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    What I Got Today!

    That's cool! Start 'em young. I can't get my girls to even listen to my setup. Dang earbuds anyway. They will listen to the setup in the basement to watch a movie, occasionally.
  2. ACV92


    Sorry to hear that about your Mom. In a tough time try and remember all the good. It's not bad for those that have left us, just difficult for those that are left behind. The best to you and yours.
  3. Yeah, I've done that. I do keep reverting back to toe-in where the center axis is firing just beside my ears. My mains are in the corners, as suggested by Chris A. But, as I said, the next song that I like plays. Not quite to my liking. I get up, tweak the positioning slightly, and there it is. I don't want to do this continually. Grasping at straws I'm sure. I can't help to think that even with the best systems that this affect could hamper the sound. Ugghh, the search continues, willfully.
  4. So, over the past couple of weeks I've been messing around with my 5.5's position. Forward, back, in, out, standing on my head, etc., etc. I know, I know not the best Klipsch has to offer. But, my point is this. It seems like with near every song that I play I can tweak the toe-in/toe-out, overall positioning, to fit the song. Every time I think I have it right the next song plays. Reverb and depth are definitely affected by it. So, with soooo many different recordings is there ever a perfect position with your mains? Someone smarter than I needs to come up with software that can interpret spatial application ahead of playback. No, I'm not talking about Audyssey setting on a one time position. Something more dynamic. Shifts on the fly. Probably just me and my lower fare wares. But damn. I can adjust endlessly. Depends on the recording for sure, but someone has to have the ability to give me what I want. I may just need a bigger budget. Anyone else experienced this or am I flying solo on this one?
  5. Weather here is not favorable, at all. We're 12 degrees right now with 30 - 40 mph winds. Weather app says it 'feels like' -8. Winds are supposed to get worse as well. Yeah for me! Winds are cutting some cool snow drifts in the backyard. Snow is blowing all over. Wife wanted me to take care of the front, white stuff is pushing up to the front door, but I warned of freezing to death out there and she just looked at me cross. Just hoping the power stays on. I hate it when I can't play tunes........
  6. I always enjoy telling this story. So, the setup that used to be in the living room was an SVS 20-39 PC cylinder sub in the right front corner and an SW-10 behind the couch with my 5.5's up front, KV3 center, and Infinity RS-425's as surrounds with a Marantz SR-880 running the show. Was at the neighbor's across the street at their son's birthday party. The Dad and I got to talking about various things and somehow the subject of music came up. I mentioned that I'm a bit of a music fan and he said, "I know." I said, "What do you mean?" He told me, "When you're cranking it over there I can feel it in my basement." I almost cried. I was so proud. Considering he's across the street and his basement is 4' in the ground. My components have moved around since then. Now I have two sealed UMAX 15's in the main listening area but they're aimed at the back of the house. Trying to be a little more 'neighborly'.
  7. Cool pic. That must have been from yesterday. I'm in SD right now, since Monday anyway, and am flying home tomorrow. Working here and have been driving all over. Poway, Escondido, Imperial Beach, Oceanside, Santee, etc., etc. Was looking forward to coming down then it rained heavy Monday, spotty Tuesday, but today was nice for sure. It was all better than 10 degrees though. Got a little needed Vitamin D. Nice to see CA getting some rain. By the way, got bit by the 15 to 78 junction northbound this morning. Was a little late for my first appointment. Lesson learned.
  8. I don't get the hype on hybrid, fancy cables, especially power cables. I use Monoprice 12 ga, 100% copper, from AVR to both pair of mains, the subs, and can't perceive any issues. I look for good interconnects between the pieces, but don't understand why so many spend so much on wire. Unless you're going to upgrade the internal wiring of your components and wiring in your house I can't believe there's truly any perceivable benefit, other than placebo.
  9. I'm soooo sick of the Patriots. How boring. Yes, yes, Pats fans will rejoice in the B & B connection but to most football fans it's been there, done that. I would have much rather watched Goff and Maholmes. At least it would have been 'fresh'. Oh well, gives me a reason to have a beverage and play tunes with the SB on in the background.
  10. Can't wait to join you gents with vinyl. AR XA is a couple of months out yet. Just have to paint the metal top plate. It's 30 degrees right now. Have to wait until it's warmer. Have been slowly buying some vinyl bits in the meantime. I'll be there shortly.....
  11. You're a what? I understand misspelling....
  12. Well, if he was 'manning up' and was supportive of Pops staying, I get it. Maybe give him the title of 'Property Manager' during his tenure. A bit for an 18 year old in college, but would give his some more fundamentals. Maybe, monthly check-ins with photos to ensure the property is being kept up? Don't know, my girls will be going to local colleges and will be at home during that time. Curious to see how this works out for you. Keeping the residence to rent is why, if I could afford it, I'd do a short term loan. That way, if you want to bail in 6 - 8 years you could see a decent return, assuming the residence appreciates. Anyway, keep us posted on what you decide.
  13. Not in that area, but I like you're thinking. You've got the funds to do it obviously. Question is whether you want to continue to rent out the residence after he's finished. My sister-in-law and her ex-hubby had 7 rental properties. It was a lot of maintenance and weird renters. One guy left a dead fish in one of the HVAC vents because they had to kick him out. In your situation though, as I tell many of my customers, leave your cash liquid, let the asset pay the payment. You looking at doing a 15 year? $1,600 a month would be close to covering, depending on mortgage length. A 10 year at 4%, less insurance, would roughly be $1,500. Stretch the mortgage longer and you'd have a little monthly as well. I'd do it. Plus, your son would have a decent place versus a crappy dorm room. I'd charge my kid a small monthly fee. Nothing is free. Such as they should learn. My 2 cents.
  14. No, on the 4ohms. They're 8 ohm speakers. Maybe an XPA 2? 300 watts per side. If you bought a pair of the XPA 1's you'd have 500 watts per side. More than enough to drive the II's. You may just not be getting the control over the RF-7's as you can with the smaller RF-82's using the A300. Interested to see what you come up with. I've been thinking of changing to the RF-7 II's myself.
  15. ACV92

    DIY kit-feedback

    I've got two of the UMAX 15's. I like them a lot except for when I switched from one to two subs. This is an amp issue not a sub issue. I'm running the 3000dsp as Dave is but when I switched to two I had to run them at 4 ohm stereo on the amp. It significantly cut the control, less headroom, than when I was running one bridged. For me, I need a better amp to run both of them. It is a fun project though. Just took these pics the other night. Right front Left front First one I that I built I have REW and a UMIK but haven't spent enough time tuning them. I didn't like the eq settings REW was giving me so I just set a couple of my own filters and have been happy thus far.
  16. I've been stuck on Marantz for decades, literally. My Dad had a Marantz receiver back in the day, like a 2038 or something close, with Marantz mains. My first AVR that I purchased was an SR-880, it's in my garage now. Then I bought a used SR-8400 which is still powering the basement 'movie' setup. I know, I know, dated, but it works well. In my main music setup I have an old, bought used locally, SR-8002 at 125 watts per channel in stereo, copper chassis, torodial transformer, with a host of features that I won't use, and all the other Marantz goodness. I have to say I'm stuck on the Marantz sound. Others don't like it as much. I know there's much better, but it's what I'm used to. Good stuff. Thanks for the review. Need I say more??
  17. Well, considering that I'm a Tier 1 audio guy, sorry it's what I can afford, I do everything I can to eek every bit of 'brilliance' out of my low grade system that I can. I find the low sampling pool interesting in the fact that if you increased the random sampling data, as to average music listeners, they would more than likely lean towards the lower end setup as to that is their listening experience. It's about what you've been subjected to. Apply any distribution that you can, with error of data, and the results will inevitably favor the masses. So, my 5.5's, H II's, (2) Dayton 15" UMax flat packs, crappy INuke 3000DSP, Marantz SR-8002, laptop and Yamaha CD player sources are happy to push the less is more BS. Those of you that have $30K + setups, can spew brand names and architecture better than you know your kids names, more power to you. Unfortunately, you are in in the lower percentile of audio listeners. Stand tall and proud as you will, most people won't care. They like what they like. I will never be happy with my setup. Regardless of any dollar amount spent. Such as anyone who's spent a buck on audio gear. Yeah, some have 'achieved' higher levels of the audio sanctuary, but guess what, they're still looking for new gear. I quite frankly hate the elitist attitude amongst the audio listener ranks. My wife says that most would enjoy listening to a clock radio, which I've done as I travel a lot. There's so much more to enjoying music than the hardware. Many times, it's only about the experience.
  18. Posting from the future, cool.
  19. Yeah, it's been getting bigger every year. Division of the parties, the people, no unity, bipartisanship, etc. Sucks in my eyes. I do like Klipsch and tunes though.... Anyone else?
  20. Wow, it's like you were reading my mind. Feeling the beginning of a thread lock here. Main thing is Washington, DC that is, sucks. These people are more to destroying each other than getting anything accomplished, with us in mind. Don't care what side of the fence you're on. We need better leaders, period. I am not one of those people.
  21. Head units can be purchased for a lot less than they used to. Was just looking at a Pioneer model for a little over $100 that had tuner and digital interface only, no CD's. Had a full complement of EQ's, filters, compatibility, etc. With the 6 1/2's try and find something with a tweeter that can be aimed. Considering they'll be down in the lower portion of the front doors you want to aim some of the sound up and in front of the listeners. Otherwise, a component setup would be needed. With a component setup you could mount the tweets in the A pillars and the midrange 6 1/2's in the doors. Better overall imaging. But, requires some extra work. With the 6 x 9's get the same brand as you select for the front. You'll need to use the fader to turn them down, put the listening position more forward as they're in the rear deck and will overpower the speakers in the doors ruining the stage. Make sure you can set a high pass filter, which most head units today can, to the front and rear speakers. Drive the lows to the sub. The amp should be capable of at least 50w RMS to the four corners and 400 - 600 watt for the sub. It's a good starting point. I would highly recommend a 1 farad to 2 farad capacitor between the battery and the amp. Helps to keep the lights from dimming when he gets on it and helps the electrical system/amp with deeper notes and fast transients. As far as brands go, I'm not sure, haven't been in the car audio game for a while. As we tell others, just go listen. Don't go to Walmart, go to a dedicated car audio shop, explain the setup you're looking at, have them queue up some examples, and make a decision from there. Hope this helps.
  22. Question, is the lower portion of the cabinet sealed from where the high horn would mount? I'm looking at your picture and I see what appears to be foam rolled around the midrange driver from the RC-64. If the woofer portion of the cabinet is not separate I'd definitely look into sealing it somehow. if it is, never mind.....
  23. Bottom line is this, I built and tweak my ghetto setup to what I like. I guarantee that if any other decent audio system owner came over and listened to mine they'd tear it apart, as I would theirs. I went to another forum members home and listened to his system that I can't afford and all I wanted to do was 'better' the sound, to my taste. He turned on his 8' tall sub after demoing his Jub's, Belle center, Horn rears without it, and I thought to myself, 'WTH?' Don't get me wrong, the stage and presence were really good, but the overall tones were not as I would have them. Sorry folks, all of our ears are different. We hear what we like. It is terribly disappointing when you think that you've got a great sounding setup and others just shrug their shoulders. Although, if these 'folks' are used to listening to crappy Bose or some little satellite system they've accustomed their ears to we're a bit SOL. Again, it's all relative. Mainly, if you like what you've got, turn it up, repeatedly and often.
  24. I've had run ins with that Reaper guy a few times. Spun for 386' feet on the freeway once, well, at least that's what the Trooper told me. Amidst all of the spinning I swear the hooded fellow decided to ride shotgun for a moment. Just waiting for me to over correct. Had to burst his bubble. Was in an '84 Accord doing 90+, it's a long story.....
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