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  1. First of all congratulations! Second, is this the guy we/I often hear complaints about? The guy disappears and won't return phone calls, etc? Dennie
  2. Hey Neighbor, welcome aboard, glad you are here! Dennie
  3. Try it and let us know. I don't see how it could hurt either, just don't force anything and you should be okay. You can probably remove them also. Dennie
  4. Could one speaker be out of phase? (wired backwards + to - instead of + to + and - to -) Canceling out the bass. Dennie
  5. Yes, what year are they? You may need to update the crossovers! Old Caps = low bass! Dennie
  6. You are welcome Bruce. The recording quality is phenomenal. Dennie
  7. I order a LOT online. Two day shipping means I'll have it in two days from today, if ordered by C.O.B. Monday.... Wednesday! Amazon has spoiled me badly. Most places that say "two day" mean two days after they ship your order, which can mean two weeks from now. Dennie
  8. Hey Joe, trust me on this one. If you like "Timbuktu" you'll like "A Meeting By The River".... I have the SACD, it's a bit pricy, but worth every cent. The CD is very good also. Dennie
  9. I have a friend with one of these units, it is a BEAST of a receiver! Good luck with your sale. Dennie
  10. Congratulations! Always great to hear about a system coming together like that. Dennie
  11. Good Call RickFL....and "Cheek to Cheek" just sends shivers down my spine. Just Beautiful! Dennie
  12. It is fantastic. Look at the whole lineup.... Louis Armstrong - vocals, trumpet Ella Fitzgerald - vocals Ray Brown - bass Herb Ellis - guitar Oscar Peterson - piano Buddy Rich - drums I highly recommend it! Then.... There is this one.... Dennie ......
  13. all great! Love the Ken Burns Jazz series a must for any Louis A fan. That is one nice Ella & Louis, great record! Thanks Lemon String, it sounds fantastic. I've done side by side comparisons with the 2000 (I think) CD and even know I enjoy the CD for the convenience factor, it lacks the Warmth, Body, Depth, Dynamics of the Lp. I recommend the series "Ken Burns Jazz" for anyone who is into or looking to get into Jazz. Lots of great information and it really helped me "put it all together". If anyone is an Amazon Prime member, you can watch it for free! .......... Dennie
  14. Yes Sir, "The Great Summit" is a fantastic recording and a favorite of mine also! I didn't list it because Sancho was asking for "Satchmo" music and I didn't want it to get confusing. "Summit" is fantastic "Ellington" music and should not be missed. But for a place to start, I choose the other disc's for a beginner. When he asks for more, "we'll" make sure "Summit" is on that list! Dennie
  15. It's hard to pick just one Louis Armstrong set. This is a good one..... The Essential Louis Armstrong -- 2 CD Set Louis Armstrong 2004 Columbia Legacy Pops-- The king of jazz trumpet, March 1, 2007 By Annie Van Auken (Planet Earth) - See all my reviews (TOP 50 REVIEWER) (VINE VOICE) (REAL NAME) This review is from: Essential Louis Armstrong (Audio CD) THE ESSENTIAL LOUIS ARMSTRONG is a sweeping overview of THE most influential jazz musician of the 20th Century. Disc one contains Armstrong's New Orleans-styled electrical recordings of the late '20's (note that he had made some acoustic horn stuff prior), while the second CD continues the early sides until midway through, and then offers brief glimpses of Satchmo's career from 1938 to '67. To mention a single outstanding example, Armstrong's early beautiful tone is clearly evident on his trumpet intro to 1928's "West End Blues," as is his fine scat voice. Beyond that track, all of disc one is certain to be a revelation to those only familiar with Louis' "Hello Dolly" pop-type tunes. Mastering of the antique 78s in particular is remarkable-- they all sound great! THE ESSENTIAL LOUIS ARMSTRONG is a set that belongs in everyone's collection, not just jazz afficionados. Buy with confidence! TOTAL RUNNING TIMES -- DISC ONE -- 57:53 DISC TWO -- 63:33 Track listing DISC 1: 1. Sugar Foot Stomp 2. Cake Walking Babies (From Home) 3. Pickin' on Your Baby 4. Heebie Jeebies 5. Willie the Weeper 6. Potato Head Blues 7. West End Blues 8. Basin Street Blues 9. Beau Koo Jack 10. St. James Infirmary 11. Tight Like This 12. I Can't Give You Anything But Love 13. Ain't Misbehavin' 14. Black and Blue 15. That Rhythm Man 16. St. Louis Blues 17. Bessie Couldn't Help It 18. I'm Confessin' DISC 2: 1. Memories of You 2. Shine 3. Walkin' My Baby Back Home 4. Blue Again 5. You Rascal You 6. When It's Sleepy Time Down South 7. Lazy River 8. Stardust 9. Georgia on My Mind 10. Shadrack 11. On the Sunny Side of the Street 12. When the Saints Go Marching In 13. Rockin' Chair 14. Blueberry Hill 15. Mack the Knife 16. Aunt Hagar's Blues 17. Honeysuckle Rose 18. Fine Romance, A 19. What a Wonderful World I also recommend this set from the "Ken Burns" Documentary (which is fantastic... )... Ken Burns Jazz -- CD Louis Armstrong 2000 Columbia Legacy Amazon.com For much of his life, Louis Armstrong was the embodiment of jazz for millions of people, both a great creative artist and a beloved popular entertainer. Whether playing trumpet or singing, adding his own definitive touch to a ballad or spearheading a hot New Orleans-style band, Armstrong was a uniquely compelling figure. It's hard to compress such a career into a single CD, but this one includes many of the milestones, reaching back to 1923 for "Chime Blues" with Armstrong playing in the band of his mentor, King Oliver. At the opposite end of Armstrong's life is 1967's "What a Wonderful World," which only became famous decades after it was recorded. In between are the creative peaks, including a good sampling of Armstrong's Hot Five and Hot Seven bands from the late 1920s--the most influential of his recordings--and a superb small-group version of "Old Rockin' Chair" from 1947. Armstrong's 1931 version of Hoagy Carmichael's "Stardust" retains its special luster seven decades later, and there's also a good selection of trademark hits from his later career, like "Mack the Knife" and "Hello, Dolly!" --Stuart Broomer Track Listing 1. Chimes Blues 2. Cake Walking Babies (from Home) 3. Heebie Jeebies 4. Potato Head Blues 5. West End Blues 6. Tight Like This 7. Mahogany Hall Stomp 8. Ain't Misbehavin' 9. Black and Blue 10. St. Louis Blues 11. When It's Sleepy Time Down South 12. Blue Again 13. Lazy River 14. Chinatown, My Chinatown 15. Stardust 16. Shadrack 17. I Double Dare You 18. When the Saints Go Marching In 19. Marie 20. Rockin' Chair 21. Blueberry Hill 22. Mack the Knife 23. Fine Romance, A 24. Hello, Dolly! 25. What a Wonderful World ....and this is essential (IMHO), not for the trumpet playing but for the Sweet sound of Ella and the Gravelly sound of Satchmo's voice. It is one of my desert island picks..... Ella & Louis -- Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong 1956/ 1989 Verve Records Ella and Louis, February 9, 2011 By Nikica Gilic - See all my reviews This review is from: Ella & Louis (Audio CD) Now this one is a no-brainer: EVERYBODY knows by now how great idea was teaming Ella (at her peak) and Louis (close enough to his peak) on this album, with a killer back-up group lead by Oscar Peterson at his rhythmiest (yes, I know it's not a real word). I'm writing about the original CD from the early 2000s I bought, not about SACD (where the review will apparently, also end up), so I can't talk about the technological finesse of this edition... I'm just claiming this is a beautiful jazz album, happily matched only by Ella and Louis Again, another masterpiece. Groveling expressiveness of Louis' voice is matched beautifully with the melodic brilliance of Ella's jubilant voice and the rest is history. Side One: "Can't We Be Friends?" (Paul James, Kay Swift) – 3:45 "Isn't This a Lovely Day?" (Irving Berlin) – 6:14 "Moonlight in Vermont" (John Blackburn, Karl Suessdorf) – 3:40 "They Can't Take That Away from Me" (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin) – 4:36 "Under a Blanket of Blue" (Jerry Livingston, Al J. Neiburg, Marty Symes) – 4:16 "Tenderly" (Walter Gross, Jack Lawrence) - 5:05 Side Two: "A Foggy Day" (G. Gershwin, I. Gershwin) – 4:31 "Stars Fell on Alabama" (Mitchell Parish, Frank Perkins) – 3:32 "Cheek to Cheek" (Berlin) – 5:52 "The Nearness of You" (Hoagy Carmichael, Ned Washington) – 5:40 "April in Paris" (Vernon Duke, Yip Harburg) – 6:39 I was fortunate to find an original "Mono" copy..... I hope this helps, Dennie
  16. Congratulations Bob, Michael & Amy and Levi.... Dennie
  17. Why don't you list what gear you want to use and the configuration you want to use it in. Sorry, I'm a little confused. Dennie
  18. Does you AVR have Pre-outs? If it does, you can use a Stereo amp for the main speakers and let the AVR handle the rest. Dennie
  19. Happy Birthday Dtel's Wife, may you have many, many more..... Dennie
  20. I never even knew this existed..... Elton John, To be continued 4 CD Box set from 1990... Dennie
  21. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone....... Dennie and Family
  22. Oh Man, sorry this happened to you. Thanks for the Heads Up! Dennie
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