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  1. Dennie

    Favorite Jazz Group

    Favorite Jazz Group? The one I'm listening to at the moment. Dennie
  2. You know that little round thing on your computers we have been watching, also those little spots in the corners of the ceiling in some rooms, well there little cameras............and what was that about a few days ago, well done......... and put some clothes on sometimes shesh. I did notice all the blinky red lights in the bedroom, I thought the wife decorated. Thank you, I was having a good night. Hey! I had clothes on at some point last week, but do you mention that? NOooooooooo! ..... I'm glad you are here Dtel. (I'm trying not to forget to do that.... anymore!) Dennie
  3. Fantastic Playlists, thanks for posting them. Dennie .........
  4. You are very Abbynormal, but that is another topic! ...... Now, what are you doing watching me trying to pick out music.... Music is my favorite drug, it can take me places I never knew existed. I'm enjoying the journey as often as possible... Dennie
  5. Thanks for handling this Dave (and Mrs. Dave)! Dennie
  6. Dennie

    Boxx Memorial

    I loved having him here. I sure miss him. Dennie
  7. It's good to be smiling again! Dennie
  8. That is very revealing Dennie, lol. Here is one for next Xmas: I know, right?!!! LOL My wife likes "horror" movies. Me, not as much. So we thought the "Suspense" genre would be likeable by us both. It was. ....and let me be clear, this was not a Christmas eve type of movie. I had 13 days off and "enjoyed them over the holiday". It was a bargain and well worth the $18, any time of year. LOL Dennie
  9. Dennie

    Boxx Memorial

    Money sent. Thanks Dave and Mrs. Dave. Dennie
  10. Well $hit! I met Boxx in 2008 and he enriched my life daily since. . He will truly be missed. RIP Kevin and we'll keep the music playing. I'll never forget you and how you touched our lives. I am a better person for knowing you. Thank you my friend. My condolences to the family and everyone who knew him. We loved him and always will. With a heavy heart... Goodbye my friend. Dennie... wipes tears
  11. My wife and I enjoyed this set over the holiday's, it is all 7 movies on 3 discs, with NO extras. It is $18 on Amazon and well worth it, if you like the genre. Dennie
  12. This was very enjoyable.... Stunning video and audio. 3D was very good, but it was only 39 minutes long. I wish it was longer, but worth the $10 I paid for it. Dennie
  13. "Shelter me", "When the night comes", "Unchain my heart", "Up where we belong", "Sorry seems to be the hardest word", "Night calls" and on and on... R.I.P. Joe, your music has touched my soul! Dennie
  14. We watched this mini series over three nights (290 minutes) and really enjoyed it.... Dennie
  15. After looking at it again, maybe the screws are in the top? Dennie
  16. There are usually screws on the underside, securing it to whatever is mounted to the wall. Maybe the bottom panel pry's off to expose the screws? Good luck, Dennie
  17. To all our Veterans, Thank You for your service. It means the world to me! Happy Veterans Day! Dennie ...
  18. This has some pretty good reviews from forum members.... Outlaw Audio RR2150-----> CLICK HERE •State-of-the-art stereo receiver inspired by the art deco table radios of the past •High performance FM Stereo/FM/AM tuner •Multiple inputs with separate record output bus •USB input for playback of streaming audio output from compatible computers •High quality phono input for both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges •Processor/equalizer loop •The only stereo receiver with a subwoofer output that includes selectable, analog bass management •Front panel "speaker equalization" selector adds a half-octave of bass boost at a choice of frequencies to improve performance with compact bookshelf speakers •Headphone jack with level control •Front panel stereo mini-jack input for easy connection to portable devices such as iPod® •Tone control defeat •Precision, motorized volume control •A/B Speaker Output •Pre-Out/Main-In connections •IR In/Out jacks •Removable IEC style power cord •Multi-device, programmable remote control Dennie
  19. Michael Doucet & Cajun Brew -- CD Michael Doucet & Cajun Brew 1987 Rounder Records Great musicians and great fun., March 11, 2003 By Stephen R. Parrish (Milledgeville, GA USA) - See all my reviews (REAL NAME) Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Michael Doucet & Cajun Brew (Audio CD) I can't stop listening to this disk though I've had it for a decade but haven't payed much attention. Started out to make a Mardi Gras disk for a party this year and this knocked me off my feet now that I finally really listened. Sonny Landreth produces and plays. Richard Thompson was dragged from Jazz Fest. Just a bunch of musicians that love cajun music getting together and having fun, mostly with non-traditional stuff but the playing is tight and the whole thing really smokes. Was She a Woman or a Man is surreal. 1. Wooly Bully 2. Bayou Pom Pom 3. Un Autre Soir Ennuyant (Another Lonely Night) 4. Hey, Good Lookin' (Hé 'Tite Fille) 5. Last Wednesday Night (Mercredi Soir Passé) 6. Louie, Louie 7. Woman or a Man? 8. Pauline 9. Zydeco Boogaloo 10. Like a Real Cajun (Comme un Vrai Cajun) 11. J'Ai Passé Devant Ta Porte (I Passed by Your Door) 12. Do You Want to Dance? (Veux-Tu Danser)
  20. New Orleans Piano -- CD Professor Longhair 1972/1989 Atlantic Jazz Professor Longhair is the fountainhead of New Orleans R&B, and NEW ORLEANS PIANO is one of the style's essential documents. It contains recordings 'Fess made for Atlantic in the late 1940s/early '50s, some of his finest sessions. This collection wasn't released until 1972, but it surely had a profound effect on every young pianist who heard it; on Longhair's signature song, "Tipitina," and others, the piano king's loose-limbed, rolling piano lines, organically polyrhythmic second-line grooves, and rough, quirky vocals add up to a jubilant, seamless style that's simultaneously vibrant and unhurried. 'Fess's trademark whistling atop the insistent piano figure of "Mardi Gras in New Orleans" remains one of the most vivid sonic evocations of party time in the Crescent City. Track Listing 1. In the Night 2. Tipitina 3. Tipitina - (bonus track) 4. Ball the Wall 5. Who's Been Fooling You 6. Hey Now Baby 7. Mardi Gras in New Orleans - (previously unreleased) 8. bonus track) She Walks Right In - (previously unreleased 9. Hey Little Girl 10. Willie Mae 11. Walk Your Blues Away 12. Professor Longhair Blues 13. Boogie Woogie 14. Longhair's Blues-Rhumba 15. Mardi Gras in New Orleans - (bonus track) 16. She Walks Right In Personnel: Professor Longhair (vocals, piano); Roy Byrd (vocals, piano); Charles Burbeck (saxophone, tenor saxophone); Alvin "Red" Tyler, Robert Palmer (saxophone); Robert Parker (alto saxophone); Lee Allen (tenor saxophone); Earl Palmer , John Woodrow, Al Miller (drums).Liner Note Author: Mike Leadbitter.Recording information: New Orleans, LA.
  21. God Bless our Troops, past present and future! Thanks Boxx. Dennie
  22. I have a friend with a Bose Wave system. He loves it. Good for him. As long as someone is listening to music, I can't knock them for it. He probably thinks I'm crazy with my Washing Machine size speakers! To each his own and I'm not going to knock someone or laugh at them for their choice. Dennie
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