firing either out the top or bottom (the latter would require me to put feet on the 'bottom' of the speaker so the woofer would have room to move / radiate). Essentially, the speaker would be face down (or face up) with the ports, tweeter and midrange firing out a side. Given that the internal dimensions would remain the same and the porting would remain the same - are there any pitfalls (other than making sure that the woofer magnet doesn't interfere with the midrange compression driver) to be worried about? Unfortunately, I can't use an Academy center channel as (a) it isn't sensitive enough compared to the KP250, ( it's too wide for the space even if it were a good match and © they're expensive as hell. Thanks in advance for any advice, -D
  3. Just as a follow-up, this is what the crossovers ended up looking like: And the final product sounds amazing. -D
  4. I've done all SS, all tube, tube pre / SS power amp, and SS pre / tube power amp. The preferred setup in my system was SS pre / tube power. At the lower signal levels that preamplifiers operate at, it is easier to tame noise in solid state than tube. In a power amp, you are working with much higher signal levels and as such, the signal drowns out the noise. -D
  5. Fair enough. Only wanted to contribute my $0.02. -D
  6. I can vouch for how good a set of these sound in a home theater. I have three KP-250s being driven by a trio of Fisher 30A tube amps. They sound amazing and can blow you out of the room. And I could be wrong, but that looks like the K792 tweeter in the photo (I only have the K79 tweeters) GLWTS! -D
  7. These values were supplied to be my Al K based upon some modeling he did based upon the K28 / K53Ti / K107 combo. Not sure if the K53Ti is able to go lower or not (it certainly can go higher, which is why a bandpass is necessary at the squawker / tweeter crossover). -D
  8. I'm gonna have to agree with the assessment that you have the totally wrong crossover for the Heresy III clone. The crossover I used (which sounds fantastic with the K792Ti, IMHO) is the Cornscala-Wall crossover with a couple of tweaks per the advice of Al K.: Note: hook-up for the squawker to the autoformer should be 0 (+) and 2 (-) to give the proper -9dB padding for the K53Ti. Partslist is as follows: Quantity Item 1 .62 mHy inductor wound of AWG #14 solid ($17.78) (x2) solen.ca 1 .30 mHy inductor wound of AWG #16 Litz wire $9.72 (x2) solen.ca 1 .20 mHy inductor wound of AWG #16 Litz wire $8.03 (x2) solen.ca 1 33uF. +-5% Jantzen Crosscap $13.96 (x2) parts-express 1 7.5uF. +-5% Solen "Fast cap" $4.19 (x2) solen.ca 2 2.2uF. +-5% Jantzen Crosscap $2.30 (x2) parts-express 1 10R 10W wirewound resistor (W23-10RJI) $1.77 (x2) mouser 1 Klipsch T2A Auto-transformer from type AA network (or Universal Transformer #3619) Hope this helps! -D
  9. Thanks. Hopefully there's someone in the PNW who is bewitched by the veneer as much as by the Heritage sound! -D
  10. Site upgrade apparently nuked my location from my profile. I've re-added it. Location is Puget Sound region (Seattle and greater environs). I've updated the original post as well. -D
  11. SOLD I am selling my beloved Klipsch Heresy II (walnut oiled) with matching factory risers. These were built in 1990 or 1991 (hard to tell with the weird serial numbers used in those two years) and have the consecutive serial numbers 59620 and 59621. The crossovers were recapped in 2011 (Sonicaps + a non-polarized electrolytic), but the speakers are otherwise stock. They have been very well cared for, but are 20+ years old so there are slight signs of wear (mostly in the edge banding around the motor board). All seams are tight and the grilles are in very good shape. I am asking $450.00 for the speakers with the factory risers included. If you do not want the risers, I'll drop the price to $400.00. Local pickup (Puget Sound area) preferred as these would be extremely expensive to ship due to weight and size. If you are local and wish to audition them, this can be arranged. -D
  12. Very nice ground bus layout and overall symmetry. - D
  13. In the good news department, LP sales have increased 745% since 2008. Not bad for a 5-year trend. -D
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