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  1. My avr is rated 140 watts per channel with separate internal amps. My Power console never shows greater than 450 watts being used in total with peaks. I have 3 amp, cable box, BD, avr and TV hooked up to the power console. The Point is the 770w power rating senario will never happen. Most likely, you will never need it. If most of us could use the total watts that our gear is rated at, we might produce an EMF that could make our hair stand up straight, lol. You're replying to a 6 year old post? [^o)] Dennie
  2. Nice work Bill! [Y] Welcome LJE Orit, we're glad you're here. I'll second the NAD, great gear at a good price. Dennie
  3. Well then, you'll have to do what most of us do.... Enjoy it as it is! [<)] Dennie
  4. Sweet! [<)] I have my La Scalas "toed" in a little more, they are almost facing my listening position. Yeah, a couch against the wall is never a good thing. Can you move it out a foot or so, just to give it a try? Dennie
  5. Fantastic! It looks great from here. How does it sound? Congratulations! [<)] Dennie
  6. It sounds like you had "original" La Scalas and crossovers. That was my experience also. Then I updated/replaced the crossovers and WOW, the detail was there, along with some of the most amazing Bass I've ever heard. ......[<)] The La Scala is an amazing speaker and typically, the networks need to be updated to hear it. Dennie
  7. It's a classic line and we've all used it. [Y] Dennie []
  8. One thing I've learned when it come to looking for specific speakers, paitence does pay off in the long run. 25th ID huh? I was over on K-bay with 3rd FSSG ages ago. ...and a fast truck!!! [] Yeah, 25th ID(Light)! 2/11 FA many years ago, too! Dennie
  9. Yeah, they usually go pretty quick and that seemed like a fair price. I didn't expect them to last long. There will be more. Thanks for the update, Dennie
  10. I don't believe this is a review of "Bob Crites' Types A and AL3 Crossovers for La Scala speakers". I believe this is a review of Boomzilla experience with said crossovers. I'm just sayin'! [] My experience was very different, but I use Bob's "Type A/AA Convertible crossovers". Dennie
  11. Oh Man! Go get those!! I found my 1979 La Scalas on Sac Craigslist for $1100 from the original owner. I replaced the crossovers for $300 and have never ever, thought about getting better speakers. Sure 10 x 10 is a little small, but if you can get them in, you won't be sorry. And look at it this way, a 10 wpc amp with Rock those speakers! [] Keep us posted, Dennie
  12. Yeah yeah, we're getting used to it! [] Happy Anniversary Dean, we're glad your here also! [<)] Dennie
  13. Good call Bruce! "Where the Boat Leaves From" is one of my favorites! [<)] Dennie
  14. Well, like anything else, when you check the Dipstick and it's in the "Add" range, it's time to oil! [] Okay, Sorry but I couldn't resist (obviously)!! [:$] When you see the wood drying out or loosing it's luster, I would oil soon to prevent any cracking, splitting or the like. Dennie
  15. It just goes to show, what you put out into the world, comes back to you! You've done good, Congratulations on the new amp and the way you deal with friends! [<)] Dennie
  16. Thanks Dtel, I was getting worried! [^o)] Your money would be much better spent on room treatments, instead of speaker cables. I use 12 gauge speaker wire, also because it lays flat and neat. The internal wires are what Klipsch installed, I figured it I needed bigger wires, they would have put them in! Good luck, Dennie
  17. Erik makes a very good point. My Oppo CD/DVD player has a built in gain, so I can bypass the "pre/processor and hook it directly to an amp and control the volume that way. Less "gear" in the chain, the better the sound should be. Dennie
  18. SS (pre) will work with tubes. Some perfer it, some don't. But, at least you can try it out for yourself and see what you think. Dennie
  19. Hey Jeff, no stupid questions around here, just stupid people who don't ask questions! [] A Receiver is a Pre-amp/Processor and Amplifier in one unit. If you know what an amplifier is, well a "preamp" does everything else. Some are very simple and others have many, many features. Preamps have volume controls, bass and treble controls, balance control, input selection and so on. They need an amp to produce sound. An integrated amp is a preamp and amp all in one, also. A processor and amp are integrated into one unit. I hope this helps, Dennie
  20. Welcome Buddy, we're glad you're here! [<)] Dennie
  21. Congratulations Tom and Happy Birthday to you! [^] [<)] Looking forward to the pictures and your review on how they sound now that they've been updated! [] Dennie []
  22. + 1! [<)] Everyone meet at Boxx's House!! Dennie [H]
  23. Hey Arie, I would just check with your local "parts house". Anyone that carries Banana plugs, will probably carry Spades also. Since we're in two different countries, it dosen't make sense to recommend a supplier. These can usually be found at your local hardware store. Dennie
  24. Why don't you go with bare wire? Hi wuzzer, The reason is because I have 12 AWG cables and I noticed that a lot of the strands come out of the connector on both sides, the speaker’s and the receiver’s. So I thought maybe grouping them together and using a banana or a spade would be a better aesthetic solution. ...and safer!!! If one of those "strands" shorts out, you'll be sorry!!! Good thinking. [<)] I too use spade ends now on my La Scalas, works great! [Y] Dennie
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