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  1. Just came across https://buy.guru/qsc-sc1120-klipsch-thx-measurements/ It does seem intresting on many counts, klipsch performance, cinema speaker performance, the performance thx speaker.
  2. Have found a friend who is willing to accept shipment for me within the US. So anyone who has one to sell, either color option, either of the two models, PM me.
  3. Hi, i want to buy one RC7 or RC64 speaker. Seller should be able to ship atleast within the US and if he can ship directly to India it will be added bonus. A reasonably prices speaker is needed. Show some love!
  4. Hi, i got the amp to work... Or atleast have the display...because once it turned on I left it there without connection to driver for 15 minutes when one of capacitors I had changed blew suddenly,. The cap in question is c435., these are 4 identical capacitors which I had changed earlier with code 104 (0.1 uf) because that's what was written on original removed cap, but I just noticed schematic says 1uf and 100v. Whats the right capacitance and what voltage? Also my LCD is kind of dim, the back light is fine but lcd character are dim, adding a polariser will fix it? Or is there something else I should try.
  5. I checked and atleast the zener diodes are not working, I can't check the diac though. The diac says DB6, the datasheet says HT60, and you have used NTE 6412. I have also ordered q403/q405 transistors to be on safe side. Attached the schematics, I believe the power board, PDC should be same across both variants, the RW12 & RW12D. klipsch_rw-12.pdf
  6. @ngen33r My rw12d suffered the same fuse blowing issue. I opened it and saw diagnosed blown mosfet q402, as a precaution i changed q401 too. My thermistor seems fine. I have removed all the brown glue around PDC too, the PDC looked Ok. But now even though it's not blowing fuses I am not getting any outputs from the transformer. In your opinion, do u think its the PDC? I have removed the PDC, apart from diac, what all should I check or a rebuild is necessary? If possible can u measure the voltages at transformer input and also the 8 pins for PDC, and tell me what should I measure the voltages against? Is it possible that component values of resistors and capacitors are different in the same 660038ra board according to the amplifier they are used in?
  7. Anyone coming to india in near future? A warranty replacement part needs to be brought to India Regards
  8. Any hopes? There must be someone with a dead AVR.
  9. WTB: A Marantz Remote for my AVR. Preferred models are rc011sr, rc003sr, rc008sr. If anyone has a remote from a dead AVR or a spare one for other reasons I would be obliged.
  10. A big shout to Brian for dealing with me, while most may pass me as scam, he dealt with me patiently while I figured who to send to in States. The WTB is now satisfied and stands closed. Thanks to the community members. Regards. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Just to avoid confusion, product will be paid for, only carrying it is required. Regards. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Anyone travelling to India? Regards Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Have finalised a pair of amps, is there anyone, anyone's family, friends, relative looking to do a favor by bringing the stuff to India. Regards Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Still looking for any wise soul travelling to India. Have plentiful options of amplifiers, but no one to being at the moment. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Sent u a PM Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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