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  1. Welcome and Congratulations! [<)] Dennie
  2. I think you are right. Make him an offer, can't hurt... Dennie
  3. Get a hold of Bob or Michael Crites (or whoever you want) and update those old crossovers, you'll really be amazed! Bob and Michael's website ------> CLICK HERE Dennie
  4. Beautiful! How do they sound? Do they have the original crossovers or have they been updated already? Congratulations..... [<)] Dennie
  5. Do you know the serial numbers? Dennie
  6. It sounds like the receiver Stacy, which one are you using? Can you swap it out with another unit? I'm not sure what the problem could be, unless the balance control is behind the volume and you are turning both at the same time. I had a Sansui (I think) that did that. I had to hold the balance knob while turning the volume up or down. Similar to this one.... Dennie
  7. Sweet! [<)] How are you liking the Khorns? Dennie
  8. Hey Stacy, I think you are right. If you switched L and R's and the problem followed, it is probably in the amp or an interconnect. Keep us posted, Dennie
  9. Happy Birthday Bob! [^] Dennie...... [<)]
  10. Congratulations Pronex! [<)] [cough, cough] La Scalas! [] Dennie [H]
  11. Hey Ernest, welcome to the Klipsch forums, we're glad you are here! [<)] My experience is.... get the best speakers you can for the money you have. With bookshelf, you'll need to buy stands also. So, why not a floor stander that will go a little lower and give you better bass. By "better" I don't mean louder, I mean clearer, tighter, deeper etc., since you are not using a sub. I don't have any experience with the Reference series, but wanted to add my opinion to your question. Again, welcome. Dennie
  12. Keep checking Craigslist's in your area, also outlying areas too. Every now and then a great deal pops up, so you have to be ready to deal. [] Good luck and keep us posted, Dennie
  13. Congratulations Allgo! [<)] Now, don't go spending a lot of money on speaker wire. A lot of us use 14 or 16 gauge speaker wire from Home Depot. It's cheap and it works. Now, I'm not saying don't, but be cautious. Good copper or silver wire works great, give it a chance and see how you like it. I completely understand what you are saying about "Quality over Quantity". Once I bought my La Scalas, the world of music opened up to me. I wanted to hear everything I could. I use to listen to Classic Rock, period. Now, just about everything except Classical, Opera and Rap. I do hope to get into Classical and possibly some Opera, some time in the future. But Jazz, Bluegrass, Rock, Showtunes, Soul, Regae, Pop, Standards etc... are my norm and I love it. Again, Congratulations on the new set up, you've done real good and are now listening to Hi-Fi. [Y] Dennie
  14. Anthem makes good gear, give it a listen and see how you like it. As others have said, don't move the volume knob too fast and you'll be fine. Keep us posted and Congratulations on the new gear! [<)] Dennie
  15. I remember when I went from 125 to 250wpc. WOW! [] Even at lower volumes, it sounded fuller. To me, the extra watts seemed to make a real difference. What do they call it.... Headroom! [] [Y] Now, you'll have to be extra careful with the volume control, but I bet you'll notice a difference right away. It took a week or so until I noticed the added detail with lower volumes, probably because I was playing with that "headroom" for a week, but when I sat down in the evening for some "critical listening", the clarity, separation and detail was noticeably improved. With the 250wpc, I do have a little "hiss" when nothing is playing, but I can over look that with no problem. It may drive some people crazy, but not me. The headroom is worth it. Darn high sensitivity speakers! [] I can't wait to hear your experience and will be looking forward to it. Dennie
  16. Well, you'll barely have to move the volume control! [] LOL But, I bet they sound fuller at lower volumes. The bass will be much better too. Keep us posted and congratulations on the purchase! [<)] Dennie
  17. Hey Icervoid, Welcome to the Klipsch Forums, we're glad you are here. Yeah, the lower model Denon receivers can fall a little short when you want to crank the Rock or Metal. Often the room is the biggest factor though and should be addressed first. What's your room like. Wood floors? Tile? Carpet? Do you have anything on the walls? Paintings, rugs, etc? How big is it? Are your speakers toed in towards the listening position? Do you use a sub-woofer? Which part of the world are you in, so we can better recommend amps? Again, we're glad you're here and with a little more info, hopefully we can guide you in the right direction. Dennie
  18. Well, it dosen't get much better than that. 4 way La Scalas..... Dennie
  19. Hey Mark, these work will for an inexpensive phono preamp under $100... It's $49 on Amazon ------> CLICK HERE They also make a USB one, for $79 ----> CLICK HERE Dennie
  20. Ha! That will work!! [<)] Are you running them (Subs) in stereo or mono? You've now got 4 way, La Scalas, Beautiful!! [Y] I've got one SVS 20-39 PC Plus (tuned to 16hz) and I have it along a side wall, it works well in mono. But I would love to have two and run them in Stereo, one for each of the right and left signals. Dennie
  21. dennie the jolida is integrated is there a conflict by hooking it to the tuner as to use the tuner as the pre amp ? If the "Tuner" is an AM/FM type, I don't see any benefit. But, you can give it a try. Dennie
  22. Hey Stacy, Yeah, 10 watts is plenty. Unless you want to FEEL the bass. I know what you mean about a balance control. I sit to the right of the room and would be lost without the balance control. A lot of people use "pipe insulation" to get a proper seal against the wall, I hear it makes a pretty significant difference. Keep us posted on the NAD 2700, it may give you a little of what you are missing. Again, Congratulations you lucky dog! [<)] Dennie
  23. Talk 'em down to $150. I had a pair of 3.5s I used as surrounds for a while and they were great. as long as Granny's not selling them... I thought the same thing. LOL Dennie OK fellows.... Watch it now! ...........[:$] Dennie []
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